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Two families are united—and torn apart—by the Civil War in these three dramatic novels by the #1 New York Times–bestselling master of the historical epic. Part one of the #1 New York Times bestselling North and South Trilogy—the Civil War saga that inspired the classic television miniseries North. North and South is a s trilogy of best-selling novels by John Jakes which take place before . "The New York Times Best Seller list: November 11, " ( PDF). vitecek.info Retrieved January 5, ^ McDowell, Edwin (January

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Elizabeth Gaskell's novels explore the social divisions of the 19th In North and South, the first volume of John Jakes's acclaimed and sweeping saga, a friendship is threatened by the divisions of the Civil War. vitecek.info: Love and War: Part Two of the Epic "North and South" Trilogy (The North and South Trilogy Book 2) eBook: John Jakes: Kindle Store. Editorial Reviews. Review. “This epic tale will not disappoint. An entertaining [ and] authentic Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. North and South (The North and South Trilogy Book 1) by [Jakes,. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing.

Home Historical Fiction. The North and South Trilogy. Two families are united—and torn apart—by the Civil War in these three dramatic novels by the 1 New York Times —bestselling master of the historical epic. In the years leading up to the Civil War, one enduring friendship embodies the tensions of a nation. Together they fight in the Mexican-American War, but their closeness is tested as their regional politics diverge. As the first rounds are fired at Fort Sumter, Orry and George find themselves on different sides of the coming struggle.

A rift much like the one his own father said was slowly but inevitably dividing the country. Jakes does have a tendency to stereo-type his characters, and you will definitely notice it here. George's sister Virgilia is obsessed to the point of madness to free all slaves and of course Jakes must make her sexually frustrated , and the revenge minded Elkanah Bent is badder than bad can be and of course Jakes gives him homosexual tendencies to make him even badder.

There's also Orry's delightfully OTT wicked sister Ashton who can't keep her hands out of any man's pants, a woman everyone can love to hate you will looooove the way she helped several cadets celebrate, and the trophys she took home with her. Despite the flaws, I still found this a compelling read as George and Orry battle to keep their friendship intact as the nation is on the brink of war.

View all 12 comments. Jun 05, Norman Parker rated it it was amazing. John Jakes creates compelling characters weaving a captivating story, bringing history alive. He delivers exactly the book I wanted. I wanted a story to bring alive the time of the US civil war. I wanted to better understand the mindset of the people. John Jakes brings the right amount of human weakness and strength to characters, letting us into their motivations in realistic fashion.

I learned the stubbornness of the Southerners and the self-righteousness of the Northerners. I learned attitudes John Jakes creates compelling characters weaving a captivating story, bringing history alive.

I learned attitudes of many in-between the two poles, like Southerners who were not rich enough to own slaves but were loyal to their state.

North and South by John Jakes | vitecek.info: Books

I discovered abolitionists and militant abolitionists; people who wanted peace, and people who wanted war. This gives me new respect for creative people with creative solutions to thorny societal problems.

I did not know that, Emerson I think it was, suggested the idea of paying the slave-owners to rid the country of slavery.

Twenty-twenty hindsight shines light on ideas that would probably have worked; while imperfect they would have avoided bloodshed. I can respect an imperfect solution now, knowing the damages of the war. Also, Mr. Jakes refrained from preaching, something so valuable while tempting in such a subject as slavery.

He respects the reader enough to allow them to make up their own mind, using their own ethics. Nov 23, Vicki Willis rated it it was amazing Shelves: This by far was the longest book I have ever listened to on audible. It was well worth every minute.

It was an entertaining story about 2 families over several generations. This is the first of a trilogy and this one took place in the years leading up to the civil war.

The characters were well developed and there were ones I loved and ones I hated. I especially liked how the author wove the story together over several generations with the families intersecting in different ways. I also like the This by far was the longest book I have ever listened to on audible. I also like the historical aspect of the book and could feel the tension building with the mood of the time. The book felt like part drama, part thriller, part history and part adventures.

