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GURPS and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Pyramid and Illuminati Online and the names of all. and the introductory version of the rules, GURPS Lite, is available free online! GURPS Fourth Edition Revision by DAVID L. PULVER and SEAN M. PUNCH. Gurps - Races - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. By Steve Jackson Games. I hope to see more official races in future releases of GURPS books they are not nearly enough. GURPS Grimorio Verde. Uploaded by.

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grimoriosociedadnocturnanet /vitecek.info Alas, Vegas. SS /file/ GURPS Classic: Creatures of the Night (official digital pdf). 11 ago. Grimorio Do Papa vitecek.info' Anais Eletrônicos do V EPHIS - VERSÃO vitecek.info GURPS 4E - Escudo do Mestre (Final).pdf. 3 abr. Gurps grimorio pdf download gurps Download gurps or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Please click button to get gurps book now. All books.

These races come from various sources: Articles in the Pyramid Magazine! Articles in Roleplayer! This is a first release and some changes will be made to reflect more accurately in game terms the races. I make an early release to spark discussion and in hope to get feedback from many players concerning what changes they think should be made.

The Magnetes are very concerned about their image. Most of their food is made up of vegetables. They can kick with their legs for full damage. Although Cheiron is Generations dead. Even though they do act very different than the Ixionidae. This accounts for their split strength score. The teachings include reading.

Magnetes Centaurs have close affiliation with Elves and Fauns. Centaurian mages undergo the Elven Ritual Tattooing before being taught the secrets of magic. They study magic in depth. The Magnetes are hunters. They always act with style. While their nature is to be polygamous.

Magnetes Clan Centaurs live in forests and plains. They are very protective towards nature. They are also very magical creatures. They band together and charge with lances.

The Ixionidae live in forests and plains as well. While physically they look very similar. Ixionidae Centaurs feel a kinship with Satyrs. These Centaurs do not feel any restraint when it comes to hunting. They will hunt and eat mammals. They lack any of the social graces or obligations that the Magnetes do. They love nothing better than to get half-tanked on anything they can find.

Gnomes enjoy creating mechanical animals. They do not create machinery. Often this cap is bright red. Their main Goddess is Sophia. Like their Dwarven cousins. They have mechanical weasels. Their mathematical skills are advanced. The main attribute to the Gnomes is their abilities to create machinery. Gnomic clerics are always women. The Gnomes all have short fingers. No other race is sure how they accomplish this.

They create marvellous. The idea of the religion is that women possess more spiritual energy than men. They are inventors. Standing around three feet. One of their most important discoveries is the measurement of time. The religion also deals with a lot of meditation and chanting. They do not tell others how they do this. They see the land as a mother. But again they do not suffer from the greed Dwarves often have.

Sophia's mother. They have an affinity for wearing a pointed cap. They have created clocks that are so accurate that they may stand for centuries and still not lose a second. They love miners of all kinds. It starts with a constriction of the throat. Soon comes seizures. Other than the women being seen as having more spiritual energy.

This may change from community to community. Gnomes get along well with other races. The only magic they can use freely is a single spell college in Machine Magic in the last section of the Grimoire.

Gurps - Races

To learn other magic. Then there might be a bloating of the liver. The men are often more drawn to underground activities. The written language uses Runes. They are highly possesive of their mines.

It seems to be some sort of virus. They may speak to each other. They have some forms of magic. Many also speak common. Gnomes have a small heirarchy of rulership.

There is no known cure for Dweller Disease. Most bizarre. On spell is modified against the dwarfs favor. An attack spell against the dwarf might do extra damage.

On a 17 or 18 Dwarf saves vs spell.. But when such a skill is needed the GM rolls and reports to the character the results on a instinctive level. Although other characters could possibly benefit from this.

Since the skills are instinctive a Gully Dwarf with more IQ will tend to have poorer instinctive skills. For example when dealing with Dwarves the "cute" factor does not apply -2 to reaction. Critical pass voids any bonuses for special or improved sights as night vision or Infrared. The shelter may be only suited the Gully Dwarf ie. Skills level is determined by the following formula: For example. All Gully Dwarves get the following instinctive abilities: Also note that shelter may be found in places that many races would not find suitable such as sewers.

Each of these is instinctive and can not be called up by the player at will. Critical failure means the character is very obvious. Gully Dwarves can eat almost anything including garbage. This means that the overall reaction roll is unmodified because you appear "cute" like a puppy.

This skill can not be used just to hide objects even on oneself. Allows the character to find shelter from the elements. The player can not call up the skill to find food for reserves. A degenerate of the race of Dwarves. Although High Elves are generally given towards whim. Weight is normal for ST. They do often. High Elves often learn the Meditation skill which in addition to its normal benefits allows them on a successful roll disregard the Short Attention Span.

High Elves live practically forever and to survive mentally their minds are geared towards "taking it easy" as often as possible. To offset somewhat their racial Short Attention Span. Fair complexion. Black hair.

Pdf gurps grimorio

Most that remain are given towards isolation. High Elves often rival Dwarves in their crafts. Another character type could be a High Elf bent on revenge. Such a character could very well be haughty. A "young" High Elf usually a stripling of only a few centuries or so cannot resist the urge to see and study the world. They consider High Elves to be haughty and aristocratic.

