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Its throat had THE HUNTERS HUNTED II 7 I was heading back from a party that night. THE HUNTERS HUNTED II 19 is creatures of the night. . Here's the link to the FREE report □□□ vitecek.info Hunters Hunted II reveals these lonely martyrs, the mortals who hunt vampires. Their faces and methods are varied, as are their motives, but they all share. Page 2 . The hunting madness spread, with witch-hunters moving out from Spain, heading into Italy and England. . The Hunters Hunted.

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V20 The Hunters Hunted II - Most mortals turn away from the darkness that preys upon them, going PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Premium). V20 The Hunters Hunted II - Most mortals turn away from the darkness that preys upon PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Premium Heavyweight). The PDF edition of Hunter Hunted II is now available at vitecek.info! Hunters Hunted 2 revisits one of the seminal titles of the Vampire: The.

Most mortals turn away from the darkness that preys upon them, going about their lives in despair of the Damned and the evils they visit upon the world. But a precious few wage a personal war to shine light on those shadows and diminish them, like solitary candles shining in the night. The path of the hunter is lonely and fraught with danger, at once beset by the monsters they hunt and looked upon with suspicion by their fellow mortals they thanklessly seek to protect. The Masquerade, in which the players take on the roles of those who seek to bring an end to the depredations of the undead. Included are details on those who choose to take up the good fight, expanding the options available to players and offering a host of new storytelling opportunities. No lone hunter or vigilant troupe should face the night without learning the ways of the hunter contained within this book. Log In.

It was after one long night, observing and following them to and from the house, that I went into the coffee shop two blocks away, which is where we met. I remember you saying that you were used to pulling the night shift in your line of work. I remember what you said, that you had to bring in the money because the baby was on the way. Actually, I hope I still get the chance. I have a good memory, you see.

I remember you saying that you come by every morning on the way back from the night shift to grab a coffee. One, you get you and your partner the hell away from there. Take the fight to them, and avenge the soul of an insignificant scribbler who tried to do his best for once by making a stand. Time to make my stand. Here goes everything.

Foul are his ravages; gruesome and seemingly barbaric are the ancient and approved methods by which folk must rid themselves of this hideous pest.

His Kith and Kin In the world of Vampire: The Masquerade, even the predators have predators. The Kindred feed on kine, but occasionally, the kine bite back. Hunters Hunted II reveals theselonelymartyrs,themortalswhohuntvampires. Theirfaces andmethodsarevaried,asaretheirmotives,buttheyallshare acommonpursuitinthedestructionoftheKindred.

Withthe possible exception of others of their own kind, Kindred fear the mortal hunter as no other foe. Indeed, the very secret of their existence, the Masquerade, exists to protect them from those mortals who would extinguish the Curse of Caine. The origin of the Kindred is lost in the mists of prehistory,exceptforsomefewlegendsthatsurvive.

From then on, vampires have ever distrusted one another, and are eager to destroy others of their kind in order to further their ownchancesofsurvival. ThisistheJyhad,asvampiresand a few dangerously knowledgeable hunters understand it. Yet the Kindred continue to create their own progeny. Mortals are the clay of this creation — mortals as Kindred themselvesoncewere. It was inevitable, living so parasitically upon mankind, thatsomewoulddiscovertheKindredinthemidstoftheir depredations. Most often, the reaction is one of horror.

Sometimes, the reaction is one of envy, with a mortal begging for the Embrace, seeking the golden apple of immortalitywithoutunderstandingthattheappleisrotten. But there are also those who react with hate and righteous anger,whotakeupthemisunderstoodandharrowingpath of the hunter. Whether their hunt is a success or failure, rewarding or fruitless, only they can determine. There are many different types of hunters, and as many motives for the hunt.

Some seek knowledge, risking their blood and their souls for it. Others seek control, attempting to use the Kindred as the Kindred in turn use mortals. But most often, it is destruction these hunters seek. To some of them, the Kindred are blasphemies, requiring the hunters to take up a holy war against the vampires. Others simply seethe with hate for the unnatural dead. To them, the Kindred are evils the world has no need to suffer.