It had a little bit of everything. I can't believe I hadn't read this before, but I am definitely going to continue with the series. A 5 star read for me. Feb 21, Christine Roberts rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review to Follow. I'm changing my original rating. I was thinking about Catch this morning which then led me to thinking about Madame Bovary and I realized that I gave this book the same rating I gave those, four stars.

This is beyond ridiculous!

The North and South Trilogy

Catch 22 was a wonderfully crafted book and Bovary used pacing like a scalpel, which relates directly to a complaint about this book. The pacing is so slapdash that I've never seen anything like it. I did really love some pieces but others were terrible and it w EDIT: I did really love some pieces but others were terrible and it was all uneven.

My other major complaint is that his characters are, as I would describe it, hollow. I suppose two dimensional could be used, but I feel like hollow works better. You see all of these actions that people are doing but you don't ever feel like he has any grasp of his characters' psychology. Their behavior isn't backed by rational knowledge of the way people behaved.

He seems to have been content to just make them do what he wants. And there are a hefty number of total freaking wackos in this book. If there truly are that many in our society we're all screwed. Anyway, when I realized that I had rated this the same as some skillfully written gems, I realized how bad it truly was and I have to change it.

I'm still intending to read the other two books because I'll regret it if I don't and I'll never read this again.

I'm not even sure it deserves three stars but I did enjoy it mostly. I do think sentiment is getting the way of accuracy.

I totally don't recommend this to anyone. I felt the writing was not particularly great and I wasn't all that interested in what was going on. The second half had me glued to the pages for a great deal of the time. So, uneven pacing, a very loose POV, completely awesome spots It's really a 3.

I read this when I was younger and I was disappointed in my younger self when I saw that the writing wasn't great.

However, my younger self also would have given it four stars. This was good enough that I will definitely be reading the next one despite the fact that it's pages. Aug 11, Feathzzz rated it it was ok Shelves: I have a lot of issues with this book. It seriously annoyed me in many ways.

The historical interpretation is just so disingenuous. It's as point for point conventionally bias as a school textbook. The history is all so one-dimensional. First I don't believe anywhere near that amount of people were opposed to slavery for moral reasons, with perhaps a few rare exceptions ,most Yankees were opposed to slavery for economic reasons, yet in the book tariffs are shown more as a secondary cause after m I have a lot of issues with this book.

First I don't believe anywhere near that amount of people were opposed to slavery for moral reasons, with perhaps a few rare exceptions ,most Yankees were opposed to slavery for economic reasons, yet in the book tariffs are shown more as a secondary cause after moral objections of slavery. Who are you trying to fool Jakes?

Definite glorifying the just as generally racist north. People were not the open and free minded back then, to the degree they're portrayed in this book, or things simply would have been different. Second, people are not that political. I'm a rather political person constantly frustrated by other's lack of care and interest in issues.

If in this day age I have that problem, don't tell that in the 's every single person you meet on the street had a clear-cut, distinctive, strong political opinion. The ideological psychology of the whole book was sickening to me. Any passionate, revolutionary temperament is vilified, while the protagonists never do a single thing; take a single action for anything they believe. They continue to support a system they believe is wrong, that's far more insane, then following you're heart and conviction.

The whole mood and tone of this book was twistedly conservative. Honestly, was anybody else totally hoping that Billy would get killed by Forbes?

Anyways that was a let down.

John pdf jakes south and north

All the stuff at west academy was pretty boring. Although the story was decently good but the lack of authentic history ruined it for me. Wow, despite being a quick reader, this took nearly three weeks to read - it's an epic in every sense of the word! I think like a lot of people, I watched the TV series back when I was yeh-high, and I remember being totally besotted by it, even if the actual events that happened in it are a distant memory I do remember that one of the characters rode a white horse with a dark grey mane - I really wanted that horse!