Given High Elves' natural talents with craft and magic. To simulate this. High Elves are a dying breed. A High Elf who survives such an attack would become obsessed with avenging her or his people. Although High Elves would chose to live isolated. High Elven cities rise along with natural features and it is often hard to tell where High Elven dwellings end and Nature begins. Standard Elves are those of them who millennia ago broke away from artifice and chose to remain active in the world.

Most mortal folk will never see a High Elf. High Elven adventurers are rare. Conversion from: High Elven artifice tends towards blending with and complimenting Nature rather than conquering and molding it as Dwarves do.

They are not suicidal. They are greatly curious about everything and are utterly fearless about everything. The cruellest form of torture that can be inflicted on them is to lock them up. If they see something they need or like they simply take it especially trinkets and sparkling objects. Just after the age of twenty Kenders are afflicted by wanderlust and leave their homes to travel. The life expectancy of a Kender is about a century but because of some of their curiosity.

Kleptomania 15 Kleptomania 10 Miserliness Like Greed but toward Trinkets instead of money 10 Impulsiveness 10 Gullibility 5 Reduced move —1 due to their short legs does not affect dodge 5 Chummy 1 Quirk: This wears off at adult hood around fifty.

As a result they are willing to travel literally anywhere and try almost anything. This looks just like yours doesn't it? You must have dropped it. You said you didn't want it anymore. Is this yours?

I was keeping it safe for you. Maybe it fell into my pocket. I guess I found it somewhere. Evil magical staff snipe calling whistle belt of gender change dagger wooly mammoth tribble helmet human sized extra tip for hoopak tea. These sadistic. They enjoy setting pits and snares for the larger humanoids. Bright light penalty of -3 to all actions taken in bright light.

They prefer not to close with enemies until the enemy has been sufficiently weakened.

Gurps - Races | Elf (Dungeons & Dragons) | Dwarf (Dungeons & Dragons)

Their tails have no manipulation ability but often are used to strike extra blows or sweep opponents off their feet. Lizardmen are green. Hide Factor: They walk on two legs and can use their front "arms" just as any humanoid could. It must be loose to allow the hiding of the tail without suspicion. Their faces are studies in brutality. Ogres have barely more intelligence than the beasts but are brutal.

Evil ogres stand 9' tall and cover their gray. Although smarter than their common ogre brethren. Giant Ogres are rare. They have tusklike teeth that protrude from their broad mouths and are generally smarter than regular ogres. Ogre mages are a dangerous foe. Believed to actually be a slightly different species to the common ogre. They also usually have horns protruding from their heads. They have lean bodies and share their cousins' look of bestial cruelty.

They are. Half-ogres can be fearsome enemies indeed. They appear like human throwbacks to the time of caves and clubs. Combining the intelligence and dexterity of humanity with the strength of their ogre parent a half-ogre can be found in any niche that will accept him. If one were to ask them to name one of Shakespeare's plays. In a sentient being's mind. Orcish intellect is best suited to matters of war and killing. Very few people even those most would categorise as evil consider themselves evil.

Orcs begin to fight. Other races will see Orcs as stupid. This bond is described as the Orc Code of Honour. The orcish mind being geared toward war is also a strategic mind.

This is an attempt to rewrite orcs as a warrior race. Add all these factors together. Soon after they are weened. Orcs are tough. A well-fought battle is not just one that is won. The hierarchy of orc society is based on strength and ruthlessness.

Orcs are strong figures. Never surrender. They do not believe in thinking through problems when force will bring an acceptable outcome. Never refuse the opportunity to fight.

They love all things war. Never abandon a fellow Orc in battle. Hardly a worthy foe.

Grimorio pdf gurps

They are aloof to those they consider weak. Orcs are warriors. Internals organs comprised of partially melted stone. Skin of Stone. Always On. Tall humanoid form. Males develop a mane of long black hair. They are humanoid from the waist up. Wemics travel in small packs and shun societies other than their own. Wemic are nomadic hunters. Natives of the plains.

Wemics are usually of Neutral alignment. All Kubora Males are Hideous to outsiders due to their habit of facial scarring which they share with neighbouring tribes. Some tribes have Codes of Honour.

Each barbarian tribe has its own individual culture but here are common ads. This doesn't affect the reaction of other Kubora points. All males have Combat Reflexes.

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A common advantage for a barbarian is fearlessness but not necessary From: Other In most cases the tribes also have disadvantages that are 'normal' to them. DX or HT depending on the tribe.

Barbarian are not superior to humans. Kubora women are Second Class Citizens. Some people maintain their authority as tribal Shaman by using or abusing a magical device made by someone else. In their own realms they are second only to the chief.

Talent Master Shamans have one or more Psionic Abilities. Religious Shamans derive their powers from serving some supernatural being. Some Shamans have absolutely no magical or psionic powers at all. They tend to learn by oral means and their spells tend to be concentrated in the Animal. Most Shamans are mages. Known as Skillmaster Shamans they concentrate on Psychology.

They are often outside the common disciplines of magic although they could learn them given the opportunity. Plant and Healing Magic. New Account or Log In.

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