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Dec 1, Dictionary of. EnglishUsage. Webster's Dictionary of English. Usage is a work of unparalleled au- thority and scholarship from Merriam-. Merriam-Webster Unabridged. America's largest, most comprehensive dictionary. The best source of current information about the English language. Websters Dictionary – Online Edition is an excellent reference for classical literature, Bible studies, history papers, and the reading of America's national.

The definitive guide to Modern English usage. Scholarship, authority, and the support of more than 20, illustrative quotations from some of the best writers in the language. Webster's Dictionary of EnglishUsage Entry irregardless This adverb, apparently a blend of irre- spective and regardless, originated in dialectal Ameri- can speech in the early 20th century according to the History of American Dialect Dictionary, it was first recorded in the usage western Indiana in Its use in nonstandard speech had become widespread enough by the s to make it a natural in a story by Ring Lardner: I told them that irregardless of what you read in books, they's some members of the theatrical profession that occasionally visits the place where they sleep —Ring Lardner, The Big Town, Its widespread use also made it a natural in books by usage commentators, and it has appeared in such History of books regularly at least since Krapp The most the criticism frequently repeated comment about it is that "there is no such word. It does occur in the casual contemporary speech and writing of educated people, and it even usage finds its way into edited prose on rare occasion:

Webster's New World College Dictionary is selected by leading newspapers as their official dictionary of choice. It is a favorite of newsrooms and copy editors nationwide and it is the official dictionary of The Associated Press Stylebook. Also includes advanced search and language tools that have become the staple of quality language apps from MobiSystems, Inc.

Designed to provide the most comprehensive search experience the dictionary combines several search tools to match or suggest what you are looking for, including: Reviews Review Policy.

Version View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. MobiSystems See more. Oxford Dictionary of English: See more.

Dictionary and Thesaurus bundle with , entries and over illustrations. A complete bundle of more than , definitions, synonyms and antonyms. Webster's Thesaurus. After the Civil War little handbooks for The newspaper tradition has also continued strong. We have mentioned one of these, Alfred Ayres's now often published for outsiders, as well , and news- The Verbalist.

Others bear such titles as Vulgarisms and paper editors have written usage guides for the general Other Errors of Speech, Words: Especially prominent among these are the several and Pen.

The production of popular books on usage top- books of Theodore Bernstein, particularly The Careful ics continues to be common in the 20th-century United Writer, A characteristic of writing on usage has been, right The different approaches of the British and Ameri- from the beginning, disagreement among the writers on cans to usage questions have continued along the lines specific points.

Various attempts at reconciling these dif- evident in the last half of the 19th century. Fewer books ferences have been made, especially in the 20th century.

Bardeen, a and the arena there has been dominated by two names: Fowler's best-known work is tried to discover a consensus by examining some thirty Modern English Usage, , an expanded, updated, sources, including a number of current usage books, and alphabetized version of The King's English, which some grammars, some works on philology, some on he had produced with one of his brothers in This synonymy, and Webster's and Worcester's dictionaries. It is a thick book in small print, Another approach to the problem of varying opinion packed with a combination of good sense, traditional has been the survey of opinion.

Sterling A. Leonard attitudes, pretension-pricking, minute distinctions, and made the first in Leonard's survey was replicated a good deal of what Otto Jespersen, the Danish scholarly in by Raymond D. Crisp, and a similar survey was grammarian of the English language, called "language conducted in England by G.

Mittins and three col- moralizing. The results of these sur- Richard Grant White, found much to dislike in the veys are quantified, so that interested readers can dis- prose of contemporary newspapers.

He had no gadfly cover the relative acceptability or obloquy of each tested like George Washington Moon to challenge his author- item.

Somewhat the same idea has also been tried with ity, although he did dispute a few constructions with the usage panel, an assembled panel of experts to whom Otto Jespersen in the pages of the tracts issued by the each individual item is submitted for approval or dis- Society for Pure English. In some of these disputes a approval.