Anyway - the book? I enjoyed the read, although I'm glad that I had had a huge Wow, despite being a quick reader, this took nearly three weeks to read - it's an epic in every sense of the word! I enjoyed the read, although I'm glad that I had had a huge amount of practice reading huge fantasy series, so I could pretty much keep track of all the characters as they meandered in and out of the story line.

As well as the two main families, there are characters that marry in to or fall out with, who help or hinder, or are added to support our heroes as they grow up.

The author does an amazing job of setting the political and social scene that created the spark that set off the war - the reasons are not all that clear cut, emotions are flying high and huge mistakes are made on both side of the line.

A lot of the characters are just caught up in events, whilst those that actively seek to make things worth either get their comeuppance or are nicely set up for something to happen in the next two books. My only real criticism is that sometimes a plot device was added and was just as quickly dismissed - for instance, the train crash seemed to come from nowhere, was over and done with in one short chapter, seemingly just to have the two sides of the Hazard family finally fall out.

It almost seemed unreal, whereas other bits of action were drawn out more and so became more integrated with the story. But that is a minor quibble - I really enjoyed this and can't wait to read the next volume. Mar 31, Brecht Denijs rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a great book.

I was first introduced to this series in the form of a costume drama on tv which my grandparents liked to watch. I enjoyed it as well so I decided to give the first book a go. Again the old saying is proven true: Such a well built story against a great historical background, well written, great variety of characters and a great dealing of entertainment from history and philosophy to sex and violence.

It is an intruiging portrayel of the USA right bef What a great book. It is an intruiging portrayel of the USA right before the civil war featuring characters of all political pursuasion. It is remarkable how the author does not side with either North nor South but rather with the moderates and compromisers versus the extremists on BOTH sides. I felt the book has a lot of things to say that could be applied to even today's political situations and it was a fun read on top of that.

And john pdf south north jakes

A must read, in my opinion. I'm not going to finish this, I've finally decided, and I'm sick of seeing it on my 'currently reading' list when I'm totally not. The mini-series outstrips the novel by miles--don't even bother, just go watch the mini-series. Technically, this still counts as a 'read' book to me because I had already read it a long time ago and just didn't remember what it was like.

Well, it's awful, in my opinion. I learned about this book, and the other two that compose this series, by chance. I was watching TV when I came across its adaptation, which my parents remembered of seeing it and, tried to portray the American Civil War. Since I know little about it, I thought it would be interesting reading it. The story of this volume revolves around the years before the civil war, giving the reader a chance to know two families, the Hazards and the Mains, which came from two distinct backgrounds.

The first fa I learned about this book, and the other two that compose this series, by chance. The first family is from the north, with their wealth based on industrialization and the work of emigrants, while the other comes from the south, having their wealth based on agriculture and slave work. In a period in which social tension is huge, due to the discussion of abolitionism of slavery work, the friendship between these two families is tested.

It's an interesting book, for those who like History, since it tries to show both sides of the question, from the moderate to the radical point of view, which allows the reader to listen to the arguments, even if he doesn't agree with the ideas or actions of some characters. However, the discussion of these subjects becomes somewhat repetitive and tires on a book of this size.

The characters, in my opinion, could have more depth to them, but their characterization is enough to let us know the different sections of the movements. I was hoping for a bit more but it's clear it wasn't thought to be a stand alone, which leads me to hope for a better work on some of the characters.

Since I spoke of the seres, I would recommend it over the book.

A nice option for those who are curious but don't have patience to read it or access to the books, which might happen if you are in Portugal like me. View all 4 comments. May 18, Suzanne rated it liked it Shelves: Back in , I was one of millions who swooned over the southern charm of Patrick Swayze's character, Orry Main, in the television adaption of John Jakes' novel North and South. I still have a soft spot for the story, and thought it was high time I read the book. Once I started reading I was immediately immersed in the world of the Hazards and the Mains.

