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Feel free to download the PDF printable booklist below to see all books, series, and available formats. Know exactly which historical romance series you're. Her Sudden Groom (Historical Regency Romance) by Rose Gordon Series: Fairchild Regency Romance. . Series: The Brambridge Novels, Book 1. Download PDF books in Historical subject for free. This novel revolves around the central character Jean Valjean who is now released and unable to find a.

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Results 1 - 20 of Explore our list of Historical Romance NOOK Books at Barnes & Noble®. Shop now & receive FREE Shipping on orders $25 & up!. Historical Romance Books - Step into the excitement, drama and romance of days gone by. Historical romance novels are set before the World Wars. Experience. Featured Historical Fiction Book. See All Historical Fiction Books · The Price of Innocence (Book One of The Legacy Series) by Vicki Hopkins.

Step into the excitement, drama and romance of days gone by. Historical romance novels are set before the World Wars. Experience the pain and loneliness of a Civil War romance, or the challenges of a young woman in late 19th century society. Historical romance novels can be set in any timeframe in history and in any geography. The characters could be members of a medieval court, an aristocratic family or a gang of misfits. Regardless of when or where the romance is experienced, the hero and heroine still face the same issues of love, loss, regret and renewal.

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Novels romance pdf historical

His trip is all it should be: The hopelessly romantic Amelia tangles him up in a scheme of her own, a plan that tumbles wonderfully out of control when. While their lives were simple, their curiosity was boundless and they took true pleasure in everything around them.

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A young woman flees the Old World on the eve of the stock market crash of As World War II was ravaging Greece, soldiers and civilians were dying by the thousands on a weekly basis. Although having been bombarded daily by life-and-death situations, the love that Anna and Nikolas felt for each other could not be ignored; nor put aside until the end of the war.

This is an enchanting little story about a princess who refuses to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather.

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A mock marriage with someone else does not delay the arranged marriage. Then, she meets and falls in love with a mysterious, handsome stranger.

Is he the answer to her marriage problems? When young Molly's father remarries, Cynthia, a new worldly stepsister, enters her life.

Historical novels pdf romance

Together Molly and Cynthia grow into women with independent values, while the strict Victorian society around them gossips, watches and comments on everything they do. Young, intelligent Dorothea marries a boring, middle-aged scholar and is trapped in the marriage until her husband's death.

Across town an idealistic young doctor is caught in a marriage with a sweet, but superficial, wife.

A handsome artist brings love into the lives of these two couples Politics clash with love, and ambition confronts sex, as the couple chooses which power they crave most: That of the heart, or crown? Pining for more historical romance?


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Novels pdf historical romance

Lady Jessica Tarley, a respectable widow, should not find Alistair Caulfield attractive. Aside from his reputation as a free-loving gigolo, Jessica has a vivid memory of Alistair that stirs up some very unladylike compulsions.

Unexpectedly reunited aboard a Jamaica-bound ship, their close quarters make avoiding each other difficult—and such sexual denial makes Alistair want Lady Jessica all the more. They were all inspired by this steamy cruise ship historical! Books Like Fifty Shades of Grey.

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