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Our Current Affair Magazine July provides you all relevant details. For information, read Jagran Josh Current Affairs PDF July Current Affairs Section of the educational portal, vitecek.info is prepared with perfection Jagran Josh Current Affairs PDF August Current Affairs PDF July Page vitecek.info CURRENT AFFAIRS PDF JULY vitecek.info Current Affairs.

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Current Affairs Pdf - Month Wise Notes in Pdf Notes June - Download; Current Affairs Complete Notes July - Download. Latest Current Affairs in March, about 2G. Crisp news Share. Share. Category Wise PDF Compilations available at This Link November 26, Latest Current Affairs in April, about Headlines. Category Wise PDF Compilations available at This Link NASA's Curiosity rover landed on the red planet in August for a 2-year mission to study if the planet similar to Earth in the.

Current Affairs Section of the educational portal, jagranjosh. Provided materials will be of a great help to the candidates, not only in the prelims of different examinations but also in the descriptive written test, interview round and personality tests. In this PDF, you will also get objective type question on different sections. To make you aware about the world event Olympics, special attention has been given on the general knowledge segment of Olympic Games Students, who qualify for the competitive exams are mainly judged on the knowledge that they possess in relation to current affairs and the way that they perceive the events in occurrence along with the academic knowledge. With due consideration to the same, the team here at jagranjosh.

India, Netherlands agree to strengthen ties; US lawmakers introduce new legislation to strengthen US-India partnership. English Hindi All. By Jagran Josh Sep 4, Read more: Most Popular.

Must Read. Jagran Prakashan Ltd This website uses cookie or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalised recommendations. India, Netherlands agree to strengthen ties; US lawmakers introduce new legislation to strengthen US-India partnership. English Hindi All. Current Affairs Magazine July By Jagran Josh Aug 3, Read more: Current Affairs Magazine July , current affairs pdf , current affairs pdf , current affairs july month pdf , current affairs pdf.

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Most Popular. Must Read. The Shahab-3 has a range of up to kilometres. The Shahab-1 and Shahab-2, the two short-range missiles, with ranges of to kilometres, were also launched.

The world powers including United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany, theWestern powers had held three rounds of dialogues with Iran to persuade it to halt its nuclearprogramme. With all the three dialogues did not meet their desired end, the world powersincluding the European Union chose to impose a strict ban against the purchase of Iranian crudeoil.

Iran is the fifth largest oil producer in the world and the EU ban on Iranian oil imports will badlyhurt its already floundering economy. The sanctions, which have been imposed to make Iranreconsider its nuclear development plan, will not only deprive Iran of European market thatmakes 18 percent of its exports but also bar EU companies from transporting Iranian crude orinsuring shipments, hurting its trade worldwide. The move, which is expected to begin a broader reshuffle in the government, could seethe appointment of some more reformers to Myanmars cabinet.

Tin Aung Myint Oo, a former army general is widely regarded as a hard-liner. He took over asthe vice president in after being selected by a bloc of military officers in the countryslegislature. The resignation of Tin Aung Myint Oo is likely to accelerate the pace of economicchange in Myanmar after the European Union and the US began lifting their longstandingeconomic sanctions against the country during the past several months.

The landmarkresolution was sponsored by Sweden and co-sponsored by over 80 countries that include UnitedStates, Brazil, Turkey, Nigeria, and Tunisia. The conference, which was held to discuss the peace building process in the war-tornnation concluded with the participants getting agreed to provide 16 billion dollar as thedevelopment aid to the country over the next four years.

The declaration stated that themain threat to Afghanistans security and stability comes from terrorism and that this threat alsoendangers regional and international peace and security.

The declaration also endorsed keyrecommendations of a regional conclave hosted by India to promote direct investment inAfghanistan. Germany will feedthe kitty annually with million dollar. The international aid to Afghanistan came against the backdrop of global concern related topolitical and economic turmoil prevailing in the country over the past one decade.

The country isstill under the shadow of fanatic Islamic groups like Taliban, which sees western powers as thesole reason of all the problems that Afghanistan is confronting today. Taliban and terror grouplike Al-qaida, which draws its authority from the fundamentalist Islamic factions in the country,www.

