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BCA Full Form is Bachelor of Computer Applications. Download BCA 1st year, 2nd year and Final year notes from below provided links. BCA Course Structure and Syllabus for 3-Years. BCA Simplified! download the BCA Simplified application available on playstore to access and download all semester BCA codes/references and study. vitecek.info - /pdf/Distance_education/BCA Books/BCA I SEM/. [To Parent Directory] 3/2/ AM BCA Computer vitecek.info

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BCA: Study materials and notes for BA for all semesters are now available on the web in PDF files. You can download the elements from the. E-books for BCA-MCA education- Download Free. Best Preparation Books. 1 E -books found. Sort Popularity. Filter. submit. ×. Foreword. Mulberry (Morus sp.) is a perennial, deep rooted, high bio-mass producing and protein rich foliage plant; the sole food plant of mulberry silkworm .

The Bachelor of Computer Applications course structure is quite similar to the traditional B. It is an undergraduate Information Technology course. Download BCA 1st year, 2nd year and Final year notes from below provided links. Candidates can Refer the Amazon and buy through Online. Plss give me all sub. Notes pdf for 1st year BCA of makhanlal chaturvedi and ragv notes for 2 year.

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Konisberg Bridge Problem. Eccentricity and Center of a Tree. Theorems are not included. House Utility Problem. Meaning of Combination. Degree of a vertex. Assignment 30 Marks F: Unit Vectors. Simple Graph. Identity Matrix. Traveling Salesman Problem.

Open Walk. Connected Graph. Formula of permutation. Hamiltonian Cycle. Incidence between vertex and edge. Matrix Multiplication. Binary tree and its properties. Uses of Binary Tree. Addition and Subtraction of Vectors 2. Matrix Addition. Euler Graph. Simple Path. Pendent Vertex. Orthogonal Matrix. Solution of Linear Equations using Matrices Permutation.

Row matrix. Column Matrix. Skew-Symmetric Matrix. Subtraction and Dot Product. Isolated Vertex. Finite Graph. Graph Definition. Four Colour Problem. Permutation of n-different things. Diagonal element of a matrix. Null Graph.

Permutation of similar things. Vector Addition. Equal matrices. Level of a tree. Formula of Combination.

Pdf bca books

Subtraction and Multiplication 2. Definition of a Matrix. Permutation of repeated things. Ltd Paper No: Pratical Marks: Business Mathematics. Narsingh Deo: Graph Theory with application to engineering and computer science. Tata Mcgraw Hill 3.

Business Statistics. Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Formats Unit 5: Blow Up With The Ship 3. Mark Twain. Acknowledgement of an Order Letter. Firm Offers. Wilkie Collins.

Oxford University Press. A True Story 2. Business Communication Effective from Dec. The Mother Nos. Types and Methods of Communication Upward Communication. Unit 4: Drafting of Order Letter. Grapevine — Consensus -Merits and limitations of each type. Cancellation of Orders Unit 3: Complaints and Adjustments Nos. Tata McGraw. Hill Publishing Company Limited.

Bhende D.

Books pdf bca

Each question paper will be of marks. The rules for admission and passing are as per the guidelines of Bhavnagar F: Transforming Layers Copying Layers between Images.

Desktop Publishing Marks: Unit Credits: Arranging Layers. Undoing Previous Steps Copying Selections. Cropping 3. The Magnetic Lasso Tool. Part-I 1. Creating Layers. The Magic Wand Tool. Features of DTP packages 1. Opacity and Blending Modes.

Photoshop Environment Elements. Inserting Pages and Working with Text Page maker7: Part-II 1. Modifying Selections 4. Navigating in Photoshop 2. Part-I 2. The Lasso Tools Saving Selections.

Character Formatting 1. Blending and Compositing Defringing. Saving Images in Photoshop Format 5. The Clone. Merging and Flattening Layers 5.

Layer Effects. Toning Tools. Stamp Tool 5. Painting Tools. Selecting Colors. Layer Effects 5. Desktop Publishing by Computer world F: Type Layers. Grayscale and Bitmap Modes. Part-II 5. Levels Adjustment Layers. Mode Characteristics. Color Modes 5.

TMH Publication 3. TMH Publication. Advanced C Programming: Unit Detailed Syllabus Introduction to Pointers 1. BPB Publication 4. Storage class specifier and Recursive function File management 1. Programming with C. Schaums Series. Arithmetic Circuits 1. Controlled 4. Digital Computer Organization Marks: Pal Chaudhuri: Computer Organization and Design.

Full adder 1. Malvino A. USB Credits: Hill Pub. Level Clocking 4. Digital Computer Electronics. Decoder 2. Thomas Bartee: P-III etc.: Synchoneous 4. Operations 5. On error go ton Label. Query Select. Dreamtech Publication. Database Connectivity Concepts 4. On error resume next. On error go to line. Sending email.

By Virginia Anderson. Spread Sheet 3. Straight Line. Combined Mean and Weighted Mean. Geometric Mean and Harmonic Mean for ungrouped data.

Components of Time Series. Computer Oriented Statistical Methods Marks: Exhaustive event. Ungrouped Data. Moving Average Method. Deciles and Percentiles 1.

Poisson Distribution 5. Grouped Data Discrete and Continuous Grouped data 1. Correlation Coefficient. Normal Distribution 5.

Sample Space. Mutually exclusive event. Time Series Analysis and Curve Fitting 4. Cubic Equations 4.

Second Degree parabola. Arithmetic Mean. Different measure of dispersion. Correlation and Regression 1. Standard Deviation. Derivations of equations are not included. Equally likely event and probability Classical definition. Combined Standard Deviation.

