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View and Download Puch Maxi service manual online. Moped. Maxi Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Newport, Magnum. View and Download Puch MAXI LUXE service manual online. MAXI LUXE Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Maxi, Newport ii, Sport mk ii, Magnum ii. Puch Moped Service Manual - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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This service manual for the full range of /81 models was issued to serve our Since the manual is intended as did for the workshop, we renounced. Free Batavus Moped Clymer Service and Repair Manual Batavus FREE PDF DOWNLOAD Free Puch Moped Service and Repair Shop Manual Puch. PUCH MOPED. - Service Manual. PUCH. PUCM. OUC MODELS. MAXI SPORT LS. DART do os. COBRA. AUSTRO DAIMLER. PUCH.

This service manual far the full range of Qi81models was issued to serve our workshops and their staff as guide for expert repairs. Since the manual is intended as aid for the workshop, we renounced explanations which are self-evident to an expert. Correct servicing requires the proper equipment including oll special workshop tools os detailed in our list of special tools. The workshop manual is the base for appropriate and economical repairs however, it is of full value only combined with the "Service Bulletins" by which any alterations and improvements ore publicized. We sincerely hope that this manual will prove of invaluable assistance both for t h e workshop and customer alike.

If the last few inches of the bead cannot be pressed onto the rim b y hand, a rubber hammer may be used to get the tire over the rim. Be careful to not pinch the inner tube. Use only a hand pump or foot pump to inflate tires. Because of the small volume capacity of tires, service station air hoses inflate tires very rapidly. They are also usually capable of pressure beyond that which the tire can hold.

If i t isn't. F The torque reading in foot pounds i s the torque required to bring any given belt to its maximum safe stress point. Tension is the pressure in pounds per square inch P. Tightening torque to be within a tolerance of 10": Cylinder head nuts. Flywheel nut. Crankcase screws. Clutch cover screws. Engine mounting bolts. Clutch retaining nut, 2 speed. Roller retaining, I, h. Clutch retaining nut, I speed -. Kickstand bearing bolts. Manifold mounting boltsJnuts. Rear shock top.

Rear shock bottom. Rear fork bearing. Handlebar bolts. Crank wedge nuts. Fender bracket hardware. Nrn stands for Newtan-meter which i s on European standard measure. Secure in position on bench with tie-down straps.

Disconnect fuel supply hose. Loosen carburetor clamp screw and twist carburetor to the left and remove from intake manifold. Pull up protective plastic cap from the adjusting sleeve. Unscrew starter cable nut from adjusting sleeve. Do not loosen adjusting sleeve nor the starter cable adjusting nut.

Remove oil supply line from oil pump and block-off line to avoid oil drainage from oil tank. Remove the three 3 engine mounting bolts and withdraw engine from frame. Remove flywheel a n d woodruff key from crankshaft. Unscrew the stator plate screws, remove the stator plate assembly and pull out the generator wiring including the rubber grommet. Mount engine in engine stand so that the lower crankcase holf i s facing upward. Remove all crankcase screws.

Slightly tap the upper crankcase half with a rubber hammer to break sealant between the two housing halves and remove top holf. Ensure to clamp only the clutch side crank web, or damage to crankshaft i s unavoidable. Use special puller Remove clutch hub and woodruff key. Clamp cmnkshoft web only on side of which bearing is being removed, or crankshah damage will occur. Dismantle the primary drive as illustrated. Remove circlip drive sprocket, circlip, seal.

Remove all traces of sealing compound from crankcase, fhoroughly clean all parts with degreosing solvent and visually inspect parts for wear and damage. With a pair of steel blocks accurately ground to equal height, measure the wrist pin with a feeler gouge as illustrated. Straightening of the connecting rod can be carried out by means of two 2 home made forks, os illustrated.

Three different faults may occur: Crank webs are out of true. Crank webs are out of true: With the big-end pointing upwards, clamp crankshoft between two center points. Rotate crankshaft downwards, one dial indicator will register other minus. Mark the position of the maximum reading an the crankshaft web. Remove crankshaft from centering points. Straighten crankshaft by hitting the maximum reading mark with a copper or plastic hammer.

Repeat testing with dial-indfcator until the crankshaft is within the permissible tolerance, which is. Crank webs are not parallel: Set dial indicators to zero when the big end journal i s parallel to the crank journals. Rotate crankshaft with big end journal upwards. Readings taken are either both plus or both minus. If the crank webs are bent outwards minus reading the crankshaft, is straightened by hitting the flat side of t h e crank web.