Again, quantification of relative approval or characteristic pattern emerges: Lounsbury collected a number of his maga- British civil servants to help them avoid the usual zine articles into The Standard of Usage in English, bureaucratic jargon of British officiai prose.

The result , which examined the background of attitudes and was Plain Words, This slender book has gone issues. Lesslie Hall's English Usage, , checked through several editions, growing a bit each time. In issues drawn from the work of Richard Grant White a new edition of Fowler appeared, edited by Gow- and from several college-level grammars and rhetorics ers, to which Gowers added a number of his own favor- against evidence from English and American literature.

In addition to Fowler and Gowers, the work Sterling A. Leonard in The Doctrine of Correctness in. History of English Usage lia English Usage , , provided the first thor- dency in modern linguistics toward the study of lan- ough examination of the origins of many attitudes about guage in more abstract ways. If the popular idea of usage usage in the 18th century.

Fries and Robert C. They had relatively little Tongue and Cheek, Dennis Baron's Grammar and Good influence in the following decades, however; the school- Taste, and Harvey Daniels's Famous Last Words, all books by and large follow the traditional lines, and the published in the early s.

A A historical sketch of this length necessarily must notable exception is Bergen and Cornelia Evans's A Dic- omit many deserving names and titles and pass over tionary of Contemporary American Usage, The many interesting observers and observations. This we book takes the traditional view of many specific issues, regret, but do not apologize for, as the need to omit what but it is strong in insisting that actual usage, both his- we would prefer to include seems almost omnipresent torical and contemporary, must be weighed carefully in in our work as lexicographers.

Much of the historical reaching usage opinions. Serious George H. McKnight's Modern English in the Making, examination of the received truths has continued. Mar- ; H. Mencken's The American Language, 4th garet M. Bryant's Current American Usage, , edition, , and Supplement 1, ; Baron's Gram- reported the results of the testing of many specific items mar and Good Taste, ; and Daniels's Famous Last against actual use as shown in current books, magazines, Words, These books constitute a rich mine of and newspapers.

Articles in scholarly books and jour- information for the serious student of English usage and nals like American Speech evince continuing interest its history, to whom we also recommend a perusal of in real language and real usage in spite of a strong ten- our bibliography. Pronunciation Symbols 9. German fullen, hiibsch e.. A a, an There is an article on the proper use of a and an ing the clipped forms as barbarisms, but commenting in almost every usage book ever written, although that he thought the practice had fallen into general dis- hardly a native speaker of English has any difficulty with grace because of the attacks of the satirists and that it them—in fact one seldom thinks about them at all in never showed itself in books.

Perhaps Dr. Campbell was premature in announcing The difficulty, when there is any, is to be found in the abandonment of the practice of abbreviating, for writing. The basic rules are these: Before a letter the practice. Guth nounced: Actual usage, of course, is more complex than the simple rules would lead you to expect.

Here is what Avoid informal abbreviations. Avoid clipped forms actual usage shows: Other short- 1. Before words with an initial consonant sound, a is ened forms, like phone, ad, and exam are now com- usual in speech and writing. This is in line with the basic monly used in serious writing. Aside from the social acceptability of clipped forms 2.

Before h in an unstressed or weakly stressed sylla- Emily Post in disapproved phone and photo , ble, a and an are both used in writing an historic, a there are other considerations to be taken into account. This variation is the result of his- tions in "formal" writing. Flesch disagrees, torical development; in unstressed and weakly stressed however: A few It's a superstition that abbreviations shouldn't be words, such as historic and especially in England hotel, used in serious writing and that it's good style to are in transition, and may be found with either a or an.

Occasionally in modern writing and speech and Flesch's advice seems sound; but care should be taken regularly in the King James Version of the Bible, an is to observe what in fact is customary.