Measure of Dispersion 2. Binomial Distribution. Linear regression. Types of Correlation positive and negative correlation. Practical Marks: Essentials of Business Communication. Mumbai Business Communication Principles. Business Communication. Media and Communication Management. Omkar N. Handbook of Communication — Narula Uma. Gupt Developing Communication Skills.

Sterling Publishers Pvt. The Essence of Effective Communication. Anmol Publications Pvt. Communication Effectively. Business Communication — HomaiPradhan.

Effective Communication Skill. Business Correspondence and Report Writing.

BCA Books & Notes For All Semesters In PDF February | BOOK PDF

Berly Williams. Excel Books. Kulkarni F: English at the work place Dept. Comprehensive Business Communication — SarojKarnik. Ashley — OxfordUniversity Press Thakur Vijaya Sehgal — Vaudana Khetarpal. A Handbook of Commercial Correspondence — A. Business Communication and Organisationaland Management — C. Communicative English — III: Total Marks: Continues Internal Evaluation: Theory and Practice Technical Presentation: Kamal K.

Of Delhi 2. Creative New delhi. Robert Lafore: Friend Function. Statements and operators 1. Inline function 2. Selection sorts 2. In order. Update 4. Data Types Primitive.

Basic Tree Terminology. Display 3. Dynamic 1. Properties of BST. Quick sorts Data Structures Using C: Stack Method. Circular Queue: Type of Data Structures Linear.

Sorting and Merging Techniques: Binary Search 2. Puntambekar F: Output objectives.

Yourdon E. James A. Design principles of output. Master Ed. Data capture objectives. Logical and Physical DFD 1. Role of System Analyst and users 1. System Analysis and Design Marks: Unit Detailed Syllabus System Concepts 1.

BCA Books & Notes For All Semesters In PDF February 2019

Data verification and validation. Interactive screen design. Record inspection. Fact Gathering Techniques Testing and implementation 4. Visual Programming Using. Net Assembly 1. Data Tables and Database programming using code. NET 3. Net Marks: Check Boxes.

List Boxes. NET 2. Understanding Scope. Radio Buttons. Tools Tip. Rich Text Boxes. Month and Calendar Built in Dialog box Track bar. NET 5. Steven Holzner: Visual Basic. Net Controls Picture box. Splitter Notify Icon. Exception handling 1. ISBN F: Processes files. Operating System Marks: Unit Detailed Syllabus Introduction to operating systems 1. Process Scheduling Process states. Peterson J and Silberchez A: Operating System Concepts Wesley. Interrupt mechanism. Batch J: The design of Unix OS.

B.C.A.-Sem.1 to 6-(2012-13).PDF

PHI 3. Disk scheduling Distributed Operating system 5. Memory Management 2. Communicative English — IV: Ashley — OxfordUniversity Press. Methods 2. Byte code. Inheritance and Polymorphism 1. Buzz Words 1. Strings and Characters 4. Oriented programming and Exceptions Handling 2. Garbage Collection. Inheritance 2. TMH 2. Operators 1. Method Overloading 2. Abstraction and Encapsulation. Multi tier Architecture. Accessing cursor. Creating stored procedure. Simple and advance query generation.

Closing cursor. Synonyms and Indexes. Control structure. Types of integrity. Creating a new user. System privileges. Creating a role. Introduction to DBA 5. The object relational model. Components of trigger.

Executing Function. Creating Function. Declaring Cursor. Attributes of cursor. Executing stored procedure. Distributed processing. Memory Structure. Assigning object privileges to a user.

Create View. Techmedia 3. Published by: BPB 2. Techmedia 4. Learn Oracle 8i. By Jose A. SQL in Days. Addison-Wesley 3. Steps and solution 4. John Deacon. Object Oriented Analysis and Design Marks: Unit Detailed Syllabus Introduction to object oriented modeling 1. Concurrency Identification 3. William Premerlain. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design'. Michael Blaha. Frederick Eddy. William Lorensen 2. Duglass Comer: Extranet 1. Ned Snell: Teach your self to create web pages in 24 hours Techmedia pub.

IMAP 1. Video Conferencing 1. SSL 5. Popular Search Engines and its working. Evan Bayross: WEB enabled Comm. MIME Types 1. Tables and Frames 2. Web Chat. Unit Detailed Syllabus Internet Fundamentals 1. Michel and Miller: Introduction to Digital Data Communication 3.

MAN and Network Topologies 4. James Martin: Telecommunication and Compute F: Data Communication and Networking Marks: Hubs and switches 5. Fiber Optic Intro. PHI 2. Andrews Tananbaum: Computers Networks. Basic sound concept. Digital image representation 2. Unit Detailed Syllabus Multimedia — the concept 1.

Scroll bar. DNS 4. Passing Parameters to Applets 1. Text and Controls 2. Frame Window in Applet 2. JDBC Architecture 3.

Advance Java Programming Marks: Check Box. Applet Architecture 1. Text output Using Font Metrics 2. Calendars Validation Groups and Ad Roteters 3.

Binding Data 4. Range Validators. Radio Buttons 2. Validation Summary. NET by A. Tables Panels 2. NET Ajax 5.

Books pdf bca

Bulleted Listed. NET 4. Regular Expression Valuators 3. Operation Research Definitions. Minimax Principle.. Mathematical formulation. Saddle Point.

Dominance Property. Hungerian method of solving A. Balanced and Unbalanced Transportation Problem. Degeneracy in Transportation Problem. Maximization case of A. Game with Mixed Strategies. Payoff Matrix. Structure of LPP. Relation between Dual and Primal problems. Linear Programming — II 2. Value of the game. Operation Research Marks: Assumptions of LPP. Unbalanced Transportation problem Alternate Optimum Solution and its examples. Mathematical Model of TP and Examples.

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