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Blyton, Enid - Faraway Tree 02 - The Magic Faraway Tree. Home · Blyton, Enid - Faraway Tree The Folk of the Faraway Tree (Illustrations added). Read more. The Folk of the Faraway Tree (Illustrations added) · Read more Blyton, Enid - Faraway Tree 02 - The Magic Faraway Tree · Read more. Blyton, Enid - Faraway Tree 02 - The Magic Faraway Tree. Read more The Folk of the Faraway Tree (Illustrations added). Read more.

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Blyton Enid the Enchanted Wood 3 the Folk of the Faraway Tree - Free ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book . Brief Summary by Robert Houghton: When Curious Connie comes to stay with Jo , Bessie and Fanny, the three children are keen to introduce her to their magical. In the wood is the Faraway Tree — a huge tree inhabited by fairy-folk and laden with fruit of all kinds from acorns to lemons. Its topmost branches lead to.

Fanny, Bessie and Jo, with their friend Connie, visit these Lands and have amazing, comical and exciting adventures in the Land of Secrets, the Land of Enchantments, the Land of Tea Parties, and many others. A perfectly delightful book! Both books are packed full of the unusual and exciting adventures the children have when they climb the Faraway Tree. Listen to me for a minute. I've just had a letter from an old friend of mine, and I am wondering what to do about it. I'll read it to you.

Moon-Face, I'll have to spit out my goodie, it's too cold for me. At first it was pleasantly warm, and then it got very hot. Moon-Face, what extraordinary things. Wherever did you get them? Oh yesI went there last year, I remember. There's a ladder that hasn't any topyou go on and on climbing up it, and you never reach the top and a tree that sings It would be dangerous to go there now because it might move on at any moment. Then you'd be stuck in the Land of Marvels. She'll believe all right soon.

This is a horrid party. The others stared at one another. Wants her own way always, and turns up her nose at everything. I'd better fetch her back. Let her climb down the tree if she wants to.

I only hope she peeps in at the Angry Pixie's again. When I went past in the basket he was writing a letter again. But Connie hadn't gone down the Tree. She stood outside on a branch, sulking. She looked down the tree and saw Dame Washalot busy washing again.

Silly old woman! Connie didn't feel as if she wanted to go near her, in case she got water all over her again. She looked upwards. She was nearly at the top of the tree. She thought it would be fun to climb right up to the top, and look down OH the forest. What a long way she would see! She came to the top of the treeand to her great astonishment the last branch of all touched the clouds!

Yesit went straight up into a vast white cloud that hung, floating, over the top of the Tree. YesI will. She went up the last branchand to her still greater amazement there was a little ladder leading through the thickness of the cloud from the branch. A ladder!

Connie was full of great curiosity. She could hardly bear to wait to see what was at the top of the ladder. She climbed it and suddenly her head poked right through the cloud, and into a new and different Land altogether! There is a Land at the top of the Faraway Treeand can I really be dreaming?

It was queer. There was a curious humming noise in the air. Strange people walked quickly past, some looking like witches, and some like goblins. They took no notice of Connie. Where shall we go to next? They finished the Hot-Cold Goodies, and decided that they were Then they started on some pink jelly that MoonFace had made in the shape of animals. They were so nicely made that it seemed quite a pity to eat them. I expect she's standing there, sulking. She's an awfully silly girl. There was no one there.

He called loudly, " Connie! But Dame Washalot shook her head. No one at all. There's the red squirrel who wants to speak to you. I expect she's in the Land of Marvels.

I saw her go. What a silly she is! We'd better go and get her back at once. I'll pop up the ladder and see.

Tree faraway folk the the pdf of

But there was nothing to be seen at all except swirling, misty cloud. He came down again. I don't know what it will be, either. WellConnie's gone with the Land of Marvels. She would do a silly thing like that! We're in charge of her, you know. We simply can't let her go like this. We must find her somehow. Connie will have to stay there.

I don't see that it matters, anyway. She's not a very nice person. He looked very worried. And though she's silly and annoying at times, we have to look after her and help her. How can we get to her? Saucepan had been trying to follow what had been said, his face looking very earnest.

