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Plinth to paramount English by Neetu singh PDF Download करे – प्रिय पाठकों, English Grammar PDF in Hindi से सम्बंधित एक बहुत ही. English for General Competitions Frome plinth to Paramount by neetu singh General English Grammar book free pdf Upkar publication. Plinth To Paramount की English PDF Book को Specially प्रतियोगी Tricks PDF With Hindi Meaning · Complete English Grammar Notes PDF Download.

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Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh PDF in English Dear Students Plinth to जरुर पढ़े: Paramount Full Package Book PDF Free Download. Paramount English Book Pdf For SSC CGL, Bank PO/Clerk, CHSL, CPO, Other Exams Today, we are sharing a FREE PDF of Paramount English Book Pdf. This is very English Grammar Tenses – Free Pdf Download. plinth+to+Paramount English book - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for (c) Grammar will be taught to us by him.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means-electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the author and the publishers. The publishers have taken utmost precaution in publishing the book, yet if any mistake has inadvertently crept in, the publishers shall not be responsible for the same. This book English for General Competitions- from Plinth to Paramount is my gift to the aspirants of competitive exams who will surely be benefited by the approach of this book alongwith the numerous questions given at the end of every chapter carefully picked from different question papers of various competitive exams. The solution of every question has detailed explanation for easy understanding. All the latest questions especially of Passive Voice and Narration have been incorporated to help the students know the lattest pattern of the questions being asked in different competitive exams.

Principal clause Present Tense in order that purpose may. He stays in five-star hotels and travels by flight. He must be very rich. Rule 6: May Might 'Possibly' 'likely' We may possibly come tomorrow.

Superfluous We may come tomorrow. We will possibly come tomorrow. English from Plinth to Paramount. I will help you come what may. I will punish you. I will have to finish this work. Conditional Sentence Chapter. I would return on foot. We played for hours before I used.

Direct He said that he would go there. Indirect English from Plinth to Paramount. I wish, India would become a developed country soon. Rule Affirmative He used to come here. Negative He used not to come here. He did not use to come here. Interrogative Used he to come here? Did he use to come here? Be used to, accustomed to, averse to, with a view to, addicted to, devoted to, in addition to, look forward to, object to, owing to, given to, taken to, prone to.

He is addicted to smoking. I am looking forward to meeting you. He was used to driving on the right when he was in London. Example Can I take your bike? May I come in Sir? Would you help me? Meaning-I had the ability I could have scored good marks. Hidden meaning -I didnt score though I had the ability 3 You should work hard. Just a suggestion English from Plinth to Paramount. Past 2nd Form arose awoke was, were bore bore became began bit blew bound bade broke chose clung came dug did drew drank drove ate fell found flew forbade forgot froze got gave ground grew hung.

Participle 3rd Form arisen awaken been born borne become begun bitten blown bound bidden broken chosen clung come dug done drawn drunk driven eaten fallen found flown forbidden forgotten frozen got given ground grown hung. Participle 3rd Form bid bet burst cast cost cut hurt.

Bear Bear 2. Fall Fell 3. Find Found 4. Grind Ground 5. Hang Hang 6. Lie Lie Lay 7. Rend Rent 8. Rise Raise Raze 9. See Saw Wind Wound Fly Flow.

Many songs are not worthlistening to listen 'worthlistening' 'to' He lighted the candle and burnt the papers. The earth's atmosphere comprises of three layers Active voice 'of' 'of' Mirabai composed many songs. I refused to help him. The thief denied the charges. I declined the offer. Silence precedes the storm.

This is a good site for school. Please cite an example. May Might yesterday 'Past' May he live long wish Could keep could have kept Ought to learn Ought to have learnt Shall Main verb be Ought to be Should bring should have brought get getting habitual action invented discovered Might be 'is' 'was' 'Past Tense' 'will' 'would' 'Past Tense' 'was' 'were' 'You' 'were' 'are' 'is' subject 'disciplinary action' singular 'situating' 'situated' 'sink' 'drowned' 'sank' V2 'will' 'would' 'Past Tense'.