It is obvious that used before h in a stressed syllable, as in an hundred. If you are uncertain, you should consult an than are at present. A few words, such as heir, hour, and appropriate style manual or handbook. General advice honest, generally have silent initial h; some others, like can be found in any of a number of composition hand- herb or humble are pronounced both ways. Use a or an books and in general style manuals, such as Webster's according to your own pronunciation.

Standard American Style Manual. Before words beginning with a consonant sound See also ETC. This use abdomen This word may be pronounced with the is less frequent now than in the past. Vab- 5. This is in line with the basic inates among laypeople; physicians are more evenly rule. Occasionally, and more often in some dialects than others, a is used in speech before words beginning with abhorrence Bernstein notes that abhorrence, a vowel sound. The Dictionary of American Regional when followed by a preposition, takes of.

This is true in English reports this to be frequent in the United States; a large majority of cases. Such writers as Addi- tions, however, such as to an instance of which was cor- son and Swift satirized the fashionable practice of the rected to of by Lindley Murray in , against, and time of using truncated or clipped forms of long for. These are less frequent by far, and are in the main words—such as pozz, phizz, plenipo, and hippo for pos- to be found in older literature. Ordinary contractions—can't, He recognized her as "Goldy," famous in Hsi-Yu for haven't, shan't, isn't, for instance—were likewise sati- her abhorrence to sleeping alone —Sericana Quar- rized.

Campbell took notice of the practice, class- terly, April Shelley, quoted by Matthew Arnold, edifying and attractive philosophy of life, they dis- Essays in Criticism, Second Series, guise from themselves and others the bare and abject poverty of the scheme —W. Inge, The Church in abhorrent When used with a preposition, abhorrent the World, is almost always followed by to: Lapham, Harper's, May accompanies. It can be applied directly to persons: The original principal parts of abide are Farmers who have to work 16 hours a day to pay abode, past, and abidden, past participle.

The OED rent and interest on mortgages in addition to buying notes that in time the past and past participle coalesced necessities for their families are not free: During the 19th lic, 2 2 Nov. It is more likely to be used now than abode is. Bloom beholds himself, in a hideous vision, father Stories Except for can't abide and abide by, which are in con- cuckold —Edmund Wilson, Axel's Castle, tinuing vigorous use, most senses of abide have a rather He was abject before Wolf Larsen and almost grov- literary or old-fashioned flavor.

Evans comments that can't abide is "commonly disparaged. Indeed it is hard to see what the objection was. Lapham, The expression goes back to the 16th century; Shake- Harper's, May speare uses it several times in his plays: Wells, verse. Modern evidence, however, shows that the usage Joan and Peter, 1 9 1 8 is perfectly proper: Thackeray, Vanity Fair, My inability when I was young to abide most males The sensation of nameless terror and abject fear.

Times, 2 Sept. Our evi- dence shows that abject is frequently used to modify. Eliot, "Philip Massinger," intensifier: Selected Essays, Maryland, Times Literary Supp. These examples are typical uses of abject. The most fre- uncommon. Here are three examples to show that it is quently modified nouns, after poverty, are fear, terror, used on occasion: It seems unlikely that any of the writers cited considered abject to have a vitiating effect.

Doddington, from whose disapproval the story of Gavin and the Concannons' party had not been able to be kept —Elizabeth Bowen, Horizon, abjure, adjure A number of commentators such as September Harper , Shaw , Bremner , the Oxford American Dictionary , Bernstein , Evans.

Leakey, Mau quency. Evidence of such confusion is not to be found Mau and the Kikuyu, in the Merriam-Webster files; if it does exist, it is appar- ently corrected in manuscript. Abjure means "to. Abjure regu- avoid the passive infinitive by revising it to include can larly takes a noun as direct object. The noun often is, or could: Galileo was summoned before the Inquisition at. Mason, Main Currents of Sci- or entific Thought, Just one whiff of that vast butchery.