The Faraway Tree Series

He didn't like Connie, and he thought it was a very good thing she had gone off in the Land of Marvels. But he did know a way of getting there, and he badly wanted to tell the others.

But they all talked at once, and he couldn't get a word in 1 He kept beginning, but no one listened to him. So, in despair he clashed his saucepans and kettles together so violently that everyone jumped and stared round at him. Go on, out with it, Saucepan.

The giants have made it flat by walking about on it with their enormous feet. Up the beanstalk! Very old friend of mine.

Married a Princess or something, and lives in a castle. So I came Very lucky for him. We'll go up the BeanStalk, and try and rescue that silly little Connie. But don't let's get caught by any giants, for goodness' sake. Must we go through Giantland to get to the Land of Marvels, Saucepan?

They're quite harmless nowadays. Well, come on I Down the tree we go, and then to the other end of the Wood. They wished they could skip down as he didit didn't take him more than half a minute to get up or down!

They reached the bottom, and then thought how silly they were not to have gone down the Slippery-Slip! He sang as he went: This way, lookunder this hedge, and across this field.

Blyton, Enid - Faraway Tree 02 - The Magic Faraway Tree

We've got to get to the station. What station? A train came puffing in, looking very like an old wooden one with carriages that the children had at home. They got in, and it went off, puffing hard as if it was out of breath. They passed through many queer little stations, but didn't stop. They may not want to go there," said Bessie. Saucepan didn't hear. He was humming another of his silly songs.

The other passengers didn't seem to. They sat and talked or read, and took no notice of the others. The engine gave another hoot and went rattling off. Hi there, Jack! They shook hands, all Saucepan's kettles and pans rattling excitedly. Have they come to stay with me? I'll go and tell the Princess to make up extra beds at once. We just want to knowmay we please use your BeanStalk, Jack?

Also, the giants were a bit of a nuisance last year, always shouting rude things down the Bean-Stalk to me. We particularly wanted to go up your Bean-Stalk. They grow as you watch them. We'd be most awfully obliged. His kettles and saucepans are still going strong in my kitchen never wear out at all.

Now wherever did I put those beans? At last came three or four mouldy-looking beans. Stand back, please, because they sometimes shoot up at a great pace! At first nothing happened. Then a sort of hillock came, as if a mole was working there. The hillock split and up came some bean-stalks, putting out two bean-leaves. Then other leaves sprang from the centre of the stalk, and pointed upwards. Then yet others came, and the bean-stalks grew higher and higher.

Is that how they grew when you first planted them, years ago, to climb up to Giantland? It's amazing how they spring up, isn't it? Look how thick and strong the stems have grown, too! They were like the trunks of young trees. So I'd better go now. Bessie was glad to see him taking the kettle. I'm glad that kettle's gone.

Who's John? Do you mean Jack? Let's climb up quickly. It looks quite easy. It was not at all difficult, for there were plenty of strong leaf-stalks to tread on and to haul themselves up by. But it did seem a very, very long way to the top! They went to Giantland, of course, because the beans never grew up to anywhere else.

The topmost shoots waved over Giantland, and the children and the others rolled off them and lay panting on the ground to rest. It's an earthquake! Saucepan peered down, laughing. The giant had gone by. Everyone breathed again and crept out of the hole.

But she did, when another earthquake and walking. It was another giant, tall as the sky, his great feet shaking the earth below. And for goodness' sake pop out of the way if another giant comes by, because we don't want to be squashed like currants under his feet.

He bent down, and the children saw that he wore glasses on his enormous nose. They looked as large as shop-window panes! What are these little creatures? Most extraordinary. I have never seen any like them before! The children saw that the giant was trying to pick one of them up 1 An enormous hand, with fingers as thick as young tree-trunks came down near them.

Everyone was too scared to move, and there was nowhere" to hide, except for a large dandelion growing as tall as a tree, nearby. But Saucepan had a bright idea. He undid his biggest saucepan, and clapped it on the top of the giant's thumb; it fitted it exactly, and stuck there.

The giant gave a loud cry of surprise, and lifted up his hand. He stood up to see this funny thing that had suddenly appeared on his thumb, and Saucepan yelled to everyone. One of. Saucepan shook the stalk violently, and some of the seeds flew off, floating in the air on their parachute of hairs.

