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WHITE HOT KISS by Jennifer L. Armentrout - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! One kiss . Seventeen-year-old Layla just wants to be normal—fit in at school, and go out on a real date with the gorgeous Zayne, whom she's crushed on since forever. Then she meets Roth—a tattooed, sinfully hot demon who claims to know her secrets. Trusting Roth could ruin her chances. White Hot Kiss - Download | Read | PDF | EPUB. #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout draws readers into the extraordinary, irresistible.

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description: White Hot Kiss: Page 47 free online. I didn't, either. So we'd just spent a lot of time together since then, and there weren't enough words in this. White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L Armentrout, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Dark Elements 01 - White Hot Kiss - Jennifer L. vitecek.info KB. The Dark Elements 02 - Stone Cold Touch - Jennifer L. vitecek.info KB.

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Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Jennifer writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance We want your feedback! Click here. Armentrout ebook. One Kiss could be the Last Seventeen-year-old Layla just wants to be normal—fit in at school, and go out on a real date with the gorgeous Zayne, whom she's crushed on since forever. Trouble is, Zayne treats Layla like a sister—and Layla is anything but normal. She's half demon, half gargoyle, with abilities no one els possesses.

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And even though Zayne is a Warden, part of the race of gargoyles tasked with hunting demons and keeping humanity safe, Layla's kiss will kill anything with a soul—including him.

Then she meets Roth—a tattooed, sinfully hot demon who claims to know her secrets. Though Layla knows she should stay away, it's tough when that whole no-kissing thing isn't an issue. What random piece of knowledge are you going to wow us with? Did you know you can freeze a banana until its so hard you can actually nail something with it? I lowered my sweet tea. How do you know these things? Sam finished off my fries. I just do. He spends his entire life on the computer. Stacey pushed thick black bangs off her face.

I dont know why she didnt cut them. She was always messing with them. Probably searches for random crap for the fun of it. Thats exactly what I do when Im at home. Sam rolled up his napkin. I search for little-known facts. Thats how cool I am.

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He threw the napkin at Staceys face. I stand corrected, Stacey said unabashedly. Its porn you spend all night searching. The hollows of Sams cheeks turned bright red as he straightened his glasses.

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Are you guys ready? Weve got some outlining to do for English. Stacey groaned. I cant believe Mr. Leto wouldnt let us do our classics report on Twilight.

It is a classic. I laughed, momentarily forgetting about the job I had to do. Twilight is not a classic, Stacey. Edward is definitely a classic in my book. She pulled a hair tie out of her pocket, tugging her shoulder-length hair. Sam shook his head. Ignoring him, her gaze bounced from my face to my food. Layla, you havent even touched your burger. Maybe somehow Id instinctively known I was going to need a reason to stick around.

I sucked in a sigh. You guys go ahead. Ill meet up with you in a few minutes. For real? Sam stood. I picked up my burger.

Page 47 - White Hot Kiss read online free by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Ill be down in a few. Stacey eyed me suspiciously. Youre not going to bail on us like you always do?

Pdf kiss white hot

I f lushed with guilt. Id lost count of how many times Id had to ditch them. I swear. Im just going to eat my food and Ill be right there. Come on. Sam wrapped an arm around Staceys shoulders, steering her toward the trash can. Layla wouldve been done eating by now if you hadnt talked to her the entire time. Oh, blame it on me. Stacey dumped her trash, sending me a wave as they headed out.

I set the burger back down, watching Lady Poser impatiently. Pieces of bun and meat fell out of her mouth, splattering on the brown tray. My appetite was effectively slaughtered within seconds. Not that it really mattered. Food only eased the ache gnawing at my insides, never stopping it.

Lady Poser finally completed her feast of fatness, and I grabbed my bag as she ambled out the door. She plowed straight into an elderly man, knocking him right over as he tried to come in. This one was a real gem. Her cackle could be heard inside the noisy restaurant,.

Luckily, some dude helped the man up as he shook his fist at the retreating demon. Sighing, I dumped my food and followed her out into the late-September breeze. Different shades of souls were everywhere, humming around bodies like an electrical field.