The Prime Minister leaves for China next week. Correct the following sentences: What does he know about you?. Present Continuous Tense I am going to Mumbai tomorrow.

My father works in a bank and my brother studies in a school. I was waiting for you Formulae: We shall be taking the exam at this time, next month. Verbs of Perception- See, taste, smell, hear, prefer, please, notice, recognize. Verbs of Thinking Process- Think, know, mean, mind, remember, suppose. Verbs Showing Possession- Own, have, belong, comprise, possess, contain, consist. Verbs expressing Feelings or State of Mind- Believe, like, dislike, love, adore, want, wish, desire, hate, agree, trust, imagine.

He is owing a car. He owns a car. This house is belonging to me. This house belongs to me. I am not meaning anything wrong. I don't mean anything wrong. I am seeing a man standing there. I see a man standing there. I am having a piece of cake. I am having a car.

I have a car. I am thinking you are right. I think you are right. I am thinking of you. It was appearing as if they were going to kill us. It appeared as if they were going to kill us. You are looking good. Verb Advance preposition. Science has given us many new inventions.

We have reached the moon. Science has given us many new inventions in the 19th century. We have reached the moon on 22nd Oct, Present perfect Simple past tense 1. Science gave us many life saving drugs in the 19th century.

We reached the moon on 22nd Oct, I have had enough problems here He has had his breakfast have form have forms helping verb Present perfect. I saw him before he stopped his car. I had seen him before he stopped his car.

Before he understood anything the robber fled. Before he understood anything the robber had fled. I met him after I finished my work. I met him after I had finished my work. By the time I reached the theatre, the show started. By the time I reached the theatre, the show had started.

When Anand reached his village, he found that the news about him had preceded him. Past Past perfect Past tense. News action 'simple past' Past perfect tense English from Plinth to Paramount. Future Perfect You will have finished your syllabus by this time next year. By the time I reach the station, train will have left.

For two hours, for last 2 years For five days, for last 2 months For 10 years, for last 3 weeks. Since monday, since the beginning Since , since time immemorial Since 7 P. Days Monday, Tuesday etc. Dates 7th May, 8th July etc. Years , etc. Months May, June etc. Occasions Holi, Diwali etc. I had been waiting for you since morning. Future Perfect Continuous tense I shall have been living in Delhi for five years by the end of this year.

He will have been playing from 2 O' clock. I know you. I have known him for five years. I had known him for two years. Tea is grown both in Assam and Ceylon. People speak english all over the world.

Grammar book pdf paramount english

A teacher teaches English here. No one desire riots. I will not tolerate this nonsense. Passive He was arrested. English is spoken all over the world. English is taught here. Riots are not desired. This nonsense will not be tolerated by me. Explanation of sentences no. I am happy. The matter is being looked into by the committee.

Verb ds ckn vkus okys preposition dks P. They are laughing at you. You are being laughed at by them. The accused is being produced before the court. The police are producing the accused before the court. Right to protest peacefully is being demanded by the revolutionaries. The revolutionaries are demanding right to protest peacefully. You were not taking the exam seriously.

The exam was not being taken seriously by you. By whom has he been seen? Passive 2. The news has surprised us.

Active We have been surprised at the news. Passive 3. He will have understood your ulterior motive by that time. Active Your ulterior motive will have been understood by him by that time.

Passive 4. The committee had looked into the matter impartially before he was found guilty. The matter had been looked into by the committee impartially before it found him guilty.

The fire engulfed the building. The building was engulfed in the fire. This box contains ten cigars. Ten cigars are contained in this box. Have you broken the glass? Has the glass been broken by you? Why have you broken the glass?

Why has the glass been broken by you? Who wrote the Ramayana? By whom was the Ramayana written? Whom have you invited? Who has been invited by you? The teacher gave me a book to read. I was given a book to read by my teacher. I bade him leave the room. They must help me finish the work. I made him wash all the clothes Bid, help vkSj make dk iz;ksx passive voice esa 'to' ds lkFk gksxkA 1. He was bidden to leave the room by me.

