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vitecek.info PHYSICS (2ND YEAR), COMPLETE PHYSICS NOTES (THEORY+ EXERCISES+MCQs+NUMERICAL), FREE PDF BOOK, HOUSE OF PHYSICS. fsc physics notes part 2 short questions, physics 2nd year notes pdf. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF BOOK: INTER PART-2, FSc PHYSICS BOOK (GRADE 12), vitecek.info Physics Notes (Free Key-Books). Notes of Physics-XII FSc Part 2 (second year) as per "Punjab Text Book Board, Lahore". Click On Download PDF'S To Start Downlaod.

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Free Download FSc Part-II 2nd Year Physics Notes All Chapters The Notes are in hand written form and the file is in PDF format easy to view and print online. chapter wise notes are very helpful to prepare Physics paper of FSc Part 2 2. These notes covered all the past paper MCQs of physics 2nd year with If you found any mistake in second year physics MCQs pdf notes then. Notes on FSc Part 2 Physics Text Book (Punjab Text Book Board, Lahore - PAKISTAN) will provide you ultimate help in your examination.

Then you have come to the right place at the right time. MCQs of physics 2nd year with answers chapter wise notes of the physics book of the 2nd-year which published by Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore. These notes covered all important MCQs of physics 2nd year with answer chapter wise. These notes covered all the past paper MCQs of physics 2nd year with answers chapter wise for fbise or any other board of Punjab, Pakistan. View Online.

The computer networks play pivotal role in the development of science and technology.

Physics notes pdf 2 fsc part

The computer networks are the products of chips developed from basic ideas of physics. What do you know about physical quantities? Also describe their significance. The quantities that can be measured and are used to describe the properties of matter are called physical quantities. The foundation of physics rest upon physical quantities in terms of which the laws of physics are expressed.

How the base quantities are measured? The measurement of base quantity involves two steps: What are the characteristics of an ideal standard? An ideal standard has two principle characteristics. What do you know about international system of units? Describe its significance. In , an international committee agreed on a set of definitions and standards to describe the physical quantities. The system that was established is called System International of units. Due to simplicity and convenience with which the units in this system are amenable to arithmetic manipulation, it is in universal use by the worlds scientific community.

Define following? The units associated with the base quantities are called base units. The units associated with the derived quantities are called derived units. The General Conference on Weights and Measures has not yet classified certain unit of SI under either base or derived units. These SI units are called derived supplementary units. Radian and steradian are supplementary units. The angle between two radii of a circle corresponding to the arc length of one radius on its circumference is called radian.

The 3D angle subtended at the center of the sphere corresponding to the surface area of one square radius is called steradian. What do you mean by scientific notation? Describe the following numbers in scientific notation.

The standard form to represent numbers using power of ten is called scientific notation. In scientific notation of any measurement, there should be only one non-zero digit at the left of the decimal point.

The measurements expressed in scientific notation are as follows: Define error. Also describe possible causes of error. The difference between the observed and calculated value of any measurement is called error. The errors may occur due to following reasons. What types of errors are possible in measuring the time period of pendulum by stop watch? The possible errors that might occur are the personal error and systematic error.

2nd Year All Chapters Solved Numericals eBook Free

The personal error occurs due to negligence or inexperience of a person, while the systematic error may be due to the poor calibration of equipment or incorrect marking etc. Differentiate among the random and systematic error. Random Error. It may occur due to zero error of the instrument, poor calibration or incorrect marking etc. What are the significant figures? Describe their significance.

In any measurement, the accurately known digits and the first doubtful digit are called the significant figures. The uncertainty or accuracy in the value of a measured quantity is indicated by significant figures. How many significant figures are there in following measurements? Write down the final result of following computation up to appropriate precision.

Physics 2 pdf notes part fsc

It is because of the reason that the factor 3. Therefore the answer should be written to the three significant figures. It is because of the reason that the factor Thus, the answer should be rounded off to one decimal place.

It is because of the reason that the factor 4. Thus, the answer should be rounded off to two decimal places. Differentiate among precision and accuracy. Precision i The precise measurement is one which has.

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Which of the following measurement is more precise and which of them is mare accurate. The measurement ii is more precise because it has less absolute uncertainty. The measurement i is more accurate as it has less percentage uncertainty. Assess the total uncertainty in the final result for following cases i. Determine the resistance of conductor. The six measurements were taken of the diameter of wire using screw gauge which are 1.

Determine the uncertainty in final result. The simple pendulum completes 30 vibrations Find out uncertainty in the time period of simple pendulum. Deviation of each measurement from average value are 0.

To express any physical quantity in by scientific symbols of corresponding base quantities,. Write down the dimensions of velocity, acceleration and force? What are the advantages of dimension analysis? The dimension analysis may be used for i Checking the correctness of a physical equation ii Deriving a possible formula of a physical quantity Q What is homogeneity principle?

According to homogeneity principle If the dimensions of a physical quantity on both sides of equation are the same, then the equation will be dimensionally correct.

Free Download MCQs Of Physics 2nd Year With Answers Chapter Wise Notes Pdf

Write down any two drawbacks of dimension analysis? The major drawbacks of dimension analysis are i The dimension analysis is unable to find the values of various constant in physical equations. Determine the dimension of following physical quantities? Name several repetitive phenomenon occurring in nature which can serve as reasonable time standards.

Any natural phenomenon that repeats itself after exactly same time interval can be used as time standard. The following natural phenomenon can be used as time standard. The rotation of earth around the sun and about its own axis The rotation of moon around earth Atomic vibrations in solids Q 2. Give the drawbacks to use the time period of a pendulum as a time standard. The time period of the simple pendulum depends upon its length and value of g gravitational acceleration at any place.

Therefore, the drawbacks to use the time period of a pendulum as a time standard are The value of g changes at different places The variation in the length of simple pendulum due to change in temperature in different seasons Air resistance may affect the time period of simple pendulum Q 3. Why we use it useful to have two units for the amount of substance, the kilogram and the mole? The kilogram and mole are the units to determine the amount of a substance. Both units are useful in different cases describe below The unit kilogram is useful when we want to describe the macroscopic behavior of an object without considering the interaction between the atoms present in it The unit mole is useful when we want consider a fix number of atoms of a system.

It is used to determine the microscopic behavior of any object. Three students measured the length of a needle with a scale on which minimum division is 1 mm and recorded as i 0. Which record is correct and why? Check and download Date Sheets or Roll number slips for all educational boards and colleges of Pakistan.

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Find latest educational news or updates from educational sector of Pakistan. Sc Online Download F. Sc Notes. Exercise 1. Mar 26, 2, 0 Amir Shafiq. Mar 21, 11, 2 Amir Shafiq.

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