Repeat the procedure until the out o batance f is within the permissible limit, which i s. It is very diffieuit to measure the correct clearance and can only be carried out by the manufacturer. However, a very simple method i s by firmly grasping the connecting rod to check for big end bearing wear.

If rod is free but na play is noticeable, big end bearing is in good condition. Before assembling an engine, always check the small end bushing for wear. If excessive wear is noticeable replace small end bushing.

Wear limit , in. Lubrication hole in bushing being installed and connectinq rod small-end must be in line. Tighten guide sleeve to centralizing nut.

Adjust cutting edges of reamer to bushing size, remove from guide sleeve and tighten adjustment nuts on reamer. Applying oil to reamer, insert cutting end of reamer into guide sleeve, start reaming procedure until correct wrist pin bushing clearance is achieved. Piston and cylinder are matched together and marked on the piston crown and an the joint surface of the cylinder top. ALU-Cylinder and piston: The boring has to be done locally.

When boring a cylinder for Olsize piston. Measuring the cylinder The cylinder bore is measured with a bore gauge and a boremeasuring adapter both items are commercially avoiloble. Measuring procedure. The bore must be measured at six positions, once parallel with and once diametrically opposed the wrist pin at the three positions indicated in fig. The specified temperature of 6 " 0C 8 2 is important if reliable results are to be obtained.

The lowest positon af the pointer indicates the bore diameter. Maximum permissible ovality of cylinders: ALU-Cylinder , in. Lubricate oil seal and install crankshaft seal. Again use installation sleeve Starting engine: Centrifugal clutch starts to open at: Fully engaged at appr.

Centrifugal clutch must be replaced when linings are worn and limit pins on shoes prevent drum contact. The clearance between pressure plate and face lining of centrifugal clutch should be between , Om in. This clearance is achieved by variaus rile of upper a n d lower shims 1 and 2. The correct adjustrnent procedure is outlined in the following steps. Press clutch drum down and measure maximum gap between primary gear and circlip on crankshaft with o feeler gauge.

Then lift clutch drum and measure the gclp between primary gear and circlip on crankshaft not circlip on bearing. Clutch drum must be shimmed to allow. This will give required thickness o upper shim. Upper shim. Once the required shims are established, remove clutch assembly and reassemble with shims.

Do not forget woodruff key.

Service manual maxi pdf puch

Replace pressure plate and secure with large retoining ring. Lubricate magneto side oil seal and install with sealing lip facing inwards. Ensure sufficient gap between magneto side bearing and oil seal appr. Install crankshah and clutch assembly in housing. Reassemble primary drive, lubricate seal and install with sealing lip facing outward.

Puch Moped Service Manual

Place assembly in cran kctlse half. Assure that locating rings on crankshaft clutch side main bearing and primary drive, between bearing and seal have their gaps face straight up.


Sparingly apply sealing compound non-hardening to eran kcase joint, fit crankcase half into place and torque crankcase. Ensure the arrow on the piston crown and ring locating pins are facing the exhaust drain plug side. Fit a new cylinder base gasket into place, lightly oil piston and cylinder wall and replace cylinder.

Be sure to align ring gap to their respective locating pins. Place proper size cylinder head gasket, where applicable, into position. Ensure that both joining surfaces are clean and sealing groove in head is absolutely free from domage.

Inspect contact breaker points for burning, pitting or wear and replace if necessary, Inspect coils and wires for cuts and loose connections. Feed magneto wires through crankcase opening and replace rubber grommet, Install generator stator plate assembly so that the locating screws are in the center of the locating.

Use locking device Before replacing generator cover set ignition timing see page 1 0. After removing the clutch shaft 6 check housing and shaft for excessive wear.

Always replace ,,On ring 7 and sea! Remove upper circlip. Use reverse procedure on re-assembling the shaft. When fitting the starter lever ensure the lever i s installed correctly. Before the starter clutch engages fully, the lever should form a right angle with the starter cable. To adjust tension, loosen axle nuts and tighten or loosen rear adjuster nuts. Once the drivechain is properly adjusted, tighten axle nuts.