I must be helped to finish the work. He was made to wash all the clothes by me. Let me play vuqefr I may be allowed to play. Let him do this work. Let this work be done by him. Let us organize a party lykg] A party should be organized. Rose smells sweet. Active Rose is sweet when it is smelt. Quinine tastes bitter.

Active Quinine is bitter when it is tasted. Passive Those mangoes tasted sour. Active Those mangoes were sour when they were tasted. What amused you? Smoke and flames engulfed the area and made rescue operations difficult.

He asked me to finish the work in time. The vintage cars hold a special place in the hearts of their owners. The accountant took the cheque from the customer. The gatekeeper refused him admittance. Sohan was interviewing the political leaders. The builders have built a perfect dam across the stream. They should follow all the instructions carefully.

Shut the door and leave. Who knows you? Help others but do not expect anything in return.

We are taught English here. The news surprised us. Spain expected to win the world cup. After taking her to the hospital, I dropped her at her place. Have this lock broken. Think before you speak. The case is being investigated by the police alongwith the CBI. He doesnt like people to call him cheat.

At Paramount every question is answered as we believe that even Einstein asked questions. You must hit the nail on the head. Those mangoes smell sweet. The little boy asked the man the way to Athens. Shut the door and go away. Your proposal was objected to and everyone laughed at you. Let everyone be given a chance. Do not make a noise. People are raising a hue and cry and are breaking the furniture. The fur coats were imported from Sweden by us.

A bullet in the chest is adored by the brave. Decisions must be taken. Are they not cheating us?. The room was cleaned. I should have met him yesterday. One could see her lying on the flowerbeds. We expect good news. My teacher gave me a journal to read. It is impossible to do this. Physically challenged people should not be laughed at by the public. They say that people live on distant planets. Can we send the parcel tomorrow?

A detective arrested him as soon as he got home. They cooked the food and sent it to the orphanage. Where were they playing the cricket match? They say he can teach almost anything in this world.

Please enter by the left door. I would advise you not to get on the wrong side of your boss. They have done this to defuse the crisis. Open the door. I did not trust anybody. Did he remember the date and time? The boys were digging a hole in the ground. We must now deal with these problems. The audience loudly cheered the leaders speech. Someone is following us. He hasnt slept in his bed. I was recommended another lawyer. Many a person has been saved from the man-eaters by these hunters.

Must we cut this tree? You will be looked after well. Didnt they tell you to be here by six oclock? Dont touch this switch. One cannot gather grapes from thistles.

They will have completed the work by the time we get there. You will have to pull down this sky-scraper as you have not complied with the town planning regulations.

plinth+to+Paramount English book

He has written a poem which fascinates every one. Will those happy days be ever forgotten by me? You are requested to permit him. I am not going to tolerate this nonsense anymore. The boys were being laughed at by the passers-by on the busy thoroughfare last evening. The police are questioning Mr. Sharma are questioned by the police. Sharma have been questioning the police.

Sharma have been questioned by the police. Sharma are being questioned by the police. Before they invented printing, people had to write everything by hand. Did any one ever make it clear how one operates the machine? Why did your father refuse to give the money to you? Do you expect your parents to come from Hyderabad today? Why are you raising a hue and cry?

They say that there are living beings on Mars. A fortnight after he was convicted for the rape and murder of his classmate, the Delhi High Court sentenced him to death on Monday.

Their dog bit our neighbour yesterday. The MD told us about the new project. The Minister had already informed his Cabinet about his decision. Sayali gave the beggar an old sari.

They are going to perform Hamlet. I was shocked by the letter. Somebody stole my car last week. Do they sell construction material? Sharma was cleaning the house. I bought a new shirt last week. The plants have been watered by the gardener.

The children could use the place always. They say that the earth is round. This machine must not be used after 5. Tiny houses dot the landscape. Dogs always chase cats. The farmer prepared the field. Teachers should be respected. He will do the work tomorrow. She gave me a book. I have bought a new car.

Teachers might have given their students some concessions. You should not offer meat to vegetarians. You must write off all those bad debts. Are they receiving the chief guest at the station? We make butter from milk.

