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Saving June and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. . Hannah Harrington resides in Michigan with one dog and too many cats. When she. Read Saving June by Hannah Harrington for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Saving June book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 'If she'd waited less than two weeks, she'd be June who died in June.

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Saving June Hannah Harrington - [FREE] SAVING JUNE HANNAH HARRINGTON Hannah K. Harrington (PDF) This must be Belgium: Medieval. Heritage. Saving June. Home · Saving June Author: Hannah Harrington. 8 downloads 95 Views 2MB Size Report Saving June · Read more · Saving June. Read more. Saving June by Hannah Harrington - PDF free download eBook. Hannah Harrington was born and raised in Michigan. At age 22, she sold her first novel Saving.

She portrays the far-reaching pain caused by all types of bullying, and more important, stresses the strength a teenager gains when they are bold enough to go against the crowd. Even at her most unlikable, Chelsea never ceases to be fascinating. Like the best of songs, it brings tears to your eyes and makes you smile. Like the best road trip stories, it takes you on a vivid journey that you don't want to end. Hannah Harrington resides in Michigan with one dog and too many cats.

Also seen on The Readventurer. View all 44 comments. Aug 26, Nic rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anybody looking for a good contemp and a good old fashioned swoon. This is how I picture Jake http: Favourite Quote: Into something that people connect to. And that's what good music does. It speaks to you. It changes you. I am seriously blown away by how fantastic this book is.

I loved Saving June.

vitecek.info: Saving June (Harlequin Teen) (): Hannah Harrington: Books

I am going to try and write a proper review here when all I want to do is go all fan girl about it! Harper's older sister June takes her life. Harper is devastated and do This is how I picture Jake http: Harper is devastated and doesn't know why.

Her divorced parents decide to split the ashes but Harper isn't about to let that happen. She steals the ashes and runs off on a road trip to California to scatter the ashes across the ocean with her best friend Laney and Jake a stranger that is somehow connected to June.

First up this book is my type of contemp. It is real and honest. It takes you on a journey with these incredible characters. I am so impressed with Harrington's writing. You would never think this is her debut novel. It is clever, gorgeous and full of heart.

Harper, Jake and Laney are believable characters that come alive in the pages. I adored the realistic dialogue between them. It was witty, full of emotion and often humorous. I also like that fact the characters are flawed but still smart and are type of people I would love to be friends with. Harper is strong and confident in what she believes yet can be afraid to step outside her own comfort zones at times and often doubts how amazing she really is. Laney is her best friend and is a wonderful support person for Harper no matter what.

It is the type friendship everybody wants. Now Jake he caused major swooning. He is a bit rough around the edges, is majorly obsessed with music, plays the guitar, sings and has a secret that very slowly unravels. There is also some delicious romance. I had to go back and re-read those pages over and over and over and over again! Another element I loved about this book is there is loads of music talk.

Also playlists at the the end of the book that were mentioned in the story. If you are huge fan of books with music you are going to love this and will want to download all the songs mentioned if you don't already have them. Overall, a stunning debut. My favourite road trip book ever. I insist all you fans of realistic fiction give Saving June a read!

I always highlight my favourite parts of a book and as you can see from below I pretty much marked every page! View all 96 comments. May 04, Nomes rated it really liked it Shelves: But it was so much more than that. I love lines of prose that make you stop and think, sentiments worded so perfectly that you find little epiphanies about the most ordinary of things I found that here. I am crazy-in-love with the grin-worthy and whip-smart dialogue, that easy banter that comes from people being stuck on a road trip together and getting overly bold and familiar.

The romantic sub-plot you guys! Harrington shows such restraint in shaping their relationship and it really pays off. D The thing about this book is at first glance you can probably find a lot of cliched threads: But Harrington blitzes pass cliche-land with her nuanced characters that are explored in layers, unfolding piece by piece. It has hope and I smiled, grinned and sighed, like, a lot, considering the premise of the book O.

For eg: I am careful with my 5 star ratings. EXCEPT for when I crush on a book so hard that 5 stars is the only way to express how much this book was just perfect for me. There are a few things that niggled at the end view spoiler [ why did Jake go on the road trip?

