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Download The Flash Quran on your computer now (Arabic) . Click here (Size: MB). Holy Quran Standard Edition 1. Language: Arabic Size: MB. Quran Download is a big archive of Quran Translations, It has Quran translations vitecek.info pdf Arabic Quran vitecek.info vitecek.info 10 Line – Pak [33 MB] . One PDF file containing whole Quran Majeed. I appreciate following link give u scan quran e pak for your recitation.

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in English. Quran translations and podcast here are in the public domain. Download the Quran in English free complete PDF-book .. I love Quran pak. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page The Holy Quran, the word of Allah Almighty revealed to his final Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), forms the basis of Islam as a religion and way of life.

This is inferred from two references: There are numerous translations of the Qur'an in Pashto. Some of the most famous are listed below:. There are more than 60 complete translations of Qur'an in Persian and many partial translations. There are more than twenty translations of Quran in Saraiki. At least 7 complete translations in Swahili have appeared and dozens of partial translations. Over fifty translations of the Koran have appeared in Turkish.

Shukria mirshah66 gmail. Admin ,, i m just want to ask u this copy of Holy Quran is orignail n mistakes free?? And any athentic person review it or not?? Any one want to learn Quran kareem online, contact me: I need the most authentic tafseer jisme kisi khas firqay ka taasur naho.

Pure quranic tafseer chahye … qk me shia sunny, deobandi nahy balkay aik musalman aurat hon bas. Plz Mje help ki zrort hai …. Mje hdayt chahye …. Mje koi guide kr day k m knsi website sy Quran pk ki tfseer or books wgaira sun SKU….

Mujhe is ki bahot zaroorat thi hum ab kahi bhi kisi bhi waqt is e padh sakte hai Shukriya Allah aap ko jazaye khair de. Hi guys This Website is really helpful. I was also looking for online Quran reading. You can also visit this wesbsite for Best online Quran reading.

The Quaran, download the Quran here in full length pdf

Such a Nice and Informative post. Allah pak ap ko bhho lambi zindgi ata kryain. Cricket Updates. I have a Good opportunity for all Muslims all over the world. We are providing online Quran education to anyone and anywhere in the world at affordable cost. So instead of manually changing to next surah it does it automatically. Easy word to word translation in Urdu with may be different colors. This is a must have software.

Quran pdf full pak

Very well written and user friendly. Very clear fonts that can be changed according to your needs. Excellent software to memorize Holy Quran. Allahmdulillah, I am trying to memorize using this software.

May Allah give jaza-e-khaer to the developer team. I already recommended this software to my family and friends and highly recommend to everyone who would like to read, understand, and memorize Holy Quran.

Masha Allah, this is an excellent program and I like the font and it's adjustable size feature. Selection of reciting Qaris is also good. For me, I wish it had the facility to highlight the text where I often misread it to help me correct it. This would tremendously help me and others alike who are trying to memorize a Surah.

Please look into this to add this feature or produce a similar program that no one has done it to help the reader in memorizing the Divine book of Quran e Pak. Jazak Allah. I do not have to add much to my earlier comments.

File:Quran Pak with Urdu translation Para 1-10(Ver 1).pdf

Hausa Quran. Indonesian Quran WB. Indonesian Quran. Italian Quran WB.

Quran pak pdf full

Itallian Quran Piccardo…. Itallian-Quran Piccardo. Japanese Quran WB. Kampodian Quran. Kashmiri Quran. Kirgiz Quran AlFatih…. Korean Quran. Latin Alphabet Arabic Q…. Macedonian Quran. Malay Quran WB. Malayalam Quran T1.

List of translations of the Quran

Malayalam Quran T2. Mexico Quran WB. Myanmar Quran Translati…. Parallel 8 Quran Englis…. Persian Quran. Polish Quran WB. Portuguese Quran Helmi …. Portuguese Quran.

Quran Majeed - 15 Lines - Pakistani Print

Quran Arabic Urdu Trans…. Quran Color Coded Engli….

Quran Transliteratio…. Russian Quran T1. Russian Quran T2.

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