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Terry vitecek.info · vitecek.info vitecek.info · MCSA Windows Server Complete Study Guide - Exams , , Codex - vitecek.info · Warhammer 40k - Codex - Chaos Space Marines (4E). pdf. Warhammer 40k - Codex - Chaos Space vitecek.info, , 50M Warhammer 40k - Codex - Errata - Chaos Space Marines Q&A vpdf. Chaos space marines codex pdf german - Codex space. 6th Edition was released June. Codex: Blood Angels Cover from PDF file Codex: Chaos Space.

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Codex Chaos Space Marines - [FREE] CODEX CHAOS SPACE MARINES Download codex marine pdf vitecek.info?download&keyword=codex- space-marine- Freedom Beginnings Daily Quizzes California Evidence October 6th, for the 6th Edition of Warhammer 40, Codex: Chaos Space Marines Chaos Space Marine Codex Hardcover – - vitecek.info You are here: Home Just Dave's Chaos Space Marine Codex - FULL PDF CODEX. This mentality is backed up by the current official Chaos codex (Under the Mark of Tzeentch Last update was at /05/10 .. Just to clarify, the Codex and army list is smaller than the Space Marine Codex.

Sun Mar 24, 8: Forum 3. Search Advanced search. Quick links. Post Reply. Will be grateful for any help! Codex Warhammer 40, - Wikipedia ; A codex in the Warhammer 40, tabletop wargame, is a rules supplement containing

That's a great achievement in itself! I just have a couple of suggestions I'd like you to consider: The Deathrain Drop Pod. The rules here seem a little convoluted, I know you wanted to distance it from the Imperial DP but what happens if you fail to kill all enemy models under the Havoc Charges blast marker minor suggestion: I assume this is a mishap?

It's just not covered explicitly by your rules. My suggestion: This might be a little quicker and easier to resolve in an actual game? Should they have access to Rhino transports? As cool as it is to think of a Dreadnought surfing on the back of a Rhino, and I know Dreadnoughts could ride in Rhinos back in 2nd edition, I don't know if this is strictly necessary with the Deathrain addition. Plus, there is no actual rule allowing non-infantry units to embark in a transport, and the Rhino gives no exception unlike, say, the Storm Raven , so there is no way for the Dreadnought to embark on its own dedicated transport.

And if they could, what then happens to the Crazed rule?

Marines pdf 2012 chaos space codex

Warp Stalker. I LOVE this thing. It is an amazing representation of pure Chaos; this is exactly what Chaos should be like! It provides the army with some much-needed powerful ranged anti-tank, and can also lend support with the Summoned Daemons last-minute objective grabs, anyone? I would suggest adding an "instability" rule to these Daemons - they suffer D3 unsaved wounds at the end of each Chaos turn as the energy from the miniature warp rift starts seeping away.

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Those are the only things that have jumped out at me so far, I'll provide more feedback as I read through the list in more detail and write some army lists with them With any luck, I may be able to convince my gaming group to let me try them out, too.

Cheexsta wrote: Thanks man. If you do create any army lists or play any games with the Codex, then please by all means post the results in here. Cheers for the feedback; it was polite and were all valid points that I'll look into. It's just an awful lot of options, and I think more things could be bundled together a little more. It's a bit overwhelming. Your implementation of noise marines made me really happy though.

The drug thing is pretty neat. I also worry about the HQ choices. They've gotten pretty expensive, and it seems hard to make something efficient out of them. That only works if "reducing" the scatter would leave you in a valid deep strike position. I'll do a quick picture to explain what I mean: Their mighty power armour has managed to shrug off the S5 hits, and I roll a nice, average '3' on my resulting scatter, for a total of a 6" scatter.

Unfortunately, I manage to scatter directly on top of the same unit. In theory, the same thing could happen if it was a different unit or impassable terrain that was right next to the target point. No amount of reducing the scatter distance will allow me to avoid a mishap. Very true, it does seem pretty strong on paper but those balancing factors may well make it quite reasonable. I'll play a couple of games with it and see how it goes. I've made a silly mistake! When i criticized and lauded this codex before, I was looking at the other chaos fandex I had downloaded that week.

I actually really like this. It's pretty bare as chaos fandexs and codexs go, but it looks like it has a lot of potential for fun.

Some things feel more like nods than being really woven into the codex, but I really dig how well you attempted to cover bases and some of the creative solutions to problems. The obliterator fix is really inspired. I'm not sure how exciting they are at 80 points a pop for what seems most efficiently used as a termicide unit, but it's damn cool. Love the concept for terminator champions too. I guess that's my problem with most Chaos'Dex, I got into them only half because of the awesome banners and the allegiance fun, what I really liked about them was how they were seasoned and individualistic and resourceful.

Half of them have been fighting since the heresy, and have been getting more and more idiosyncratic. In game terms this usually equates to having a lot of ability to bloat your squads, and their running away half the time.

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Something I really hope will change. Despite this, I'm also pretty impressed with your costing of things, most of the chaos fandexes I've seen have some incredibly overpowered options buried in them that really shout "you really like X don't you".

Y'know, I'm taking almost all of that as a complement, intended or not! I'm glad to know that you were referring to another 'dex, as some of the previous feedback didn't exactly make sense. I had seen some Chaos fandex's before and believed many of them were far too complicated, overloaded with options or imbalanced no offence to anyone reading this , bearing more similarities to the 3. Furthermore, as you said, many Chaos Fandex's seemed more orientated to a specific god, or god-specific armies in general rather than undivided armies for example and therefore 'unfair' in some cases.

Ultimately, these I believed were flaws and something I could not see in an official Codex. So ultimately, I tried to avoid these pitfalls and in all honesty believe I did for the most part. I aimed to keep the Codex relatively simple, giving the player the options needed to make a characterful army of their choosing, but without over-doing or biasing it.