View all 55 comments. But somehow I doubt it. I, on the other hand, loved every second of it. Every song that was mentioned, every album that was played, it was as if I chose them myself. At one point Jake and the girls were attending a violent protest that felt completely out of place. Without it, this would have been a five-star book for me. And I still think Touch Me is the perfect song for that occasion.

View all 35 comments. In the past year, at least for me, all the rage in YA contemporary fiction can be condensed in one word: Marchetta , Buzo , Cath Crawley , Eagar were definitely my favorite reads this year. Hannah Harrington is the exception that proves the rule. This lady is American and what is more, Saving June is her debut novel. Harper's life is in pieces. Her sister June unexplainably committed suicide a few weeks before graduating and her family is, quite understandably, a wreck.

There's no rhyme In the past year, at least for me, all the rage in YA contemporary fiction can be condensed in one word: There's no rhyme nor reason to what June did and while Harper's mother is having a breakdown and her father blissfully ignores them, too busy with his own new life, Harper is the one left to pick up the pieces and try to cope with her terrible, profound grief. When a mysterious and unbearably annoying guy appears at June's funeral wake, things start to unravel in an unexpected way: As for everyone else, some books strike me more than others.

Sometimes it's even without a concrete or logical reason, I just get involved in the plot more. And then, sometimes, rarely, there are books that fit me like a glove. I become so engrossed in the story and identify so much with the characters that I realize that I would have uttered the same words in the same situations. It happened with me and Harper. Harper is not what you would call a really likable character. Aside from being unable to cope with her grief, she is bad-tempered, complex, full of anger, shuts out others, hides her insecurities behind a mask of snark and backtalk, constantly controls her emotions by denying herself the luxury to feel.

Yet I loved her honest voice, her no-nonsense attitude which I really much share to the point of sounding cynical and callous, her complete loyalty to her friend and how she relates to her sexuality. She is a tough one, not invincible, but a survivor. This is how I like my contemporary fiction: Add to this a truly memorable soundtrack of songs which I grew up with no unknown pseudo-intellectual indie niche music, just plain good old rock and an incredible adventure how cool would it be to cross the US with a van?

Oh, did I mention the totally hot guy? People who have dealt with the death of loved ones will certainly relate to Harper and the Saving June amazing cast. To Harrington I'd like to say: Truly amazing. An advanced copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher. View all 46 comments. Nic and Nomes. Once in awhile comes a book that just touches you in all the right places.

It makes you think, it forces you to feel but at the same time it's not overwhelming. Saving June is one of those books. To say I loved this would be a total understatement. I'm remarkably surprised that considering the issue at hand, it still reads with ease and comfort. The author mixes a brilliant combination of pain and joy, laughter and tears, set to a road trip, detours and of course the glue that holds any experienc Once in awhile comes a book that just touches you in all the right places.

The author mixes a brilliant combination of pain and joy, laughter and tears, set to a road trip, detours and of course the glue that holds any experience, music. These characters, Harper, Jake, Laney and even June, felt very real to me. Harper is one of those characters with a hard shell all around her, even before June did what she did.

She's stubborn and infuriating, but she's also very caring and completely realistic. I love how she can really dish it out and hold her own. She has attitude but not the kind you want to beat down. Laney is a great best friend, good to the soul through and through, she complimented the journey without distracting it. And then there's Jake. Ahhh Jake. He is soooo my kind of hawt. He's not as complicated as he pretends to be.

He's had a hard life, sure, but by doing what he did for Harper, putting himself out there all because he wanted to give back the way June helped him is really amazing. I loved how into music he is and he really does have a point. Music is just like reading a book or watching a movie, it tells a story and if your really listening you can understand the meaning of it and how it can actually change your life, your moment, and becomes apart of your soul.

I really loved how Harrington made that apart of the story, like it's very own character. As for the romance? Do know that feeling just before being kissed for the first time? Your stomach kinda drops and you kinda just tingle with anticipation, hoping against hope that it's everything you wanted it to be and more? Well, that's what it felt like to me while reading that scene between Harper and Jake. Mind you it wasn't a long scene and if I'm being honest was the only real one, but Harrington really nailed it.