Current Affairs Magazine July 2012

As all the US and NATO troops are scheduled to leave the country by the mid , the security of the nation will completely be transferred in the hand of Afghan government, which until recently, has been quite inefficient in tackling the terror forces in the country. The pledged aidis intended to stabilise the fragile political and financial situation of the country. Afghanistan has received nearly 60 billion dollar from diversified international bodies as civilianaid over the past one decade.

July pdf affairs current 2012

In addition to the 16 billion dollar aid pledged during the Tokyoconference, NATO members in May agreed to provide 4. The court, however, has arrangements with seven countries to jail the war criminals which includes; Denmark, Serbia, Mali, Austria, Finland, Britain and Belgium. Lubanga, who had used children as the soldiers during the violent struggle in Congos easternIturi region in , was convicted for war crime.

Current Affairs Magazine July

He was arrested by UNwww. Lubanga had led theUnion of Congolese Patriots, an ethnic militia in theviolent struggle in the Ituri region and its main town of International Criminal CourtBunia. The conflict, which began in , claimed the ICC life of about people in the country.

The historic visit marked the first to the Laos, acommunist nation, by any US secretary of state over the past 57 years. During her visit she held separate dialogues with Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong andForeign Minister Thongloun Sisoulith where the leaders discussed a range of bilateral and globalissues. The two countries had not been on best of terms after the US dropped two million tons ofbombs on Laos during the Vietnam War.

The hazardous effects of unexploded bombs are stillbeing felt in the country. US, which over the past one decade has shown a great willingness to getits position strengthened in the entire Asian continent, is reworking over its future plans in theregion against the backdrop of growing Chinese hegemony.

July 2012 pdf current affairs

Prior to his current assignment, Mitchell served as President Barack Obamas special envoy to Myanmar. The US Senate confirmed his appointment as ambassador to the country in June In yet another gesture of amity the US government easedsanctions on Myanmar, allowing American business houses to make investment in the SoutheastAsian nation.

The former Junta ruled country haswitnessed a slew of political reforms over the past few months, which witnessed pro-democracyleader Aung San Suu Kyi released from the year-long house arrest and moving to the parliamentfollowing a victory in by-elections.

The Clintons itinerary marked a blatant shift in USdiplomacy viz a viz Asian continent as it not only included the allies like Japan and Israel butalso included Countries like Laos and Vietnam, the countries with who US has always been onhostile terms.

During her visit to Israel Hillary Clinton discussed a range of issues with the leaders of thecountry. Resolution to stop violent struggle in Syria was alsodiscussed during the meeting. As UN observer missions mandate in Syria coming on to an endon 20 July and she also asked for a new resolution to renew it. Ahead of her trip to Israel Clinton visited Egypt, where she held a meeting with the head ofEgypts military leadership, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, whose military council isat loggerheads with newly elected President Mohamed Morsy.

Hillary Clinton also chose to visit Mongolia and Laos in the course of her day long trip,where she was the first US secretary of state to visit in 57 years and only the second ever.

Fromthe diplomatic perspective the trip was highly successful as the US not only redefined its futurepolitical strategy in Asia but also endeavored to make some new friends in the region.

The objective of the agreement was to discuss cooperation and both the countries decided todevelop the relationship further in various fields for mutual benefit. Amongst the key highlightsof the meet was that, Mullappally Ramachandran was on a three day visit to Mozambique. The relations between both the countries have remained warm andfriendly.

India was amongst the first countries to extend recognition to Mozambique after thelater achieved independence in the year India and Mozambique have mutually renderedand benefited in the fields of industry, trade, mineral resources and culture.

Under the new visaapplication norms Indians who aspire to travel US for business or holiday purpose would nothave to pay visa fees again in the case of reapplication.

Affairs 2012 pdf july current

In the cases like pending application or ithad been put on hold for any reason, applicants wont be required to pay the visa fee again. The relieved visa application norm also immunes children under seven years of age free fromany non-immigrant visa interview after completed visa form is submitted.