In the pages of Hunters Hunted II you will find information on these different hunters and the motives for their dangerous duty. This book approaches the KindredfromadifferentperspectivethanV Itconveys 9. But not just any mortals. Hunters Hunted II is about those who have turned their fear into hate and use it to fuel a relentless pursuit of their terrifying oppressors.

The Kindred are as complex and diverse as any group in mortal society, but their hunters do not see them that way. To hunters, the vampire is a mysterious, powerful, seductive, and monstrous creature. A hunter works from the limited information gained from actual experience of real Kindred, clouded by the myths and legends that have grown up about the vampire.

What person can know of the secrets of the night brotherhood without being inducted into it? Notall Kindredareinherentlyevil;manyaretrulysensitivesouls, cursedwiththetragedyofaBiblicalsin. TheseKindreddo not kill those from whom they drink, and they are often careful to ensure the safety of these mortals. A hunter who kills one of these Cainites is often wracked with remorse when he comes to realize he has destroyed one of the undead whose only crime was to fight desperately for her fading humanity.

Certainly,HuntersHuntedIIincludesinformationon playing hunters. Does their hunt teach them to hate the Kindred more? Or do they learn pity and compassion for the fallen among men? The first is the theme of personal horror upon which Vampire is built.

This works very well for hunters on a very local and immediate level, because a Vampire story focused on hunters almost certainly has a very intimate feel and a very abrupt end. The second theme is sacrifice, the idea that one person canmakeadifference,butonlyatgreatcost.

Huntersoften The alternative is to let the darkness fall over the lives of those the hunters love. The mood is one of desperate determination. Their knowledge is the proverbial double-edged sword — though they know the truth, it damns them to be forever on guard against the vampire threat, which sets them apart from other, oblivious mortals.

But no pity can change the nature of a vampire: At heart, the craving for blood is all-consuming. The hunt must go on. Chapter One looks at what it means to be a hunter. Chapter Two describes the systems by which players can create hunter characters, including a few new Traits thatmayhelpthempushbacktheever-encroachingnight.

Chapter Three offers tips and tactics on hunting the Damned, from group strategies to individual tactics, all of which might make the difference between bringing down a vampire and being his next victim. ChapterFourdiscussesNumina,thosesupernaturaland supernal advantages that hunters sometimes witness while huntingtheundead andsometimescultivatethemselves….

This is just for both of our safeties. Yeah, I gagged you, too. You just have to hear me. That time is way gone. It was gone the Chapter One: Alone in the Night minuteyousawthatdamnmonster.

Call them goddamn boogeymen for all the difference it makes. They are what they are. That they exist at all? Abandon all hope ye who enter here, right?

I see it in you. All you got left is hope. The small glimmer of hope that you can still make a goddamned difference in this fight. Excise one cancer from this sick world. Make a stand. Draw a line in the sand, and let them know which side they fall on. Alone, if you have to.

I see it all over your face, same as mine was. The good news: You can do it. Kill the bad guy, take back the block, save the kid, whatever. Family,friends,credibility,a longlookatthesun I didn't ask for this.

I killed my best friend for you people. Alone in the Night16 Oh, no? You shaking your head now? The impetigo clearing up?

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What do I know? You saw that thing and knew you had to do something. Like me. Some call themselves investigators, or truth seekers, or illuminatorsofhiddenmysteries. Metonegroupwhocalled themselves the Torchbearers. Bunch of self-important bullshit. Same difference, whether you plan to put a bullet in it or not. To me, at least. Either way, I want to help. It already cost me more than I wanted to pay. So you just sit you a sit and let an old man learn you some things.

I appreciate that. Quit struggling. Why Do This? You do it because you have to. Same as we all do. They killed your family. They turned your son into one of them. They took those kids. They deal drugs or peddle flesh or worse from that old house. They control the government. They horned in on your turf. They hurt people. Whatever the reason, you do it because you have to. You do it because no one else will. Just swim up and take a swing. That fucker is built to kill in every direction, and you barely know how to swim.