Big ass goofy grin and all. But it was more then just that moment, it was all the little things that lead up to it. Slow moving, gradual but completely inevitable. Just the way I like it. But I think my favorite part about the entire book was the writing. Not only does this have some of the best banter, dialog and witty remarks that make you just smile, but it's also chalked full of those thought-provoking one liners and full passages that you literally stop reading and think about the meaning behind it, in the book and even how it apply's to your own life.

That's pretty incredible stuff. Bottom line, I could go on forever praising this book and it probably wont even do it justice. So all I'm gonna say is that it's an awesome story about wanting to die, wanting to really live and how all the in-between messy stuff that life is all about makes it so much more worth it then you'd ever realize.

It's powerful, uplifting and it really touched my heart. Read this. It matters; View all 24 comments. Sep 12, Dija rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fans of Sarah Dessen and YA fiction on coming to terms with the death of a family member.

So, so badly. She is so real. She has a lot of spunk and I have immense respect for her and the way she dealt with June's death and all the other issues in her life. While reading this book, I came to love Harper like I would a best friend. She's an amazing, down-to-earth, and strong heroine. She doesn't whine or complain and isn't reduced to a pile of girly goo when falling in love.

Basically, she's mature. Like Harper, Jake is a very well-developed character with a constant air of mystery. He could be a real jerk at times, but it's completely understandable given the life he's led. I love his passion for music and his belief that all of life's problems can be solved by listening to a good song.

What an amazing best friend! Her loyalty and support for Harper define her character, and I loved reading about the love and understanding between the two friends. Jake and Harper. Could these two be more cute? I think not. They're simply adorable together, constantly bickering and getting on each others' nerves to try to hide the attraction between themselves.

I loved watching them fall in love. They're absolutely perfect for each other! The writing. I came this close to crying, and I haven't done that at all since I read Thirteen Reasons Why , around 3 years ago. If that's not an indication of powerful and beautiful writing, I don't know what is.

Favorite Quotes: I want to stop running away from everything. I want to find something to run toward. And she told me when I was suspended in the air for just a moment, I looked like a bird flying out of its cage. Maybe that was what she wanted all along. To be set free. There is so much beauty in just existing. In being alive. Not every day hurts. Not every breath hurts. For more reviews, visit my blog.

View all 20 comments. Recommended to Lora by: They could finally be the people they always wanted to be. But to me, a place is just a place. If you really want things to change, you can make them change no matter where you are. Her older sister, June, has just died from a self-i "Some people think that a place can save them," I say.

Her older sister, June, has just died from a self-inflicted drug overdose.

Saving June

And as with all deaths, people think that food offerings will make it better. But Harper knows that nothing can take away the pain of losing someone you hold so dear, especially someone whose life ended way too soon and for reasons unknown.

Harper believes that nothing can make June's death any less painful — until she finds a postcard that reads California, I'm coming home in June's handwriting. She's left with nothing to think but that California is the place where June truly longed to be.

And so, after reluctantly teaming up with Jake Tolan, a boy who not only was close to June but who insists on coming along for the trip with Harper and her BFF Laney, Harper packs up her things along with the urn containing June's remains and heads for California. Harper's grief is truly gut-wrenching. She's in so much pain from this unforeseeable loss, but she's strong-willed and highly motivated nonetheless.

Each time she gets close to cracking from the unbearable sadness that threatens to overwhelm her, she reigns it in and instead chooses to focus on the journey ahead. And what a journey it is!

Even though the reason behind the trip is sad, Harrington does a wonderful job of making the trip fun and exciting for both the characters and readers alike. With his trademark black pants, his messy yet oh-so-sexy hair, and his inherent love for all things musical, Jake Tolan makes for an interesting and authentic character who is the perfect yang to Harper's yin.

Although only eighteen, Jake's life hasn't been easy, and in snippets we find out just how rough it's been. But Jake isn't about to let his bad upbringing define him. Harper and Jake's slow-building romance is perfectly written; like a seven-tier wedding cake, it is carefully handled and delicately crafted.

Their natural chemistry and casual banter make for some of the best scenes in the book: But it's a common mix-up. The sexual tension between them is palpable in some scenes, but it doesn't overshadow the main focal point of the story.