Traces of pale pink and robins-egg blue trailed behind a couple walking hand in hand. They had innocent soulsbut not pure. All humans had a soulan essencegood or bad, but demons werent rocking any such thing. Since most demons topside looked human at first glance, the lack of soul around them made my job of finding and tagging them easy. Besides the soulless factor, the only difference between them and humans was the odd way their eyes ref lected light like a cats.

Lady Poser shuff led down the street, limping slightly. Out in the natural light, she didnt look well. Shed probably already bit a few humans, which meant she needed to be tagged and dealt with ASAP. A f lyer on a green lamppost caught my attention.

A fierce scowl and sense of protectiveness filled me as I read the thing. Wardens Arent Gods Children. Repent Now. The End Is Nigh. Underneath the words was a crudely drawn picture of what I assumed was a rabid coyote mixed with a chupacabra.

Sponsored by the Church of Gods Children, I muttered, rolling my eyes. I hated fanatics. A diner down the block had the f lyers plastered across its windows and a sign proclaiming they refused to serve Wardens. Anger spread through me like an out-of-control wildfire. These idiots had no idea of all that the Wardens sacrificed for them. I drew in a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

I needed. Lady Poser turned a corner and glanced over her shoulder, her glassy eyes drifting over me, dismissing me outright. The demon in her didnt sense anything abnormal about me. The demon inside of me was in a hurry to get this over with.

Especially after my cell went off, vibrating against my thigh. Probably Stacey wondering where in the Hell I was. I just wanted to be done with this and go back to being normal for the rest of the evening.

Without thinking, I reached up and pulled on the chain around my neck. The old ring dangling off the silver rope felt hot and heavy in my hand. As I passed a group of kids around my age, their gazes moved over me, stopped and then swung right back. Of course they stared. Everyone did. My hair was long.

Big deal there, but it was such a pale blond that it looked nearly white. I hated when people stared. It made me feel like an albino. But it was my eyes that really caught peoples attention. They were a light gray, almost leached of color. Zayne said I looked like the long-lost sister of the elf in Lord of the Rings.

That was a huge confidence booster. Dusk had begun to settle in the nations capital as I rounded Rhode Island Avenue and came to a complete stop. Everything and everyone around me disappeared in an instant. There, in the soft f licker of the street lamps, I saw the soul. It looked as if someone had dipped a brush into red paint and then f licked it over a soft black canvas. This guy had a bad soul.

He wasnt under the inf luence of a demon, but was just plain old evil all on his own. The dull ache in my gut f lared to life. People pushed past me, casting annoyed looks in my direction. A few even muttered. I didnt care.

Kiss pdf hot white

I didnt even care about their soft pink souls, a color I usually found so pretty. I finally focused on the figure behind the soulan older.

Nothing to run from, nothing to be frightened of, but I knew different. Hed sinned big-time. My legs moved forward even as my brain screamed at me to stop, to turn around, even to call Zayne. Just hearing his voice would make me stop.

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Would stop me from doing what every cell in my body demanded I dodoing what was almost natural to me. The man turned slightly, his eyes drifting over my face, down my body. His soul swirled crazy fast, becoming more red than black. He was old enough to be my father and that was gross, really gross. He smiled at me, smiled in a way that shouldve sent me running in the other direction.

I needed to go in that direction, too, because no matter how rotten this man wasno matter how many girls out there would hand me a gold medal for taking him outAbbot had raised me to deny the demon inside.

Hot pdf white kiss

Hed raised me to be a Warden, to act like a Warden. But Abbot wasnt here. I met the mans stare, held it and felt my lips curve into a smile. My heart raced, my skin tingled and f lushed. I wanted his soulso bad my skin wanted to peel itself off my bones. It felt like waiting for a kiss, when your lips were moments away from joining, those breathless seconds of anticipation. But Id never been kissed before. All I had was this. This mans soul called to me like a sirens song.

It sickened me to be so tempted by the evil in his spirit, but a dark soul was as good as a pure one. He smiled as he eyed me, his knuckles blanching around the handle of the briefcase.

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