What would drive people like you or me to jump into that tank like we got any business? The big one. Family, friend, lover. Whatever, the loss is the same. Straight up, you took from me, I take from you. You hurt me, I hurt you. Eye for an eye, tooth for a fang. The do-not-suffer-them-to-live set. Vampires are blasphemies, unclean, impure, or just plain not right.

The very notion makes their skin crawl and their fists tighten. No price is too high to pay. If innocents get in the way, well, acceptable losses and all that. Who among us is truly innocent after all?

Maybeyoutookanoathat somepointorsimplyneedtoseerightdone. Cops,soldiers, doctors, reporters — I even met a psychiatrist once — all see the hunt as an extension of what they swore to do.

You made a promise to someone somewhere. Could be you see the vampires picking on the weak and you see yourself as strong. Well, less weak, anyways. Maybesomemixed-martial-artsdudewhoneedstopithimself againstthetoughestmotherfuckers. Funny thing is, we lose the most of these guys to the other side. Not all of them, but a lot. Others have a personal need for truth. How many? How do they make more? Are they biological or magical? Are they monsters or victims? How do they socialize?

Will they date me? Blah blah blah. Sorry, I hate these guys. Mostly tourists and starfuckers, you ask me. A few are okay when they come back with something valuable. Neither do any of their notes. This type just plain freak me out. Notenough of a thrill to be your only reason, though. You got your privileged and entitled used to getting whatever they want.

One way or another, brushing up against the undead is a thrill to them. Takes all kinds, whatever makes your grapefruit squirt, and all that. The crazies. I mean, shit, the hunt takes its toll. Some got a death wish. Some got urges better taken out on the vamps than other folks. Some see angels and demons or extradimensional whatzits where you and I see How do you know? Not yet. Who Does This? Answering why to do this is a good start.

It still takes the right kind of people to do it. Millions of people are victims of crime, butnoteverybodybecomesVanFuckingHelsing. Vampire attacks are a nightly reality out there.

So why not? How come no one is outraged? Alone in the Night18 Cause nobody wants to say it out loud. They want to go home, sleep it off, and forget. Nobody wants to believe it. Noonebutyouandmeandthe rest of the thin black line.

No two people react in quite the same way. Still,Igotafewbroadcategoriesthatmostofusseemtofitinto one way or another. Some ideas of who else you might run into out there. The desperate fight back out of fear. We all do this because we gotta, but they never gave you a choice. You wereforcedintoit. Theytookwhatwasyoursorarecoming for you because of what you seen or what you said. They may not even have a reason.

Theybackedyouintoacorner,maybeliterally, and you got only one choice. End of the line. Theanti-governmentmilitiaman who knew there was more in the shadows than money. Or a mother refusing to lose her children to the vampire scumbag who holds them in thrall. They take measured steps, stalk their prey, plan their attack, and burn the whole fucking house down.

Survivalist, conspiracy theorist, crusader, attention seeker The Discredited No one will listen to you anymore. Howling at the moon, they say. Jumps at his own shadow. Hunterswhohadcredibilitytolose and did. Or one never quite figured out how to lie low and keep her mouth shut. Whatever it was, they lost it all, and they want it back — or as much back of it as they can take. Not that anyone wants to admit, anyway.

Ii hunted the pdf hunters

Vampires thrive in forgotten places where no one misses the missing. The bum who knows why nobody goes under the bridgeanymore.

The disenfranchised fight because no one else fights for them. Noone believes some ginned-up derelict. Not like the mopey kid in the corner with the black lipstick. Him, too, maybe, but I mean really different. A girl who knows when bad things are about to happen.

Tabletop Review: The Hunters Hunted II (Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversay Edition)

A man who gets these headaches right before things catch fire. A kid who sees dead people. I see you making a face. They believe it. The different fight because they have no other place in thisworld. Maybeifshedoesonemorefavorthevoiceswill letherrest.

Hemayaswellusehispowertohurtthosethat deserve it. A kid who wants to make a martyr of himself. Hell, some of their worst traits are their most human.