In fact, I'd say the romance takes a backseat no pun intended to the adventurous and cathartic road trip Harper, Jake, and Laney take. Music vibrates through every page of Saving June. It is its own life force as you read through these pages, and I found myself using YouTube to keep up with Jake's playlist.

Ultimately, Saving June is about learning to find peace after facing a tragedy, and the maelstrom of conflicting emotions that bombard one's mind after the death of a beloved. And it sends a wonderful message: I look forward to reading more works from Harrington in future. View all 9 comments. I pushed and pushed through this, but this novel just isn't working for me.

It feels like I've read this story a million times before - someone dies and a teen usually a girl left behind has to deal with the aftermath. Saving June falls into the second category for me, unfortunately. To make such an overus I pushed and pushed through this, but this novel just isn't working for me.

To make such an overused story good, you must have remarkable characters. This novel gave me nothing in that respect. I never for a moment felt a connection with Harper and her emotions.

The depth and complexity simply weren't there. And uninteresting and unrelatable characters make for a painfully boring read, especially the one about grief and loss.

However, based on all the 5 star reviews of this book, my failure to be engaged might be a personal problem of mine. Maybe the author's age has something to do with my dislike as well. I've noticed I do not enjoy novels written by authors under Their characters and their worldviews often seem unripe, unformed to me. View all 13 comments. Very rarely in my life have I come across a book where it is difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what I liked about it.

Saving June falls into this rare category of books simply because it made me feel so many emotions that it is hard for me to go back and find the exact moment I began falling in love with it.

Hannah pdf harrington june saving

Saving June was one of those books that I was so completely invested in that time lost all meaning and I forgot that I was reading a book in my bed and not on a road trip to Californi Very rarely in my life have I come across a book where it is difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what I liked about it. Saving June was one of those books that I was so completely invested in that time lost all meaning and I forgot that I was reading a book in my bed and not on a road trip to California myself.

Perhaps I loved it so much because it was my first road trip story or because it falls under the category of the few books that have had such a strong focus on music. Perhaps I loved it because I haven't read a book about a sister who committed suicide yet or because this story took me on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Whatever it may have been, I don't think that the proper words exist for me to express my love of this novel; yet, I will attempt to try.

For one, I loved the narration of this novel. Saving June is told from the point of view of Harper whose older sister, June, has just committed suicide.

She is moody, upset, cynical, dark, and often sarcastic. Harper is far from perfect, but all her imperfections and flaws make her so tangible, palpable, and realistic. I found myself falling in love with the ease of her narration, the brutal honesty of her thoughts, and her intelligent insight. Harper knows that she is a hard person to like and live with but she makes no efforts to change who she is for others. Although Harper is easy to hate, criticize, and find fault with, she also has so much good in her.

Harper is a good person to whom bad things have happened. She is confused, she is angry, and she has every right to be. Her personality is difficult to explain, simply because it is so multi-dimensional and believable. I think Harrington has done a phenomenal job of truly capturing the human spirit, teenage confusion, and adolescent urge of finding who you truly are in Harper.

However, Harper, despite being the main character, was not the only person in this book to make it tick. She is loyal, understanding, and portrayed in a very realistic manner. The dynamics between her and Harper felt very real to me and quite typical of any close friendship. She has her own problems, own difficulties, and own tragedies that she has to cope with and, being her best friend, they affect Harper too. The manner in which their lives overlapped despite experiencing different obstacles made their relationship take on an extremely realistic quality that simply made it all the better, stronger, and firmer.

Saving June on the other hand, completely made me forget that I was reading a fictional world with fictional characters in it. Each and every character was so well thought out, well developed, and their personalities were all so reasonable that I could not help but be in utter awe of Harrington.

As an aspiring author, I would love to see her pre-planning for this novel because there had to have been a great deal of thought put into these characters for this story to have been so enjoyable. Yet, he is so much deeper than that. Jake can be impossibly sweet and understanding, but he can also be unreasonable and angry. He can be passionate about music and lecture for hours about incredible bands, but he can also clam up and refuse to answer your questions if he wants to.