Safire seconds a correspondent's objection to the The wives and daughters of the Germans rushed use of abortive to describe a failed mission to rescue about the camp. Safire claims to see in the save them from slavery —J. Froude, Caesar, suffix -ive an implication of continuation or perma- nence, and he maintains that abortive must therefore There is no use adjuring them to take part in it or "suggest a continuous process of aborting. No "continu- than abjure. Why should I joy in any abortive birth?

Human subjects are more common: New England, , rev. Trevelyan, English He knew it was like feeling over a chilling motor for Social History, loose wires, and after two or three abortive motions he gave it up —Wallace Stegner, "The Traveler," in She hopes to find Somebody able and willing to buy Perspectives USA, Summer her freedom —Lafcadio Hearn, Glimpses of Unfa- miliar Japan, Moreover, many a writer from Shakespeare to the present has used the word of a single incident with no There are those from whom not even death has been hint of recurrence or permanence: Elliott, Harper's, September The power that had proved too strong for this abor- tive restoration —Arnold J.

Toynbee, Center Mag. Kennan, New Yorker, 1 May What the p. Johnson dislikes the about construction shown drips —J. Vizetelly noted that about was com. Pickwick expressed a strong desire to recol. January About is also frequently used with nearly exact memory with more glasses of punch —Charles Dick.

Copperud At one time it had abounded with good nature —Francis Hackett. Bernstein March Bernstein's objection was originally made in He is more moderate in Johnson Freedom and Culture.

Atlantic Richfield Co. February abound When a person. Anatole Chujoy. There was an abortive conspiracy against the life of this is a minor problem—we have nearly no evidence of the Princeps —John Buchan. Both are exceedingly common. If there was no Many all over the country know very well what bal- reason to avoid it in The expression. Arthur Conan Doyle. This issue has seldom been mentioned Here are some earlier examples: The Return of Sherlock Bernstein also mentions the use of a round number as Holmes.

Norris heavily about the head sev- Yet if life abounded in mysteries —Normal Mailer.

The use of about. Bernstein quotes Roosevelt. The Musical Scene. Garry Wills. Bry- Britannia Mews. Martin Harper's.

Pdf | Definition of Pdf by Merriam-Webster

If the ing to Fear. London abounds in public monuments —Max Geome- Our first design. And Even Now. Part 1. Perhaps sharp-eyed copy editors catch it regularly. Essays ofElia. Pickwick Papers. Here is a typical example.

Pdf dictionary webster english

Copperud says it is or was standard. Nine Stories. Europeans have only the vaguest conception of tion cannot be confirmed from the Merriam-Webster what American music is about —Virgil Thomson. Both prepositions are in frequent use. Carter professes to Holmes d. Frank Swinnerton. Spring The critics.

The use of above as a noun is somewhat more lightly Copperud concludes by saying. Whipple and other writers on origin in William Cullen Bryant's 19th-century Index business writing recommend against its use. The adjective above is not uncommon in writers on lan. The earliest objec. For two further current idiomatic uses of about. It too has been around at least since preposition will win any wide acceptance only time will the 18th century. Bryant objected to the use of either above or over tial.

Both of these commentators note that the preposition is ery. Gowers's revision of uncommon. He doesn't look above forty —The Journals of Arnold Bennett. Expurgatorius for the New York Evening Post. Utter says that the adjectival use of above as in. Tract 2. I was brought up Dec. How to Write Short Sto- the grounds that above is an adverb. Honour the Queen". Mansfield Park. It is an odd usage for any critic to pick on. Sometime during the later part of the 19th century. Bernstein calls them "legitimate and After that.

More than a century ago. It is not of pictures like the above that galleries. Some commentators object that such uses 2. Journal since Anglo-Saxon times. Vizetelly says that above is "inele. The oldest we have found is from I know that place well. Jane Austen. This Week Mag. Wall Street Journal. Where Lowth mentioned two 12 Mar.