The story, in case you don't know it, involves two young men who meet at West Point as cadets and become lifelong friends. Orry Main is a southerner, and George Hazard, a Yankee. The years leading up to the Civil War bring up issues that further divide the United States, and place a strain on their friendship. At the end of this book, the war breaks out, with our protagonists on opposite sides. This is only the first of three lengthy novels in Jakes North and South trilogy.

I think it stands up fairly well since it was first written in The dialogue could have been better however, it is actually worse in the miniseries! I found most interesting the areas where the television series differed from the book. Some parts, like how Orry and Madeline's relationship was hurried along in the screen version, made much more sense in the slowed down book version.

But one could certainly understand the need to cut back due to time constraints. I believe the movie version eliminated Orry's older brother altogether, although he makes an appearance in the television adaption for Book III.

I think I'm going to have to read the other two books and then watch all three television series. It's nice to have goals. And to be charmed by Patrick Swayze again. Ekranizacija ovog djela mi je jedna od omiljenih serija u djetinjstvu. Orry i njegov invaliditet.

U knjzi je u pitanju ruka, a u seriji noga. Naprotiv, vrlo je zanimljiva. Apr 03, Anthony rated it really liked it. Very informative, yet entertaining Mister Jakes must have either had four teenage daughters at home while writing this, or was used to sitting around and watching all the daytime soaps with his wife. Outside of all that, I thought this was an amazing book! The very beginning takes you back to the s when a Main and a Hazard discovers their trade — then fast forward to where you have a well-established Main and Hazard family, and the two boys Orry and George meet for the very first time on their way to West Point Military Academy.

Thus they become friends, and the two families Hazards from the North and Mains from the South develop a bond, and lays the basis of the story.

This book really takes you through the time period between — Yes, the main issue is slavery The harshness [north view] and the necessity [south view] but it goes beyond that. The tensions run deep. This shows how our nation gradually but steadily became divided, and how good people can turn nasty.

Feb 27, Beth Bedee rated it it was amazing Shelves: I first saw the ABC mini-series in the mid '80s. It's still one of my favorites today. Then, I read the book when I was John Jakes has such a knack for bringing history to life. He interweaves fictional with historical characters so easily. You get such a sense of the turbulence in the years leading up to the Civil War. This book and the entire trilogy is what prompted me to become a History major.

This was my second time reading the book, and I loved it even better that the first because I I first saw the ABC mini-series in the mid '80s. This was my second time reading the book, and I loved it even better that the first because I have more reading knowledge and appreciation. If you're looking to learn about the unrest in this country leading up to the Civil War and to explore the causes and regional views from all angles, look no further than this book.

It also offers a great glimpse into the military life at Westpoint. But its not all history. There are romances and other plot lines. There are characters to both love and hate. It's a bear: But it's so worth it. This is my second time around reading this wonderful novel, preceding the The Civil War, of the Mains of South Carolina and the Hazards of Pennsylvania. I enjoyed it just as much if not more than the last time.

Feb 23, Tom Duggan rated it it was amazing. Any of John Jakes books are both educational and entertaining. Feb 01, Sandra rated it liked it. The North and South trilogy tells the story of two families before, during, and after the American Civil War.

The two families in question, the Mains from the Southern state of South Carolina and the Hazards from the Northern State of Pennsylvania, are bound together primarily through the friendship of their second-eldest sons Orry Main and George Hazard , who meet at the beginning of the book, in , at the West Point Military Academy and become friends for life -or so they hope.

Orry, George, and their ever expending families live in turbulent times. The differences between the Northern and Southern states become clearer every year, particularly concerning the topic of slavery, and put a strain on their friendship.

Can the bond between them and their families survive impending war? The book halts its ale in , on the eve of the Civil War. If you read between the lines of the principal Hazard-Main plot, you can find many historical references, names, and dates which allow the reader to get a rough idea about why slavery could not simply be abolished in a mere day and how the Civil War came about.