The US consulate hasalso upgraded its emergency appointment module for applicants who seek visa for unforeseeabletravel to the US. The charge was made on 15 July Mohamed Nasheed, was forced out of office in February General Ahmed Muizz the Maldives prosecutor was the one to file the criminal charge againstMohamed Nasheed and the, then defence minister, Tholhath Ibrahim. The case was filed at theHulhuMale Magistrate Court. The move taken by the Maldives prosecutor led to widespreadprotests and finally the detention.

At present, Nasheed has been charged withviolating Article 81 of the Penal Code, the articlestates that the detention of a governmentemployee who if not found guilty of a crime isillegal. If Nasheed and Ibrahim are found guilty theyshall face a jail sentence or banishment forthree years.

Despite pressures from both international and local parties and a direct order by the SupremeCourt for immediate release, Abdulla had been detained in a military training facility at KaafuAtoll Girifushi for twenty two days. Nasheed is the second former President in countrys history to be charged after late PresidentIbrahim Nasir. He served as the fourth President of the Maldives from the yearwww. Maldives is a presidential republic.

The President acts as the head of governmentas well as the head of state. The President heads the executive branch and also appoints thecabinet. The cabinet is approved by the Peoples Majlis.

The amendment to cut the aid was proposed by RepublicanCongressman Ted Poe. The proposal which got the approval of the house in a voice vote willnow be tabled in Senate for its approval. Pakistan, a long time ally of US in its war on terror, has received over 20 billion dollar inmilitary and non-military aid since The Islamic country is one of the largest recipients ofUS assistance, as in year alone it is set to receive nearly 3 billion dollar in US aid.

Following the incident Pakistan accused US of infringing on itssovereignty, while, the US blamed Pakistan for patronizing Osama and misleading the Americangovernment. The diplomatic relation between the two countries deteriorated further afterPakistan in December closed the critical NATO supply route to Afghanistan following aUS drone attack in the country in November , which claimed the life of 24 Pakistanisoldiers.

Amidst the increasing war cost due to the closed supply route it cost the US government about million dollar as additional war costs as it used another route across central Asia the USgovernment finally stepped ahead for reconciliation.

In a move aimed at ending the 7-month longpolitical impasse, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent an apology letter to the Pakistanigovernment. The official apology from US administration subsequently opened the door forresumed NATO supply line, and cooperation between the two countries on counterterrorism andAfghanistan.

Despite the current respite, the disagreements between the two countries continueto remain over the issues such as Pakistans inaction on militant sanctuaries in the country, USdrone strikes in Pakistani territory and reconciliation with the Taliban. Chinese President while addressing the conferencea announced to increase Chinese assistance toAfrica by building agricultural technology demonstration centres, training personnel andoffering scholarships.

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To provide better medical amenities in the continent, China willalso send medical staffs to the continent. Heads of state and representatives from 50African countries attended the conference. Besides, more than 20 Chinese and African business houses inked economic cooperationagreements worth million dollar at the sideline of the conference.

China is sponsoring numerous infrastructure projects in Africancontinent. The summit is held every three year since Though Russia and China vetoed it, India was amongst the eleven countries that voted in favour with Pakistan and South Africa abstaining. A veto is a power exercised to The resolution, against which Russia and China vetoed,stop an official action, not to could have brought new sanctions against President Basharadopt them.

Al Assads regime. This is the third time in tenure of nine months that Russia and China used their powers aspermanent members of the UN Security Council to block resolutions on Syria. The resolutionalso would have imposed economic sanctions on the Syrian government under Chapter seven ofthe United Nations Charter. However, the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, stated that the end game of the Assad regimehas just begun.

US also stated that the Security Council has failed miserably on Syria and itwould now work outside of the council to confront Assads regime. The Syrian army has given the residents tenure of forty eighthours to leave the areas of the capital, where clashes are taking place between security forces andrebels. The medical and humanitarian situation in Damarcus is getting worst from worse.

As perthe observatory figures, huge number of hundred and seven people were killed in violence on 19July

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