So what happens when their monsters run across our monsters? Aserialkillerwhosevictimofchoice Like that. A ghoul who got a taste for the blood, and now he hunts just to get a fix. Or some sick douchebag who ran out of flies to pull the wings off of and bums to set on fire who likes the way the vampireskeephealing,givinghimafreshcanvaseachtime.

Not all of us, obviously. You get some of the desperate who graduate to driven before they become the disenfranchised and eventually the deranged. Sometimes the different are actually the deranged, and vice versa. Shit, that was a joke. Going It Alone All but a very lucky few of us come to the hunt alone. Vampires may be world-class assholes, but they know how to keep witnesses — and survivors — to a minimum.

Hunters pdf the hunted ii

You gotta give them that. Who can you tell? What would you tell them? Youmakeregulargutchecksandquestionyoursanityevery night. Was that really a monster or just some kid twisted on kitchen-sink drugs? Am I just some delusional, schizo freak? Ah, but you always come back to the same conclusion: That makes it sound cool, right? How does little old you go up against big bad them?

To use an old saw, very carefully. Cat and Mouse To the vampires, you and me are prey. Like I said earlier about diving into a shark tank. Forgive me another imperfect metaphor for a second. But back them in a corner and learn quick they still have claws and teeth. Yeah, yeah, who gives a shit? The lesson is that the cat never, ever expects reprisal. Vampires are used to winning.

They hunt people down and take their blood every night, rarely with more than a quickly healed scratch on their cheek or maybe a torn sleeve. Unless they know who you are, know you know about them, or are otherwise coming for you, you got time.

A lot more time than you feel like. You gotta figure out how long you can live with that on your conscience for yourself. When hunting alone, you have to be smart. You have to gather intelligence, keep out of sight.

When you finally strike, strike hard, fast, and certainly. Vampires are strong and fast. They shrug off wounds that would kill a person, and they command a host of supernatural powers.

All of that is true. How do you get to be old and crazy like me? Well, most of what you see in movies is real enough. Vampires have very exploitable weaknesses. Fire, sunlight, and wood through the heart all work more or less as advertised. You still have to pay your mortgage and keep the lights on, which probably meansgoingtoworkasbestyoucan. Good news, fire is cheap and easy to come by, though hard to contain and control. Not just in the way all sensible living things are, but some deep, instinctual, fight-or-flight, crazy-eyes- and-hissing type shit.

Despite all that, fire is still hands-down the most efficient way to kill some vampires. Burn their lairs down during the day, and you only have to hope no one can trace it back to you.

Douse their staked bodies in gasoline, and for five dollars and a match, you just rid the night of another thing going bump in it. Even a signal flare or Roman candle can save your life in a pinch. Enough to buy yourself a quick retreat, hopefully.

Sunlight is free, though vampires are pretty adept at avoidingthestuff. Butmorethanjustaweapon,thedaylight is your shield. Just being able to walk around during the day is an advantage. They have to be tucked away in their coffins at sunrise. Confront them close to dawn and even if it all goes to shit, they have to get away.

Some vamps will have someone or something watching over them. Usually ghouls, like I mentioned earlier. Blood addicted servants. Wood through the heart works, too. Drops vamps like a stone. In the movies they seem to forget things like breastbones, ribs, and the thing trying to murder you at the time. I know, I know, that guy from that zombie show. Maybe if you have a lifetime of practice. Special Weapons and Tactics Those are the big three.

You might have put together most of that on your own. Unfortunately, the monsters know what their weaknesses are, too. You reallywanttoputthemontheirheels? Learntheirstrengths and come at them specifically. Vampires have powers. I gotsomecheapandcleversolutionsforthemostcommon ones. Animal Control: Killing their animal servitors is a surefire solution. Dog whistles or specializedsonicdevicescandriveallbutthemostdevoted animal servant crazy.

Bear mace or pepper spray will blind and choke the poor bastards. Traps, snares, nets, or pits require forethought and time, but can save your life.