However, do keep in mind that this is a historical novel, not a history book. If you wish to gain more precise info on the Civil War you'd best visit a libary. Also, if you have the Signet edition of North and South, you'll find an interesting afterword by the author at the back of the book, outlining his purposes for the trilogy and his take on the consulted historical sources. Somehow I just don't see an 18th-century gentleman shouting "you son of a bitch! It wasn't the done thing at the time and goes against the novel's historical character.

But then again, that might just be my love of authentic Victorian novels talking It's well worth a read. Jul 31, Sandy Vaughan rated it it was amazing. If you saw the movie, wipe it from your mind and then read this trilogy! All the characters are so real.

You may not know what they are going to do but it sure makes sense when they do it. In the beginning you meet 2 young West Point cadets. These men and their families you will follow from before, during, and after the Civil War.

And be glad you are getting them now. I tried not to read them until I had all three, I thought i had learned my lesson from the Kent Family Chronicles I had If you saw the movie, wipe it from your mind and then read this trilogy! I had to start reading as soon as i got the 2nd book. And I ended up frustrated when I finished the 2nd vol. I don't know if parents would allow it because of some of the sexual scenes but if I had a class of mature students, I would have it on the recommended reading list.

John south pdf and north jakes

Before you get started, you have to remember, West Point of today is not the West Point of the s. You will read a lot of history but it goes down well with this, one of my favorite authors, John Jakes.

North and South

Jul 26, John Harder added it. My girlfriend recommended this book to me, and I am appalled that her lily-white and pure hands ever held such a dirty book.

There is plenty of stirring of loins and heaving of breasts in this bodice ripper. Jakes throws in a history lesson so you do not feel as guilty about a guilty pleasure. Might I add, I plan on reading the other two books in the trilogy. No one would ever accuse Jakes of writing literature, but this novel accomplishes its purpose. His primary goal is light entertainment sur My girlfriend recommended this book to me, and I am appalled that her lily-white and pure hands ever held such a dirty book.

His primary goal is light entertainment surrounded by historical events. So as with all reasonably done historical fiction, you may learn something without realizing it. Take this book into a closet with a flashlight.

Readers Also Enjoyed. About John Jakes. John Jakes. He and his wife, Rachel, live on the west coast of Florida. Has ghost written as William Ard.

The presumed-dead Elkanah Bent murders George Hazard's wife Constance and targets the Mains and Hazards for complete destruction, while Orry Main's widow Madeline, previously revealed to be an octoroon , becomes a target of a new, fanatical and dangerous group called the Ku Klux Klan.

One chapter of the book has the Main and Hazard families, finally at peace, gathering together at the Centennial Exposition. The final chapter flashes forward to when the sons of Charles Main who by now had become a successful rancher in Texas and Billy Hazard who was now a successful land baron in California enter West Point, just as their fathers did and just as George and Orry did in North and South was adapted into a six-part television miniseries for ABC , which premiered on November 3, Book II for television, debuted on May 4, , with similar success.

A final installment, Heaven and Hell: The miniseries follow the general plot of the novels, although the focus is shifted from the friction between the North and South to the love story between Orry Main and Madeline Fabray LaMotte. Notable departures from the books are Swayze's Orry surviving through the end of Love and War only to be murdered by Bent at the beginning of Heaven and Hell , Kirstie Alley 's Virgilia Hazard not surviving, Elkanah Bent being a wiry Georgian instead of an obese Ohioan , and Orry Main's older brother Cooper Main being omitted from the first two series.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see North and South. Dewey Decimal. Main article: North and South miniseries. North and South Retrieved January 5, Love and War Heaven and Hell ". February 7, " PDF. October 21, " PDF. October 4, " PDF. February 28, " PDF. Fiction By Date". Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved January 7, The Post and Courier.

Excerpted at DePauw. The Life of John Jakes". John Jakes: A Critical Companion. Greenwood Press. November 11, " PDF.

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