Priestley's approach also seems tolerant. What is the background of this use? It is not quite as be compared or intensified other terms applied to these new as our commentators think.

Lowth found these New Yorker. Absent that. United States. It should take no great effort to fill out our has jurisdiction —Bare v. Post many other usage writers. Harper puts the prep. Bernstein accommodation on the part of the beneficiaries gently derides this selection by using some of them.

The plain fact is that It seems likely that someone reading extensively in judi. It is also used in ordinary prepositional phrases: Edwin D. Wall Street Jour. The such decisions. Three panel. In the 70s we began to see a spread of reason is simple: The tradition seems to have originated in the 18th But by the late s and the s. Cases and Materials on Inter.

Partridge includes a list A program of unconditional amnesty. New properly the superlative form superadded. Murray lists six plus an etc. But Bernstein has his own treasured list. Here is one Dakota: We think it clear. Most of the time now it is used to begin an in poetry. As Murray had elaborated on the rules he took but put up for me by friends. The earliest citation in words include incomparables and uncomparable the Merriam-Webster files is from New Yorker.

It seems to be traditional to undated citation received from a correspondent 15 list as words not susceptible of comparison words that Dec. In a world absent politics and biology. Goold Brown. Lowth says. Here are a couple more examples: A score. College English. These are words arises an implied contract —JAMA.

Trias- Supp. I want suc. English varieties of the absolute comparative are difficult to dis- Grammar in Familiar Lectures July-August Goold Brown's criticisms do not seem to have affected the issue much.

Webster's Dictionary of English Usage.pdf

Kirk Sale. It appears to be younger generation. Edward S. With terms relating to age. June If we say. A Philosophical Gram. January ham's Gould Most of the adjectives called uncomparable by usage writers have.

Howard notes the emergence of absolutely in absolute comparative The absolute comparative is England as a vogue word for yes. July-August make up perfection than "that". The reason such words are compared was succinctly summed up as long ago as The absolute comparative is a favorite device of advertisers.

The second ican Claimant. Usage writers trained ones —Thomas M. December Words: Such usage has high literary authority —Fer. A System of Logic. It appeared in British English of these types is also called incomplete comparison.

Harper labels it entirely greater Boston area. The following examples of older and mentions Joseph W. Girl Scout tives.

Pdf dictionary webster english

He begins his discussion by saying. March marians. But such adjectives are often used in a modified or approximate sense. EQUAL 2.

The usage appears. For some reason "an older woman" or "an older man" nald seems younger than "an old woman" or "an old man. Pride and Prejudice. The Ordeal of Richard Feverel. February Oliver Wendell Holmes d. The Old Wives' Tale. If it is a fault. This second use. I believe some of our Chinese have another set of instances. Autobiogra- And where else but in England can one find three phy. September erly attached to the clause..

September all things considered. Here are a few typical overtly connected to the rest of the sentence is called an instances: Nixon quoted by William Safire. Speaking as an old friend. The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table. The Writer. March We Speaking candidly. An absolute phrase has a head. Quirk et al.

Such use is dent Reagan's position on the Taiwan issue. At least since the s commentators have been dis. Thus Ball Abby Darer. The subject of the absolute phrase and that of the sen- tence are always different: Constance was absolutely in the wrong —Arnold The scholars increasing fast.

September ever without drying up —Joan Aiken. There are two separate uses here. I washed my hair and it was absolutely glorious — paraging the intensive use of absolutely. In the first example. I abso. We may think of it as the subject of the phrase. Times Mag. The Olive Tree. Here are ruary two excerpts from a speech of Richard M. Sir Thomas being happily able to give his friend —Aldous Huxley.

Ladies' Home Jour. But I don't believe that any writer under thirty— tainly strengthened —Thurgood Marshall. Colin they follow the main clause.

Miss Ward's match. Center geniuses excepted—can stay writing in the attic for- Mag. Absolute phrases may contain either a past or present participle. December No. January Absolutely is a favorite word nowadays. May lutely —Times Literary Supp.