Make sure wheels ore in alignment for further information see page 9 3. D o not push intake hose too deeply into filter assembly as this could cause air flow restridion. Use only "Type F" Transmission fluid. Other types 04 fluid may dissolve clutch friction material.

Manual pdf maxi service puch

Adjust idle speed and throttle cable: Start engine and run at moderate speed until operating temperature is reached. Adjust idle speed between rpm. Adjust throttle cable slack to ' in. Whenever dismantling o car'buretor, clean all components with gasoline and blow off with compressed air. Ensure that the seating of the inlet needle is correct.

The term variable ven: Turning the twist grip either raises or lowers the slide and this in turn either increases or decreases the amount of air allowed to flow through the throat of the corburetor.

Maxi service manual pdf puch

Protruding from the bottom of the slide is a tapered rod or "needle" ref. Its position in relation to the slide i s determined by a small clip re. This clip then rests on the inside of the bottom o the slide. This tube i s called a "needle jet" ref, no. The needle hanging out of the slide hangs down into this needle jet. Threaded into the bottom o the needle jet is a small brass plug culled the "main jet" ref. The f main jet has a precisely drilled passage and i s available in various sizes.

At the bottom of the carburetor i s a removable aluminum fuel reservoir called the "floot bowl" ref. The float bowl threads onto the base of the carburetor body. Inside the float bowl is a brloyant ring which is called the "float" ref. There i s o small brass arm attached to the float on one end and pinned to the corburetor on the other by the float pin ref. The method of operation of the carburetor i s a s follows: When the float bowl is empty and the fuel valve en the fuel tank is opened, fuel flows through the fuel line and into the carburetor through the inlet banjo ref, no.

Because the floot bowl is empty, the float i s hanging down and the needle i s off its seat allowing fuel to enter the bowl. As the bowl fills. As fuel is consumed by the engine the float goes up and down to maintain a constant level of fuel in the float bowl. In order to start cr cold engine a very rich fuel air mixtures is required. A rich mixture would be 1 part of fuel to 5 parts of air or 5: This can be accomplished by either increasing the amount of fuel or decreasing the amount of air.

In the Bing carburetor there is a choke plate ref, no. When the engine starts and the throttle i s opened, the slide pushes the choke plate up out of the carburetor throat removing the restriction. Since the airflow at each throttle opening posytion is always constant, a means must be provided to obtain the proper amount of fuel for the mixture. The running mixtures is 1 port of fuel to 50 parts of air or Frarn idle t o approximately "4 throttle the fuel supply is determined by the needle jet.

If the fuel mitxure i s too lean not enough fuel the clip on the needle should be lowered one notch in order to raise the needle further out of the needle jet. This wilt result in more fuel being discharged at each throttle open position from idle to "4 throttle. If the fuel mixture i s too rich too much fuel the clip on the needle should be raised one notch in order to lower the needle into the needle jet.

This will result in less fuel being discharged ot each throttle open position from idle to '14 throttle. From ' 1 4 to full throttle the fuel supply is determined by the size of the main jet.

A larger main jet will richen then mixture from ' 1 4 to full throttle and a smaller main jet will lean the mixture in the same range. Needle setting and size of main jet are fixed at the factory and must not be changed. The setting of the float con also hare an effect on the mixture. If the float i s too far from the bottom of the carburetor when the needle closes the fuel reserve will be limited and the engine could run lean.

If the float is too close to the carburetor body when needle closes. To properly set the float level remove the flaot bowl and invert the carburetor. The float i s properly adjusted when the top edge of the floot is parallel with the gasket surface of the float bowl on the carburetor body, This setting is very important and should always be checked when mixture problems are encountered.


To remove starter cable lift cover on cable, hold adjusting sleeve On engine and unscrew cable-end. If engine removed, but not completely dismantled. Do not turn adjusting sleeve on engine as this would alter clearance adjustment on starter plate,. Remove dutch cover, gasket, locating sleeves, main shaft and clutch drum shims and roller retuiner thrust plate on main shaft. Inspect bearings inside clutch cover. To remove bearings, use special puller no. By loosening retainer nut and spinning first speed gear, the nut and roller pack will remove as a unit.

Open lock washer, place locking device Remove clutch adjusting nut, short starting cable and engaging plate. Place engine on assembly table Separate housing halves. Lift crankshaft from lower crankcase half, Remove gasket and both housing dowels!