Usually, the male protagonist tends to be aloof at first, then becomes completely sweet, then aloof again after a misunderstanding, and then romantic once the novel is ending. Jake however, was cranky, rude, and annoying at random moments in the story, all while being kind, sweet, and humorous at other times. This quality about him not only floored me in its realism, but it also made me love him all the more.

His arguments with Harper were not simply witty banter, sometimes they were genuine arguments. A lot of their relationship was very one-step-forward-two-steps-back, but never in an annoying or irritating way. Another aspect of their relationship I loved was that Harrington never shied away from teenage sex and furthermore, she never made it romanticized. It was awkward, it was cute, it was what it was.

Saving June is, in many ways, more than just a road-trip book. It is a book about trying to find the answers to why people commit suicide and I think it succeeds completely in this aspect. Does that mean that this novel comes up with one definite reason for which people take their own life?

No, absolutely not. In fact, the ending almost seems like a cop-out because of the lack of certainty about anything to do with June. Yet, that was what I liked the most about it. For each person it is different and all we can do is come to terms with it, like what Harper did throughout this novel. By the end of the novel, we do not know why June committed suicide, but we do know that it was no rash decision on her part and that she is in a happier place.

We know that Harper is stronger than June ever was and to me, those lessons of strength and hope and persevering on are what make this book a truly incredible read. Not only were the characters realistic, their development inspiring, and the themes hopeful, but the writing was beautiful and touching in a way that few things ever are. Saving June is a book that wraps you in grief and laughter and worry and joy and sorrow and happiness all at once.

In some ways, Saving June is almost the perfect kind of contemporary romance; the type that affects you, yet keeps everything real and believable and slow and achingly sweet. I fell in love with nearly every aspect of this book and I would read it again in a heartbeat. In fact, the only thing I could think after finishing it was how beautiful it was, how real, how true…Harrington creates characters that are hard to understand, that are wrought with flaws and imperfections, yet she breathes life into them, making them lovable, realistic, and gorgeously perfect despite their tragedies and misgivings.

I can only hope that others too will enjoy and cherish this book just as much as I did. Thus, I will leave you with a short, rather cryptic, but memorable quote from this beautiful novel: Review to come. View all 43 comments. Jun 15, Ari rated it it was amazing Shelves: Why is it so hard to open my heart to the whole world and to say out loud how much I loved this story?

Why is it so hard to put into words all the beauty of "Saving June"? I tell you why, because I'm somehow speechless Because my heart is far away, somewhere in California, looking for a way to save June, searching through all those beautiful moments of vulnerability, frustration and hope the characters went through..

Because my heart is lost in those waves that now hold June's ashes, in the memories of a trip that changed the life of more than 3 people. But for me, a place is just a place.

It's the strength of these characters that made me love this book. It is the power of their will that makes me admire them, and it's in their action the reason for all my love for them.

They are young, they feel lost, but they are still able to find their way, to live their dreams, to make their own choices and, in the end, they make you fall in love with their story.

They make mistake, yes, but they know how to say "I'm sorry", they are broken but strong enough to hold each other They became your friends, and you are happy for them and you giggle with them, and you are sad with them and you want to cry for them.. They feel so real that it's impossible not to care for them.. You can't save them , but you are there, step by step, hoping for the end to bring them some happiness, some reward after the suffering.

This story deals in such an elegant way with suicidal. It's a powerful read, not meant to find answers but to induce you the strength to move on, to live your life when you feel like you've lost more than you can bear loosing.. It's beautiful in so many ways One more priceless story in my favorite shelf..

Go read it! Even if mine was less impressive, at least it was my own. I hold my breath and jump. He's gonna wait for me to say the "YES", this Sunday.. I'm trying to figure out if he is being amazingly cute and romantic, or terribly evil, enjoying my torture: Enjoy your readings!

Saving June is going to be sat firmly on the 'not my cup of tea' shelf, right alongside my box of Earl Grey. I realise that's a bold statement to make, considering how mercurial my tastes seem to be at any given time, but this book and I seriously did not get along.

The story is about Harper, a teenage girl living in the shadow of her perfect elder sister, June. Soon after their parents get divorced, June commits suicide.