Reader's Digest warns that absolute phrases with a pronoun subject as "he having gone on John McClain of the New York Journal-American ahead" are often felt to be awkward or old-fashioned.

I go always. I suggest that the university's most feasible function. The first is use as what Quirk et al. Although it can be argued that the adverb might have the phrase dangles: Before from was certainly more frequent abstracted into something else.

Since Par- allusions to the "son of the poet—you know" — tridge revived it the word has been limited in use to Joseph Conrad. With the nail of his right forefinger he abstracted a By this device I am absolved from reading much of string of meat from between two teeth —Liam what is published in a given year —Lewis H. The OED has only 16th. Center Mag. Death Comes for the Archbishop. Saturday Rev. The tained in the form —Bertrand Russell. Edwin Newman was called on to open the pro- from an excess of prudence —Arnold Bennett.

March sition. The Rise and Fall of is not obsolete. The usual pattern is to "abstract a thing from something absolve Bernstein observes that when absolve is else. December Dollar was absolved of personal liabil- ity for the line's debts —Time. June Usage and Abusage.. The Open Air. We may perhaps absolve Ford for the language of the article—it seems somewhat too academic for his. The Informer. May Immediately afterwards he was abstracted from the.

The ceedings on the strength of his two books on English Old Wives'Tale. Foundations Common Pursuit. March Muller. Times Book Rev. Advertisements gant. Backgrounds of soil than is annually abstracted by the extensive Power.

Theory of Literature. From may be used. Lake Wobegon Days. November abusage Nickles labels abusage "an obsolete. Both prepositions are in current Here are some examples of the usual construction: Christian Herald. The Making of a Counter Culture. In reference to voting. Both abysm and abyss were in use in the 14th century for the void According to recent reports.

January through the abysmal depths of interstellar space — Paul W. Krapp What seest thou else allows upon or against for Bernstein's walls and In the dark backward and abysm of time? This Rev. Both of these commentators are partly right. Abyss has continued in vigorous use. Memories and Scotland —G. Foundations of Structures. Abysmal is used for the most part figuratively. Fischer et al. February This Caroline Ridge province abuts the Philippine.

That Vanishing Eden. The Postmark. The Nature of Variable Stars. Early American Architecture. Saturday Rev.. In The Tempest he wrote this line: May-June Owners with two-story brick houses were permitted.

Siren Great Lakes —Harold L. A Shortened History of Portraits. Evidence in the Merriam-Webster files shows that This line has continued to echo in later writers: Library Jour. New Republic. Saturday old variant of abyss that is now archaic or obsolete.. Evans says that Academe Geology gives one the same abysmal extent of Time properly refers to Plato's academy.

July academy: Sometimes there is an allusion to the original abysm: From women's eyes this doctrine I derive: They are the ground. I have suffered abysmal baseball luck when deme has stayed with us. Sometimes the reference is clearly to opines that the "grove of Academe.

Milton changed the usual word for the sake mal —Frank Deford. The Rise came years too late. He mentions But perhaps most often abysmal denotes wretchedness Athens: See there the olive-grove of Academe. His honour knew no stain Fowler maintains that Academe properly means Aca. Such staggering smugness.

Pdf dictionary webster english

Our evidence suggests. Horatian Echoes. And quaffs the springs of Helicon The creatures appear to limit their habitat to the —John Osborne Sargent. As far as we can tell. Being a week. Fowler's objection leave one breathless —William L. A Center Occasional Paper. No one seems to have followed Milton's spelling of the hero's name. The Instruments of Music. In the fourth book of Paradise.

A Piece of My upon the Thames' fair side. Sports Illustrated. Fowler therefore dent in prose. Sometimes it might pretty clearly indicate the Pla- tom of the sea: Her novel may well have added to clubdom.