Fanny got two, and held on tightly!

The Folk of the Faraway Tree - PDF Free Download

Then the wind blew, and the plumy seeds floated high in the air, taking everyone with them. They saw the giant kneel down on the ground to look for the funny creatures that had. We'll never meet again!

Take hands when you get near. But Jo managed to grab her feet and pulled her down beside him. He made her leave go one of her dandelion seeds, and took her hand firmly. They were now all linking hands hi pairs, and kept together well. They floated high over Giantland, marvelling at the enormous castles there, the great gardens and tall trees. What a wall! It rose steadily up, so high that it seemed there was no end to it, and it shimmered and shook as if it were made of water.

No giant can get in or out, over or under it, because it's painted with Giant-Proof paint. It's marvellous. No giant can come within yards of anything painted with that silvery magic paint. I only wish I had some! It's only Giant-Proof. This sounded extraordinary, but Silky's words were quite true. When they reached the wall, it gave one last shimmer and was gone!

The children floated right down into the Land of Marvels, where everything was the right size. It was a great relief to see things properly again, and not to have to crane your neck to see if a flower was a daisy or a pimpernel! They floated to the ground, let go their dandelion seeds, which gradually became the right size, once they were away from Giantland, and looked round them.

And there's the Tree-That-Sings.

Tree of faraway folk the pdf the

It's singing now. The children could understand it perfectly, though the tree did not use any words they knew.

It just stood there and poured out its song in tree-language. Nowwe must all hunt for Connie. Let's shout for her, shall we? Nowaltogether shout! I've a good mind to change you all into a thunder-storm.

Then you can make as much noise as you like! It's bad enough to have one child here, making a fuss and yelling and screaming, without having a whole crowd! We are trying to look for her. I hope she stays up there for good! Come onwe'd better try now!

No top could be seen. It was an extraordinary thing. I'll bring Connie down. I don't expect she's gone farther than the hundredth rung! They waited and they waited. Why ever didn't Moon-Face come? JO and the others waited and waited, looking up the ladder every now and again.

Bessie got impatient and wandered off to look at some of the marvels. Jo called her back. Don't go wandering off by yourself, for goodness' sake!

We don't want to lose you, as soon as we find Connie. We'll have a look at the Marvels when Moon-Face brings Connie back. He might tell me how we are to get back home! Surely Connie can't have climbed very far! He climbed steadily, looking up every now and again, hoping to see Connie. At last he saw a pair of feet, and he gave a yell. I've come to rescue you! It's Moon-Face coming up the ladder! They were big feet, and it suddenly struck Moon-Face that they were too big for Connie.

He looked above the feet, and saw a goblin looking down at him. Let me pass, please. He had big feet, big hands, a big head, and a very small body, so he On his knees he balanced a big tin of paint, out of which stuck a paint-brush. He pointed to where the wall between GiantLand and the Land of Marvels shimmered and quivered like a heat-haze.

I splashed some of my paint over her, and that meant she was Giant-Proof too. No giant in GiantLand could go near her, so she couldn't do any more shopping! Why doesn't she chase you up here? You go on down now, and see. I'm sure you can slip off and escape. Then, if the witch is at the bottom it won't matter, because you won't have your paint with you. He tied the handle of his paint-tin to a rung of the ladder, and began to go down.

Moon-Face suddenly remembered Connie, and he called down to the goblin. Just a minute! Have you seen a little girl go up the ladder? She was crying. She pushed past me very rudely indeed. I didn't like her. She really is a nuisance. He went on climbing up and up, and at last he heard a miserable voice above him. It was Connie's. This ladder doesn't lead anywhere. I can't climb down because that imp will smack me.

I shall have to stay here for the rest of my life. He rubbed them off. Then he saw Connie's feet above him. Connie gave a shriek and almost fell off the ladder. MoonFace felt it wobbling. Who is it? This was too much for Moon-Face. Here he had gone all the way to the Land of Marvels, through Giant-Land, and up goodness knows how many rungs of the ladderand just as he had found Connie she began climbing up and up again. He caught firmly hold of one of her ankles.