I dont like people telling me what to do. The meeting has been called off by the chairman. The police arrested students on the University campus. Why do you like him so much? The invitation cards will be sent today. She has baked several cakes for her friends.

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We believe that God gives us misery. A lot of saplings have been planted by the chief guest. The Prime Minister has discussed the matter with the other ministers. The Principal will meet the students this evening.

The Chief Justice of India is appointed by the President. A meeting was convened by the Principal. Someone has stolen my suitcase. Anu is interviewing Radhika and Sarath Kumar. Our task had been completed before sunset.

The boy laughed at the beggar. The government has launched a massive tribal welfare programme in Jharkhand. The boys were playing cricket. They drew a circle in the morning. They will demolish the entire block. The burglar destroyed several items in the room. Even the carpet has been torn. Even the carpet he has torn. We must respect the elders.

We have warned you. Has anybody answered your question? The shopkeeper lowered the prices. One must keep ones promises. The government has not approved the new drug for sale. They have published all the details of the invention.

He teaches us grammar. The manager could not accept the union leaders proposals. Prepare yourself for the worst. Please shut the door and go to sleep. Small strokes fell great oaks. We must take care of all living species on Earth. People call him a fool. It is being read by us. He had committed a mistake. The most useful training of my career was given to me by my boss. We have decided to open a new branch. The loan will be sanctioned by the bank. Paint the windows. The traitors should be shot dead.

Rahul is teaching the children in the slum areas. One cannot expect children to understand these problems. Why did she break the garden wall? The students were laughing at the old man. He admonished her for the error. Can we send this big parcel by air? The boys saved many elders from drowning. He was refused admittance.

You will be taken care of by me. Promises should be kept. Circumstances forced him to resign his post.

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He would have written this essay in time. I give alms to the poor on Saturdays. God helps the brave. I am going to buy new spectacles tomorrow. Our mothers use tongs while making chapaties. I play Billiards during my free time. Have the car painted black. Who has stolen my binoculars? He has been arrested and sent to jail. Anna and his team hope to fight corruption with Jan Lokpal Bill. The Greeks expected to conquer Carthrage.

Rome was not built in a day. The ship is being taken to safe water by the Captain and not his crew. If you cannot change the master, you cannot change the destiny.

The curd smelt sour. People are not going to tolerate Governments despotism. He is writing a letter. The man cut the tree into thin strips. My father gave me a hundred rupee note yesterday. The pilot landed the plane safely. Abha sent me a card. He will never forget it. Let not his insulting words be minded. The students have been punished by the teacher for negligence of duty.

The storm has destroyed twelve houses. She is reading a novel. The whole village was ravaged by the man-eater. The purity of justice is maintained by the reports of proceedings in the law courts. Newton wrote this letter yesterday. An awareness is being created among the people by the Government about the importance of trees.

Ads on TV increase the sale of any commodity. The Indian Government is encouraging the Europeans to visit India.

He handed her a chair. Call the police at once. Post the letter. Who painted it? Answer key 1. He says, "I work hard. Indirect speech. He tells me that I work hard. He says that he comes here.

He said that he had come there the previous day. Examples 1. She said, "I cannot help you at this time. He said to me, "I shall come to meet you tomorrow. Ram said, "I haven't taken any exam this year but I intend to take two exams the next year" Ram said that he hadn't taken any exam that year but he intended to take two exams the next year.

He said, "Virtue is its own reward" He said that virtue is its own reward okD; phrase gS 5. Our teacher said, "We have to finish this work today as we know that tomorrow never comes.

He said to me, "Are you coming? He said to me, "when are you coming? He said to me, "Do you know me? She said to him, "What are you doing now? He said to him, "Did you intend to come with me? He said to her, "Haven't you seen this movie? He said to her, "Madam, can I help you?