Press out drive shaft from left hand housing half and remove seal. If bearing needs replacement, remove circlip and bearing. Inspect crankshaft and carry out all inspection and repair works as outlined in prevEous pages under "Crankshaft". If the crankshaft bushing is twisted and the oil supply holes are blocked or there are noticeable signs of abnormal wear, remove the bushing and replace with:.

Follow same engine dismantling procedure os outlined under "dismantle engine". Disconnect oil line from inlet manifold. The oil pump is a non-repairable part and has to be replaced as a unit. It is a factory metered unit to obtain the correct lubrication ratio for the engine.

It delivers 1. Testing oil pump delivery: Fill gas tank with regular gasoline pre-mix. Remove oil pressure hose from intake manifold, place hose in a measuring container.

Run engine for 4 min at rpm. Oil pump should deliver. Repeat test at least once, if oil pump does not deliver required amount. Using puller O cages Always replace "OM rings on guide sleeve to avoid leakage from crankcase. Remove oil pump drive shaft and check fbr wear. Do not lose thrust washers of lower end of drive shaft. After completion of all repair work on engine and end-float adjustment of crankshoft, place oil pump drive gear over crankshaft end.

Place special plate Use installation sleeve Before installing the drive shaft guide, replace the t- o 2 "0"rings on guide sleeve. For easier insta llotion lubricate both "0" rings.

After installation of bearing cup measure with a depth gauge on four opposite points of the perimeter to ensure cup is squarely seated. Installations of seals Lef! Crankshaft and drive shaft seals are pressed into position with the sealing lips facing inwards using tool no. A double lip seal is used in the left hand generator side crankcase half. Lubricate seal lips before installation. With using this special seal-installer, the correct installation position will be obtained, , in. Install crankshaft seal with the secling lip facing the clutch side using special tool no.

Press on the clutch side inner beoring race. To install, use special sleeve When pressing on the bearing race, the bearing identification marks should be located outboard. Crankshaft end-float. W - in. Insert the crankshaft, with bearing pressed into position, in the right crankcase half, and locate a new gasket in position over the hollow dowels.

When installing the crankshaft use installation sleeve no. It is very important to use a new and genuine gasket, or correct end-float measurements are not obtainable. Toke off gauge, and invert before positioning over the crankshaft.

Compensate for the clearance between the measuring sleeve and the ground bearing stop on the cronskhoft journal by using shims, These shims are available in the thickness of: Om; ,; in. If the thickness of the shim needed is beyond. Bearing identification marks facing outward on crankshaft. Using instolCation sleeve no.

Fit both hollow dowels and place new gasket on housing. If bearing has been removed, install bearing and circlip. Install seal and drive shaft in left housing holf. Do not force halves together. Again rotate crankshaft to ensure correct installation. Place engine into engine holder Replace engaging plate into housing and screw the adjusting nut into the starter cable. Starting clutch adjustment will be carried out later. Lock the fFrst speed clutch and second gear main shaft using special tools no.

Torque nut ta 22 29 ftllb 30 - 40 N m and secure lock nut with the locking tab washer. Remove clutch locking tool. Ensure that the head of the special n u t protrudes through the thrust plate.

Now place a thick shim over the end of the main shaft. While holding down shim measure gap between special nut and shim. This gop must be. M - in. TO O obtain the correct end-float the thrust plate is available in 6 different thicknesses. Sixes of thrust plates are. I81 ;.

C too! Hold measuring device firmly against gasket and bearing and lock measuring sleeve In that position. Now invert and place measuring tool over the mcin shaft.

Compensate the gap between measuring sleeve and main shaft with the use o shims provided. Shims are available in f. It i s very important to use a new and genuine gasket, or correct end-float measurements are not obtainable. The specified end-float of. M32 - in. Shims are available in the size of. The correct end-float on both shafts is only obtained by using a new gasket. End-float is between. OD5 0,25mm. Bloce engine in special holder Fit new gasket, instoll both hollow dowels and fit clutch cover.

Install drive sprocket on main shaft and replace circlip. Connect oil supply line to oil pump. If an air bubbIe is visible in the oil supply line between oil tank and and oil pump, bleed by off squeezing the oil supply line. Ensure bleeding procedure is earried out each time hose has been removed from oil tank or oil pump. Mark this position 4 on the adjustment nut and sleeve. From the applied mark turn adjustment nut six full turns to the left with new starting clutch or seven turns to the left with a run-in starting clutch.

