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Oct 14, SEABB/KS 3b(kyoto)9 working draft for iecdoc This working draft for IEC Preparation of instructions, shows the. Feb 21, IEC Standard | Preparation of instructions - Structuring, of 2 files: the standard as a PDF file and the fill-in tables as a WORD file. Feb 15, IEC provides general principles and detailed This first edition cancels and replaces IEC published in

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Jun 26, Details of the software products used to create this PDF file can be .. a) An International Standard for writing instructions (IEC ) has. Sep 12, The text of document 3//FDIS, future edition 1 of IEC , prepared by IEC/TC 3 " This document supersedes EN Buy IEC PREPARATION OF INSTRUCTIONS - STRUCTURING, CONTENT AND PRESENTATION from SAI Global.

Matthias Schulz has been working as an independent consultant and author of books since His areas of expertise include CE-marking, machinery safety and technical documentation. He has published several publications about machinery safety and technical documentation. Till he taught technical legislation at Aalen University. It is here: What does the standard deal with?

Contains listings of typical content for the following aspects of use lifecycle phases: However, this list provides just a rough framework. Product specific standards must always be considered in addition. Some requirements apply to the content due to the clear orientation towards the phases of the lifecycle: Contains basic rules for the following areas: There are many new definitions of important terms in section 3.

In section 4 it becomes noticeable that the rules included in a fragmented manner in EN are presented in more detail. The same can be said for section 6, where technical writers now find three pages on the topic of readability under 6. IEC suggests that the process of creation of instruction manuals has been explained and regulated in the standard. This is however not the case, nevertheless a few important process-related regulations have been added to the standard.

Section 4. The residual risks determined must then be mentioned in the instructions. This clearly refers to the creation process. The new rule wants to support technical writers in asking for the overdue risk assessment, as they have never received a risk assessment of design and development till now and have had to research safety-related information. In connection with 4. The target group analysis should then form the basis for decisions about the language to be selected 4.

Furthermore, it contributes to the decision about the form of the instructions, i. The objectives of the standard include making a minimum quality of instructions achievable and reviewable.

BSi/ISO Standards

For that, it contains numerous rules such as those for readability, quality of illustration, organization and layout or comprehensibility of text. This was already so in EN as well. Two new sections now aim at qualifications of the persons involved in the creation of instructions. Thus, we find in section 4. These requirements are of greatest importance, especially in an international horizontal standard; finally it is clearly stated that only trained experts for technical communication should create instruction manuals.

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Whether the required knowledge and skills have been acquired through training or further education is immaterial here. Similar applies to the qualification of translators of instruction manuals. Actually this is hardly a topic for the standard, because standards for quality of translations and the qualifications of translators either exist already or are just coming up at other places. However, it was considered necessary to list minimum requirements. Translators must.

It appears more important that the translators involved must be familiar with the nature of technical communication. At some universities such as the Technical University of Cologne for instance, translators are already introduced to peculiarities of the language in instruction manuals. The requirement about the technical knowledge of the translator is irreplaceable, although often not heeded. It is based on the understanding that it is not possible to correctly translate something that one cannot understand and classify.

The table shows which sections a technical writer should consider when he works with warnings and safety instructions. Must read. Keyword for the contents. Validity area; also states the objective of the standard. Important new definitions on user manuals, safety tips, experts, warnings. Requirements related to the qualification of technical writers 4. Conduct risk assessment before creating the instruction manual.

Conduct target group analysis before creating the instruction manual; decisions that are influenced by the target group analysis. Instructions describing several product variations. Updated rules for safety-related information. Perhaps the changes for the warnings and safety instructions were those expected with the greatest anticipation.

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Section 5. This is also the new umbrella term that we must get used to. Specific requirements apply to each of these types of information.

Unfortunately, the list of signal and warning systems missed stating that safety-related information should be presented in a visible, audible or tactile form.

Pdf iec 62079

The next version of the standard should be improved in this regard. Safety instructions should be organized meaningfully. For that they must appear in a section or chapter at the beginning of the instruction manual , which can be identified clearly as being relevant to safety from its heading respectively 5. With regards to content, at least information on safe usage, dangers and their avoidance and consequences is required 5.

The basis for selecting safety-related information must however be formed by the risk assessment 4.

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Plants or systems safety information referring to individual components should appear only in the respective instructions for the components.

However, if new risks arise from the integration of components at the equipment level then this additional safety information should be provided only at the corresponding equipment level.

62079 pdf iec

When integrating individual instructions, the safety instructions must always appear only at the instruction level at which the risks are actually relevant 5. This specification is an initial attempt to regulate the complex topic of safety instructions at plant or system level. Unfortunately however, it throws up more questions than answers: How should the information be distributed specifically in the instruction manual?

62079 pdf iec

Can there be several chapters on safety? Are cross-references to other parts of the instruction manual possibly sufficient? Since several parts of a system or plant work together functionally, risks that exist when operating or maintaining individual components may be relevant at plant or system level. Use of PDF 1. PDF 1.

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See also IEC This part has not been published Part 5: This symbol collection is now provided as a data base, accessed by subscription.

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