I wanted it to be something that could be seen as an official Codex and wouldn't be too confusing for the player or their opponents. My intentions behind the Warbands rule is an example of this. As I stated in the 'Why' section: I avoided restrictions so the player has the freedom to create the army he wants to create. I would make Terminator Champions better probably more like Paladins , give an option for more experienced Chaos Marines and fiddle with the special characters and HQ 's a bit.

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And I may yet update the Codex again And this is the relevant part: This would include some of the above changes and rules for newly-added GW units [in the new Codex]. So basically, the future of this Fandex will likely depend on the quality of the official Codex.

So we shall see Ha, no it was intended, I get a little tangential sometimes and throw in more criticism than I want to. I think I'm inclined to agree with you on most fronts.

This is great work, I can see why some many folks have heaped on the praise. I agree with the warband rules too. It gets really messy trying to weave everything into cult or legion armies in organic ways. It would have felt missing if not, but I think the nod you provided is really sufficient. Here's hoping for a juicy CSM book in sixth.

With all the fixins. The greater daemon is too strong with your buffs man, they are really cool, and youve made them more viable, but they are just to strong. What you did made them as good as they are in fluff, and thats awesome more things should be but even a chaos lover like myself has to admit thats really powerful. Have you thought of allowing a Greater Daemon with Tzeentch upgrade to possibly take wings? Another cool idea is the thought of making Greater daemons more powerful per marine you sacrifice to the dark gods persay.

Example your champion is sacrificed and you summon a greater daemon. Frecklesonfire wrote: I've finally had a chance to go over your Chaos fandex.

Most impressive. Our group has already changed the Space Marine dex and the Tyranids to our satisfaction, but I'm really glad you've tackled the Chaos dex so brilliantly and thoroughly. I don't agree with every detail Whatever 6th ed. Most of the improvements that seem to be on the way we've already incorporated to some degree. I know not everybody is able to just play a fandex due to their situation, but WE can and we'll be using yours. Thank you for your efforts!

Thanks a lot for the kind words man, much appreciated! I'm glad you like it and will be using it; thanks!

I'd love to know how it does in some of your games? So will you guys not be using the 6th Edition Chaos Codex or rules?

2012 chaos codex space pdf marines

If not, if you let me know some of the details of your rules, I can try and edit a copy to be more in-line with your groups rules for you?

Thanks again. I know you said you've adjusted the SM Codex, so won't be needing mine, but I've also made an Eldar fandex if any of your friends are interested I believe our Eldar players would be very interested!

I'm flattered you'd consider tweaking your fine dex to suit our house rules, but off the top I don't think it'd be necessary. If you'd like though, I could PM our rules version to you. We're having a game this weekend to test a few things no Chaos though, unfortunately!

Dakka 5. Member List.

Recent Topics. Top Rated Topics. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. I don't represent Dave at all, and I do understand that Games Workshop makes a point to usually do so. Perhaps it's just the late night, but this is me trying to say "Hey dude, maybe you should try and phrase things a little nicer" Words like "Should" and "have to" when referring to someone's hard worked on project are usually not taken kindly.

Especially when your previous post was an accusation for bad rules in essence. Just something to keep in mind. Now, to defend Dave's wording. In the Warhammer 40k tabletop, armor values are actually better the number is. I don't know if it is used elsewhere, but as the official version of this codex has been in print for awhile and hasn't really been complained about, I doubt it's an overall concern.

Back up to my initial point of it not even needing to be present, in my quick curious search in the Grey Knight codex to see if their Nemesis Force Swords used the "Minimum" and "Maximum" terminology Aka, checking to see if Ward had canceled out my argument for Dave's wording I actually discovered that the Nemesis Force Sword states that it does in fact increase the wearer's invulnerable save in close combat by 1, however it does not state that there is a limit to the improvements effect.

By this logic, the point is mute, and Dave could in all reality axe the line right out of his codex without concern! What are you on about? Perhaps it's just me being a bit hungover, but I think you are trying to troll his point here, it was a fair comment yet this does not make any reference to what he just said about rolling 1 on 2 dice, this is just talking about saves.

Unless it is -2, where it is greater than -3, -4, -5 and Maybe you should read the codex first Maybe the opposite is true and the Space Marines Codex is imbalanced? But not in a good way. The Chaos Space Marine statline is no different from their existing version and you don't hear people complaining about that. Chaos Space Marines are veterans that in many cases fought in the Horus Heresy and alongside the Primarch Demi-gods and even the Emperor, they spend their time in the Eye of Terror facing what any sane man would consider hell; I think a high leadership is justified and compensates for the lack of ATSKNF.

The Dreadnought Magnate does have potential to be too good I admit, however all you have to do is penetrate or glance it twice and it's not tougher; for 50pts more.

It's like the venerable dreadnought which itself is considered a very dubious choice and is arguably tougher. The Crazed rule is still a drawback in that you don't have control of your machine.

What if your Dread goes running off after a unit of Grots? Starts shooting its lascannon at these grots? Stays still when you want it to be charging? Charging when you want it to be shooting? I don't imagine even Chaos Dreadnoughts being insane enough to shoot their own guys; they could equally shoot at nothing or trees in hallucinations. All is Dust costs you 23pts on a unit that is no tougher infact weaker in assault than a standard CSM. Or, you just shoot them with AP3 weapons.

Thousand Sons are supposed to be highly resilient to small arms, this reflects that whilst leaving them with a definable weakness: Assault and AP3 weapons. They also cost more than a Grey Knight. As for the Lightning Claws; I don't really see many people taking them; hence their reduced cost.

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Space codex 2012 pdf chaos marines

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