This adjustment assures the needed clearence of , in.

Puch MAXI LUXE Service Manual

To replace ,starter cable remove clamp screw on starter lever and remove cable. Free travel adjustment of starter cable is made on the adjuster, near starter lever arrow. Free play should be '14 in. Do not push intake host too deeply into filter assembly as this could cause air flow restriction.

Air filter assembly MAGNW M Before installing air filter assembly,clean metal filter element with gasoline or similar cleaning material, blow completely dry with compressed air and spray filter element lightly with engine oil. Do not overfill trcnsmission. Oil capacity: Check for proper throttle cable slack 1. Insufficient cable slack will hold the throttle partially open and the idle adjusting screw will not function. If necessary, loosen the cable locknut 1 and turn the throttle cable adjuster 2 to the right to increase cable slack.

Retighten the coble locknut. Adjust idle speed to - rpm by turning idle adjustment screw 1 in or out as required. O n refitting and connecting oil supply hose ensure there are no air bubbles visible in the oil supply hose. The fuel tank is mounted on rubber pads in front and reor. Turn fuel tap to "Off" position, disconnect fuel cross-over line and the line from the fuel tap.

Lift the tank to the rear and remove. Unscrew both axle n u t s and remove front wheel. Remove front fender and heodlamp. Remove the two 2 top bridge hexagonal bolts.

Remove steering stem nut, lift off top bridge and handlebar assembly and place over frame. Remove lower steering stem n u t and pull down bottom bridge.

Puch Maxi Service Manual

Wire Diameter. I18 in. Fit both plastic guide bushings. Place locating tab on inside of bushing in position on lower sliding tube. Insert spring in lower tube and rubber stop inside spring. Place damper rubber over spring end and screw on top threaded coupling.

Replace top fork bridge, torque steering head nut to 30 ftllb 41 Nm. Recheck steering head bearing for clearance. Adjusting the headlamp Adjust the headlight with the machine running. Correct odjustment is to have the center spot of the beam 20 inches above the ground measured with the moped positioned 20 feet from the focus point.

Remove both sliding tubes from fork tubes clnd inspect for wear. If lower or upper fork tubes are worn or bent, replace as a unit. Torque upper bridge bolts to I f ftllb 15 Nm. Further removing the two 2 upper tube clamp bolts arrow. Remove the'top fork bridge, both heodlamp carriers and sealing bands.

If tubes are very tight in lower fork bridge, replace sealing plugs in inner tube assemblies and drive out tube assemblies using o rubber or plastic hammer. Alwoyr replace lower fiber washer. Install new wear ring on piston, fit damper spring short over piston rod and insert piston assembly in fork tube. Place damper spring long over piston rod and small "0" ring on bolt shaft. Assemble upper and lower fork tubes.

Before installing nut on end of piston rod, place a new fiber washer over rod end. Place rubber bellows over tube assemblies and insert tubes in lower fork bridge. Do not clamp tubes in lower bridge tilt top bridge is installed. Place rubber sewling bonds p. There rubber sealing bonds prevent the drainage of oil from fork when moped is layed over on its side. Place both headlomp carriers over upper tubes, ensuring the rubber guide rings ore positioned inside carrier tubes.

Fill both tubes with oil. I20 cc per fork tube Quality: SAE motor oil Spring length: New Replace both top sealing plugs with washers. Ensure to replace both "0"rFngs for perfect sealing. Torque both plugs and steering head nut to 20 ftllb 27Nm. Retighten lower fork bridge clomp screws to 40 ftllb Nm. Remove rear axle nuts 1 1 loosen chain tensioners f , rear 2, broke cable adjustment 4, disconnect cable from backing plate and actating lever 3 remove rear wheel.

As shown in figure, mark center line. The difference of the measurements shows the distortion of the swing arm. If no difference is measured the swing arm bearing of the frome is distorted. A distorted frame cannot be aligned but must be replaced. Further, check swing arm rubber bush and both plastic bushes of pedal shaft.

To prevent excessive pre-stressing excess wear of the rubber bearing the four 4 bearing cup bolts should only be torqued after mounting the shock absorbers. Torque bearing cup bolts to 29 ftllb 40 Nm. Checking and adjusting is easily carried out in any workshop.