Extra Sensory Perception: Many vampires rely on heightenedsenses. Overloadthosesenseswithbrightlights, strong smells, loud noises, or all of the above. Some of their powers can only be countered with similar vampire hoodoo, I think. Reach a meditative calm, or let your conflicted emotions and thoughts run wild. Repeat a nursery rhyme or song in your head. Pit traps. I once set up neck-high wires and led one of the suckers to decapitate himself in thechase.

Throwobstaclesdownintheirwaytoforcetheir path. Mind Control: Not ever. Wear dark glasses. Some can disappear in plain sight. Start swinging wildly at where they just were. Use dirt or sand to make a line they have to interrupt to get past you. Use a fire extinguisher, bucket of mud, laser pointer, or spray paint to reveal them. All vampires are strong, but some are truly inhuman. Not much for it outside not letting them touch you in the first place.

My only other recommendation is body armor. Kevlar, Spectra, Aramid, all that shit is commercially available and spreads force away from the point of impact. Might be the difference between broken ribs and bits of bone piercing your lungs and heart.

Motorcycle or riot helmets sacrifice peripheral vision, but they might save you from one blow. You also have, well, weapons. Vampires shrug off injuries that would kill you or me. A point blank shotgun blast to the chest? They need blood. Need it to animate their corpse bodies, and to heal,andapparentlytofuelmostofthereallycrazyshitthey cando. Itmaytakeawhile,butahuntercaneventuallyblow more holes in a vampire than the monster can deal with.

However, as with all such solutions, the police will be all over the scene, so you better have two exits and be careful not to leave anything behind. Speaking of taking their heads off, use only blades and other edged weapons. Axes, hatchets, machetes, that kind ofthing. Nobody ever beat a vampire by TKO. They do enough of the heavy lifting to let the collective unconsciousdoitsbestwillfulignorancething.

Alone in the Night22 The Cops Quick aside. Carrying weapons, trespassing, attacking monsters who otherwise look like people, etc.

Lemme give you some scattershot advice before I forget. Know what the local carry-and-conceal laws are. Follow them as best you can. If they suspect you of terrorism, they can detain you as long as they want. The more legitimate your standing, the bigger your legal footprint.

Prints are harder to get than TV would have you believe. Drag your fingers on anything you touch to smear the prints.

Wear gloves when you load your clips. Wipe down your weapons habitually. Rant and rave about your rights. The legal system is a fucked-up maze.

Due process puts the burden on them to build the case. Even under strict orders from a superior, they need to charge you to hold you. Vampires can bend the rules but not break them entirely. Use a phone call to start off a barking chain.

If people are asking about you, it makes you harder to disappear. Holding cells are recorded. A lot of hunters are cops or ex-cops, and maybe you get lucky.

They do seem to be afraid of massive numbers of people though. Probably leftover from the good old days of torches and pitchforks. Vampireswanttostayhiddenenoughtokeepgettingaway withmurdereverynightoftheweek.

Never attack a vampire more than a block or so from a public place. Whatever distance you feel you can sprint in a pinch. All their monstrous strength and speed need to be kept in check.

Their mental commands are harder to hear. Eye contact is harder to maintain. And you better beat feet. You have blood. While risky, you can turn that simple relationship into power. Or at least a I want to make clear, I do not fucking recommend it. You deal with the devil, it will cost you your soul eventually. Yeah, this is the cat metaphor thing again. Apparently, vampiresspendmostoftheirtimeinaconstantparanoiddick- measuring contest with other vampires.

Theoldertheyare,themoreoblivious to you or me they are until you make them see. Just some other cow who wandered away from the herd. The trick is finding someone you can trust, someone who will believe the crazy shit coming out of your mouth. Someone who saw it, too, or someone you meet with a similarperspectivewhileonthehunt. You have to be careful, no doubt. By them. People in low places, people in high places.

Even animals. Yeah, have fun eyeing up every dog, cat, and rat you run across from here on out. How do you connect with other hunters? Well, you could be like me and take the hunt on the road. Travel fromtowntotown,findthelocalvamps,andseeifanyone else is hiding in the shadows with you.