Book pdf paramount english grammar

She answered in the negative. He said to me, "When will the train arrive? Conjunction 'to' dk iz;ksx djsaA 3. Tense, pronoun bR;kfn esa ifjorZu fu;ekuqlkj gksaxsA Examples1. She said to me, "Do not come here" She forbade me to come there. He said, "call the first witness now. She said, "Spread the clothes in the sunlight and do not wash anything else. The captain said to the soldiers, "Stand at ease. My mother said to me, "Help others but do not expect anything in return.

I am undone. She said, "Hurray! She said, "How beautiful is the rain! He said,"Bravo! She said, "What a pleasant surprise! She said, "May, God pardon him. They said, "long live the king. He said that he used to go to school by bus. He told me that while he was studying, I was playing. He said that when he met him, he was playing. She said that she prepared the tea and he fried the chips. He said that Gandhiji started the Quit India movement. He said, I shall come tomorrow.

He said that he would come the next day. She said to me, What shall I do after the exam? She asked me what she should do after the exam. She said, If I get selected, I need not take any exam further. She said that if she got selected, she would not have to take any exam further. He said, Need I send an e-mail? He asked me if he had to send an e-mail. He said, When I was a kid, I could not go out alone,. She said, Rohit, you must be prudent. She ordered Rohit to be prudent.

Call the first witness, said the Judge. The queen said to her son, You must go to the forest and remain there till your father calls you back. I said to her, All your faults will be pardoned if you confess them.

Plinth To Paramount Book By Neetu Singh PDF Download

He said to Sita, When do you intend to pay back the money you borrowed from me? Lets give a party, said Jaya. Lets not, said her husband. The old man of Latur said, Alas!

She said to the girl, Did you do this? Many happy returns of your birthday, we said. Doctor, the patient cried, please tell me how much time I have. So help me Heaven! She said, Ill give you Rs. From one of the windows of my flat I can see the Qutub Minar, said my friend. The teacher said to the student, Why were you absent yesterday?

The teacher said to Ashok, I shall report the matter to the Principal if you misbehave again. A soldier and afraid of fighting! The teacher said to Ram, Would you like to go on a trip to Kashmir?

Ram said, Yes. Everybody said, How well she sings! Suppose your children go out for a nice long walk, she said. I said, When it gets dark, light the lantern and hang it out. Do as you wish, but dont come and ask me for help if you get into difficulties.

May you live long and prosper, said the old lady to her son. Socrates said, Virtue is its own reward. He said to the interviewer, Could you please repeat the question?

He said, It used to be a lovely, quiet street. The Prime Minister said that no one would be allowed to disturb the peace. The spectators said, Bravo! Well done, players. I said to my friend, Good Morning. Let us go for a picnic today. The new student asked the old one, Do you know my name? I warned her that I could no longer tolerate her coming late. I said to my mother, I will certainly take you to Bangalore this week.

How clever of you to have solved the puzzle so quickly! He said that he went for a walk every morning. I reiterated, I dont care about the job. I said to my brother, Let us go to some hill station for a change. I wondered how many discoveries went unheeded. Gopan said to me, Can you do these sums for me? The boss said, Its time we began planning our work. He said to the judge, I did not commit this crime. Rahul said, I will do it now or never.

My father once said to me, If I cant trust my people, then I dont want to be doing this. Doshi said to his wife, Please select one of these necklaces. He wrote in his report, The rainfall has been scanty till now.

Govind, said the manager sternly, I command you to tell me what the old man said. He says, I am going to the market now. She said to Rita, Please help me with my homework. He said to me, Do not run after money and then you will see money running after you. He said to me, Do you know English? My father said to me, Bravo! You have done well. Tom said that he had had a strange experience the day before. Our teacher said to us, I am not going to tolerate your nonsense anymore.

Sheela said, I am going to finish this work now before I start a new work tomorrow. The dwarf said to her, Promise me that when you are a queen you will give me your first-born child. He said, "My God! I am ruined. Bhishma said, "Boys! Remember you are playing a game. If it be Arjunas turn let him have it.

If it was Arjunas turn he must have it. If it is Arjunas turn he must have it. Let me try , if I can also do so. She replied affectionately that she was planting saplings. Download Pdf. It will Be good for you if you Buy Hardcopy of this book.

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