The rear wheel is aligned by sighting from the rear drive side sprocket up to the engine sprocket. These two sprockets must fall within the same plane.

Pdf puch maxi service manual

Take two sighting5 down the chain to avoid error. Do not sight down the chain with the master link on top, as it tends to distort the reading.

REAR WHEEL When refitting the chains take care that the tension is correct and the connecting links ore properly ploced with the closed end pointing in the direction of chain travel. Bonded linings are used on all brake shoes fitted to our machines. If linings are worn, replace compyete shoes. Brake drum diameter New Wear limit 3, in. Oiled linings, usually due to over-greasing' of brake cam.

Remove the inspection plugs and insert a flat feeler gauge between the brake drum and the brake lining. The gap should not exceed , in 1. If it does, the brake linings must be replaced. Disconnect cable before measurement is taken. If hubs with loose bearings are worn, replace complete sets consisting of bearing cups, cones and balls at the factory. Hubs are greased. The original grease filling is sufficient for approximately miles krn use.

After this, hubs must be dismantled, cleaned and regressed. Use lithium base grease. HUBS Use special spanner Check cones and balls if pitted or damaged and replace if necessary.

Old cups may be drifted out, new cups pressed in. The rear wheel uses two caged bearing sets, instead of the adjustable wheel bearings used on the front wheel and therefore do not require a n y adjustments. Bearing installation steps are: Ensure that wheel bearings are installed with the covered side facing outward.

Spokes of our models are 3 times crossed, that is, each spoke crosses 3 other spokes. The correct spoking procedure i s outlined a5 follows.

Front wheel: Marking of hub and rim. Mark all spoke holes on the rim, starting with no. I , next to the valve hole. The brake drum facing downward.

See fig. Mark the upper spoke holes opposite brake drum , starting with A to R in the right hand direction clockwise. The upper holc marked A must be just to the left of the lower hole marked 1. The second spoke is installed into hole marked 2 on the brake drum side of the hub from the bottom up. Continue to install all spokes on brake drum side with the next spoke into hole number 3 from top down, the next into hole 4 from the bottom up. Continue this sequence till all spokes are installed on t h e broke drum side.

With the brake drum side, the hub still facing downward, install the upper spokes in the spoke holes. Starting on the hole marked A insert the first spoke from the top down see arrow.

The next spoke from the bottom up into hole marked B. Continue this sequence till all spokes are installed in the upper hub flange. Hold hub with spokes in the center of rim. Place nipple a few turns on spoke thread, then continue to insert spokes in rim the following sequence. It is important that all spokes located on the inside of the hub flanges are installed in the rim first.

Rear wheel: The spoking of the rear wheel follows the same procedure as outlined for the front wheel except when marking the spoke holes on the lower hub flange brake d r u m side facing downward ,It i s very important to start with number 1 to the right hand side of a drive sprocket mounting hole. See arrow. If this is not correctly marked the spoking cannot be carried out in the correct manner and there is insufficient space for the drive sprocket mounting bolts.

If unsuccessful, loosen counter acting spokes. Always rtort tensioning and loosening on the port having the biggest twist commencing alternatively to either side. The fallowing spokes ore loosened or tightened to a lesser extent. It i s usuatly not possible to. The special key. After trueing remove all spoke ends extending beyond nipple heads.

Even fractionally protruding spokes will damage the tube. Therefore, any burrs must be filed or ground down. It is recommended that aft respoked wheels be retrued after a few hours' riding.

Spokes often settle during the first few hours of operation. As the flywheel turns, a large number of reverses of magnetic flux is induced in the primary current ignition ormature. When the breaker points are closed, as in illustration one, an induced current flows in the ignition armature of the magneto. In illustration two the current in the ignition armature is at its greatest value.

This induces a high voltage in a secondary winding of the ignition coil, which generates a spark at the spark plug electrode. The flywheel and lighting coil together Form on alternating - current generator. P This automatic regulation prevents the bulbs from burning out at both low a n d high engine revolutions. However, the automatic regulation i s only effective if the specified load i s being adhered to, i. Breaker points gap Burned or worn breaker points must be replaced with new ones.

Turn flywheel until the fully opened breaker contacts are visible thru the recess in the flywheel. Since breaker points wear after operation and the gap reduces. Gap should be , , in. If gap is incorrect, loosen coil mounting screws and adjust os necessary. Garelli Spare Parts Catalog Manual.

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