But I already lost everything. How to Find Others Put up flyers for a support group that asks vague but leading questions. Tap other buddies on the force you know have seen Approach the girl who stumbles a little too much — a little too pale — from the bathroom and ask what she remembers.

Scan the obits for mysterious deaths: Too young, too sudden, too weird. Or take your sister or brother-in-law or whoever you can trust aside and test their loyalty. One becomes two becomes the few who will listen — the few who believe you, because they know it, too. Orders of Business Once you have your group, lay down ground rules.

This is essential. Askthefollowingquestions, and agree on the answers. Just what are you hoping to accomplish? Thecommunity center? Your block? Your city?

Are you hunting out of revenge? Areyoucomforting the afflicted? What are your methods? You may not agree on all points, but make sure you have enough common ground to continue.

Two if you feel more comfortable. Or each member could havethefinalwordinhisspecificareaofexpertise: How are decisions made? Does the leader give orders? Do you all vote? Any checks or special privileges? Can the leader veto or break ties? Does the majority rule, or do you have to be unanimous? How many of you need to be present for a vote to carry?

Does the same go for handling disputes? Whopresentsordersof business? Who makes the plans? Who gets what weapons? What are each of your roles in the field? Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Where to meet? In an emergency? If you split up? Optimally, have a different answer for each.

Establish secondary locations in case the first is compromised. Alone in the Night24 What is your alibi? What will you tell the cops? Or anyone asking too many questions? What if one or more of you gets arrested? Do you have a bail fund or a lawyer available? Or do you distance yourselves to avoid implications? More importantly TA or what have you.

The problem with most V: Get a bunch of V: TM vets playing hunters and it can also make the story not as thrilling as it would be to newcomers. Get ready for Obtenebration! My entire preconceived notions of what a vampire is has been shattered! Follower of Set. They take extra damage from sunlight. If anything, HH2 serves as a wake up call for fans of the system, and perhaps OPP itself, that nostalgia based Kickstarters can only take the license so far and that new blood no pun intended is what we truly need to keep the old World of Darkness alive.

From there, we get a three page introduction that talks about the thematic differences that come with playing one who hunts the supernatural in the World of Darkness. Most of the pages are devoted to the latter, which is a bit of a surprise, if only because I would have loved an interactive character sheet as part of the PDF for this chapter.

The Reckoning games where players and storytellers viewed it more as a hack and slash affair or even a dungeon crawl, and that made the game not only suck, but generally ended with dead parties. So this is probably a godsend to anyone who has ever had to deal with that type of Hunter based chronicle. Even better, this chapter really goes into detail about non fighting tactics as well, such as research, stealthy shadowing and giving die bonuses for effective plans and strategies.

I also enjoyed the sidebar about how useless guns really are for hunters. It reminded me of the time a player absolutely HAD to have an elephant gun for his hunter and what happened when he dealt with frenzied Brujah full of Celerity and Fortitude. He died. Want to be a Hedge Mage?

Look up your options here. Want True Faith? A myriad of psychic powers? I especially enjoyed the nod to Shadowrun in one of them, even if it was entirely unintentional. TM gamer, especially if they are a Storyteller, already knows.

In this book, we get TEN pages, five and a half of which are mechanics. The NSA, Arcanum and the like get similarly expanded history and descriptions, really allowing players and Storytellers alike to come away with a better understanding of the group and their internal hierarchy.

I will say the this section assumes you know who certain named individuals are from previous released V: Finally we come to the Appendix, which features some pre-generated characters. This is a true White Wolf and especially V: Many bios read as if the characters should have specific new merits, flaws and backgrounds, but on the actual sheet they are missing.

I really enjoy the pregens besides these glaring omissions, and the artwork for the characters is arguably the best in the book.

Generally the PDF and the Print on Demand versions of V20 books are much cheaper than the Kickstarter versions because backers get extra perks and special limited editions of the products , so when this does go on sale to the general public, it should probably with a price tag that will make this worth picking up by any V: TM fan, even if they already are more than familiar with the bulk of content betwixt its pages.

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