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3rd Issue (PDF Version). About Civil Engineering Journal (C.E.J). Cover. Civil Engineering Journal is a multidisciplinary, an open-access. The most downloaded articles from Engineering Structures in the last 90 Recent applications of fiber optic sensors to health monitoring in civil engineering . Open Journal of Civil Engineering (OJCE) is an international journal dedicated to the latest advancement of civil engineering. The goal of this journal is to.

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Tang Yanchun, Wang Yue, Liu Ruilong, Zhou Hui, Mao Qingfeng. Pages: Published Online: Mar. 8, PDF (KB) · Production of Lightweight. PDF | The study is to propose the local damage indices of composite frame Article (PDF Available) in The Open Civil Engineering Journal. The Open Civil Engineering Journal is an Open Access online journal which publishes research articles, reviews, letters, and guest edited Download PDF.

A comparative study of sustainable end-of-life management in automobile and construction industry: A case of Kano City, Nigeria. It was argued that either the construction industry to continue to be conservative and inefficient on the premise that it was distinctive or it should have opened-up to learn lessons from the best practices models in other sectors like manufacturing. This paper is a comparative study of the sustainable end-of-life Towards enhancing sustainable reuse of pre-treated drill cuttings for construction purposes by near-infrared analysis: A review.

Contributions to Earthquake Engineering , Volume - 9 Endorsements "Open access will revolutionize 21 st century knowledge work and accelerate the diffusion of ideas and evidence that support just in time learning and the evolution of thinking in a number of disciplines.

This is exactly what Open Access Journals provide and this is the reason why I support this endeavor.

Journals civil pdf engineering

Open Access publishing is therefore of utmost importance for wider dissemination of information, and will help serving the best interest of the scientific community. They offer accessible information to a wide variety of individuals, including physicians, medical students, clinical investigators, and the general public. They are an outstanding source of medical and scientific information.

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Indeed, the research articles span a wide range of area and of high quality. This is specially a must for researchers belonging to institutions with limited library facility and funding to subscribe scientific journals. They provide easy access to the latest research on a wide variety of issues.

Relevant and timely articles are made available in a fraction of the time taken by more conventional publishers. Articles are of uniformly high quality and written by the world's leading authorities. Open access journals are very helpful for students, researchers and the general public including people from institutions which do not have library or cannot afford to subscribe scientific journals.

Engineering journals pdf civil

The articles are high standard and cover a wide area. In this perspective, open access journals are instrumental in fostering researches and achievements. Open access journals offer a good alternative for free access to good quality scientific information.

Propose a Special Issue. International Journal of Architecture, Arts and Applications.

Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning. Urban and Regional Planning.

Most Downloaded Engineering Structures Articles

Journal of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. American Journal of Construction and Building Materials. Engineering Science. International Journal of Systems Engineering. Industrial Engineering. FEA and analytical approach - Open access 1 December The effective length of columns in multi-storey frames - Open access 1 November Macro-modelling approach for assessment of out-of-plane behavior of brick masonry infill walls 15 February Metal 3D printing in construction: A review of methods, research, applications, opportunities and challenges 1 February Emerging artificial intelligence methods in structural engineering 15 September Research and practice on progressive collapse and robustness of building structures in the 21st century 15 October Nonlinear dynamic behavior of simply-supported RC beams subjected to combined impact-blast loading - Open access 15 February Composite box girder with corrugated steel webs and trusses — A new type of bridge structure - Open access 1 July Strut-and-tie models for deteriorated reinforced concrete half-joints - Open access 15 April Structural capacity in fire of laminated timber elements in compartments with exposed timber surfaces - Open access 15 January Influence of masonry infills on the progressive collapse resistance of reinforced concrete framed buildings 1 January Computational analysis of thermal and structural failure criteria of a multi-storey steel frame exposed to fire - Open access 1 February Ductility reduction factor formulations for seismic design of RC wall and frame structures 1 January Accelerated optimization method for low-embodied energy concrete box-girder bridge design - Open access 15 January Simulating masonry wall behaviour using a simplified micro-model approach - Open access 15 November Impact of the reinforcement layout on the load capacity of reinforced concrete half-joints - Open access 15 November

Pdf journals civil engineering

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