She screamed. I shall bite you! Let go! You've caused us all a lot of trouble. Come on down 1 I m Moon-Face. She put her arms round Moon-Face as he came up beside her, and hugged him. I was never in my hie so pleased to see anyone.

The Folk of the Faraway Tree

Tell me how you got here. The others are waiting and waiting at the foot of the ladder. Come on down, you silly girl! Come on, do! Now, if you don't climb down pretty fast, I shall be treading on your fingers!

Down and down they went, down and down. And, at last, there they were on the ground! Are you all right? He had untied it from the ladder when he came to it. He told them about the imp. Connie was longing to tell her adventures, too. She told them at last. And he told me all kind of nasty things he said would happen to me, so I smacked him hard, and he hissed at me and ran away. Horrid creature! They thought Connie deserved all she got. I don't like this land.

I feel that if I were an imp I would certainly take a broom to you. Well, you otherswhat about going home? It's getting late. I'm afraid of their great big feet. I'll splash you all with a few drops of Giant-Proof paint!

Then no giant can come near us. We'll be like that wall giant-proof! So Moon-Face quickly dabbed a few drops of paint on each of them. The places he dabbed shone and shimmered queerly, like the wall. The children laughed. Never mindif it keeps the giants away from us, it will be fine.

Then they began to walk cautiously through Giant-Land, to find the top of the BeanStalk. Many giants were out, taking an evening walk. Some of them saw the children and exclaimed in surprise. They knelt down to pick them up. But they couldn't touch them! The Giant-Proof paint prevented any giant from getting too near, and no matter how they tried they couldn't get hold of any of the little company.

The children and the others climbed down as quickly as they could, half afraid that the giants might shake the Bean-Stalk so that they would fall off. But they didn't. They just called rudely down after them. They got to the ground and sighed for joy. Where's that train? Connie was very tired. Do you believe in them now? I can't bear Saucepan.

We can leave you behind! Noshe meant to go where the others went. She wasn't going to be left out! Connie was not used to being talked to like this, and she burst into tears. Usually her own mother put her arms round her then and comforted her. But the children's mother did nothing of the sort. She popped Connie's clothes into the wash-tub and took no notice, except to say, " To-morrow you will iron and mend these clothes, Connie.

Stop that noise, or I shall send you to bed without any supper. When Connie woke up, she remembered all that had happened the day before, and wondered if she could possibly have dreamt it. It seemed so queer when she thought about it. We've got lots of work to do.

And anyway you didn't like it, or the people there, so we shall go alone. Then she remembered that tears didn't seem to bother anyone here, and she blinked them away. Land will be at the top of the Tree this week? We've had enough travelling this week!

They heard nothing from their friends in the Faraway Tree. The next day shone sunny and the sky was a lovely blue. May we, Mother? You might go and ask the Saucepan Man to sell me one. Here is the money.

You can feed the hens too, and clean out their house.

You'll like that. Take me with you. You're far better at home. Anyway, you don't believe in anything in the Enchanted Wood, so why do you want to come? I'll be good. I'll have nice manners. I'll like everyone. If you go, you must borrow an old cotton frock of Fanny's. They're rather patched, but that won't matter. She couldn't bear being left out, and if the others were going off to the Wood she felt she really must go too.

Soon she came back again in Fanny's old washed-out frock. It won't even matter if you go down the Slippery Slip without a cushion again.

That material won't wear out in a hurry. Come on, everybody! They jumped over the ditch and landed in the Enchanted Wood. At once everything seemed magic and different.

Connie felt excited again. She was longing to see Moon-Face, who, since he. They came to the Faraway Tree. It was so hot that the children didn't feel like climbing up. Now, squirrel, go on up to Moon-Face, there's a dear, and ask him to send down four cushions on ropes. It's really too hot to climb up to-day. She was scared of getting something thrown at her by the Angry Pixie, and she didn't want to be soaked by Dame Washalot's water, either. The red squirrel bounded up the tree as light as a feather, his plumy tail waving behind him.

The children sat down and waited, watching the queer little folk that trotted up and down the big tree, going about their business.

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