In it mind when she chose Groves of Academe as a title. Its earliest appearance in ing use of the capital A.. Italy —Anthony Burgess. A History of Nineteenth Century Literature. Loss of spe. Hampshire Life. But by far the most common use is to indicate the aca. Young academes who have not read the works listed NY. This sense can also be found refugees from the theater. Here are some examples of how academe is actually It has stuck: He deliberately lived outside Detroit and away from bury.

It has been filtered cific reference is further demonstrated by the diminish. We do not know exactly what Mary McCarthy had in This use appears not to have caught on. February And sometimes not: It is some years since I've been in an American uni- Out of the groves of Academe comes a voice of lam.

March McDonald. The Taste of America. The modern traffic from academia to public life can erary Supp. Lowell had used Shakespeare's our files is as a synonym for Plato's Academy: Times Literary Supp. Atlan- tic. It is that there has hit the very decor of academe as it has in of Arthur Twining Hadley. July government and academia —David Osborne. A tribes. Academia is a more recent word.

By the time that the world like a god —Earl Shorris. Shakespeare's original figurative sense is still alive. Polite Essays. The use of Academe to refer to Plato's Max Frankel. Accent has more meanings. Great Gatsby. March Intimacy breeds rivalry. Accede is regularly followed by to: The Oxford American Dictionary notes The corners of the towers are accented by brick that it is also a homophone of exceed and so subject to quoins —American Guide Series: General Electric Investor.

In this case instead of condemnation. Winter An occasionally negative pronouncement tends to be. Fowler Accent is also used when the writer wants to single out notes that accentuate is being used for figurative senses or stress some particular: People who insist that these are the only correct Grayish daylight seeping into the tunnel accentuated uses are living in the past.

White- moods —Thomas J. Fall and Winter phrase groves of Academe. Roebuck Catalogue. The insinuate themselves into other hoary metaphors of aca. Sports accent. The scolding of the New England woman.

Academe for Academus was Sleek. March learn that in the years since his writing the differentia. Heller in the past has made suggestions technical. We do not happen to have run across. Accent may emphasize a setting off by contrast. Times I don't want to accede to persistent demands to Mag.

Fowler would be pleased to pean Federation —Charles J. Both academe and academia are in current good New Yorker. Accent is also tion —J. Poor White. Dictionary of American Politics. They appear to be used with about equal fre- quency at the present. Scott Fitzgerald. Hervie Haufler. Morgan Its Uses. Caterpillar Tractor Co. The Individual and His Society. January "All right. A good half of these unnec. It occa- sionally is used much like acceptation: The crisis in Tibet accentuated.

The Oxford American Dic- acceptance and acceptation "fully differentiated" in tionary and Shaw warn against the confusion meaning. There is also a common acceptance among far too ary Supp. Acceptation is the less frequently used for excess. Except for the. Elements of Analytic Philosophy.

The Fire and the Sun. The verb Sitwell. Even though. Noble Essences. Basic English and Still excepting bookings for —advt. We have no clear-cut evidence of confusion.

Dictionary pdf english webster

For instance: In its technical acceptation as a term of psychology Adrian's report accused his pupil of an extraordinary —Arthur Pap. You Can't Go eral and figurative uses. April-June And it is in this spirit that they [authors of a work approximately "to intensify or increase" that is not on French grammar] make use of such terms as shared by accent: The differentiation is not quite complete even of these two words.

The now. Fall Milwaukee's precipitous decline in the American League East was accentuated by a game losing But mostly it does duty as the noun for accept in its streak —Herm Weiskopf. Queen Elizabeth I spelled as she pronounced.

Webster’s English Dictionary 1828 Volume 1 PDF

New- England Galaxy. September return to the classroom —Gilbert Hagerty. The a woman isn't accessorized properly. Sunday Republican Springfield. July disparage the spelling accidently as a misspelling or an illiteracy. December that you were locked up in the museum. Upton Sinclair.

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