Hannah pdf harrington june saving

After her funeral, an argument breaks out over who will get to keep an urn Saving June is going to be sat firmly on the 'not my cup of tea' shelf, right alongside my box of Earl Grey. After her funeral, an argument breaks out over who will get to keep an urn with the ashes now that their parents have separated.

Harper decides to take matters into her own hands, steal June's ashes and drive across the country to scatter them in California. Sounds like a more tragic version of the movie-length Nintendo advert The Wizard.

She's joined by her best friend Laney, and a boy named Jake, who June used to be friends with before she died. Looking at the synopsis alone, you'd expect a really sweet, sentimental story. Harper doesn't sound selfish, she just needs some time away from her hectic family situation to cope with her loss, and Laney could be her shoulder to cry on.

It would also be fun to figure out the mystery revolving around Jake's connection to June, considering they ran in completely different crowds and were actually very close friends. Unfortunately, the novel became a little cluttered with distractions and hipster stereotypes for my liking. Our characters can't just travel all the way to California, they've got to take some detour to a house that some friends are hanging out in. In the first few chapters alone, Harper, Laney and Jake take part in an impromptu protest, and chat with people who are pretty much parodies of protestors.

Speaking of the music in this book, there are some really good choices, all of which are featured in three lists at the end of the novel. In fact, they've been compiled into playlists on YouTube, so go check them out.

For me, the characters didn't feel particularly fleshed-out. It just seemed stuff was happening to them, rather than them making things happen.

If that makes sense. In fact, the whole road-trip to California plot reminded me a lot of Paper Towns , by John Green — the characters pile into a van and listen to suitably indie music along the way, and goddamn it, you're going to think they're cool, even if it is a bit of a chore to read. The punk rock gig and the protest really ought to have been cut out of this novel, because they just didn't add anything, and they were barely mentioned ever again — just little distractions along the way.

Sure, it'd be boring if they just drove the entire way without making any interesting little detours, but they should correlate to the story or the characters in some way. Harper went to a protest and got injured. Laney gets pregnant by some dickhead looking for easy sex at the punk rock gig.

Then she loses the baby shortly after she and Harper get home. These horrible things happened to them, but didn't exactly help to develop them. The most character development we get after the first act of the story is the kind of music they all like listening to. Excepting, of course, the modern stuff from the update. I also didn't see any chemistry whatsoever between Harper and Jake.

So when they had a fight about him keeping June's letter from her near the end of the book, I didn't give a fig and read right past it. He doesn't have much of a personality besides the music he listens to, anyway. He's just some dream hipster guy. Speaking of personalities, Harper was the only person with some semblance of a backstory, motivations, etcetera, even if she's dull as dishwater. Everyone else just blandly orbited around her. It's not that the novel is badly written. Hannah Harrington's writing style is relaxed and easy to read, but the characters were boring, and there were a few too many aimless detours for me.

I really didn't want to lose sight of my idea of this novel being a heartfelt tale of love, loss, and letting go, all that stuff that would sound nice in a movie trailer.

Sadly, it turned out for the worst, and wound up boring and annoying me. This review is also available on my blog: View all 8 comments. This was an amazing story! One of my favorite quotes: Jake was right - I'm strong in a way June never was. Because I know that I want to be here.

Even with the pain. Even with the ugliness. I don't want to miss a second. June committed suicide and Harper has no idea why. June was always the pretty, perfect, honor-roll student with direction. She even got into Berkley in he This was an amazing story! She even got into Berkley in her dream state, California.

June is an avid sugary-pop music lover and this CD is definitely not. I meet his eyes again. His gaze is like a vacuum. He tilts his head to the side. I blow out smoke, watching it float away, and shrug. Jake overhears this plan, and blackmails his way into the road trip. This story was just, wow!

I just loved it so much!! I loved these characters: Harper and her snarky but loving personality. Another favorite quote: You're the one going through all this and you still put Laney first every time, instead of throwing yourself the pity party we both know you deserve.

You call me out on my shit, and I like that, because sometimes I need someone to call me out on my shit. And you get Johnny Cash, and you take these incredible photos, and everything about you makes me hurt, in a good way, and it blows my mind that someone can be so amazing and not even see it. Aug 04, Jo rated it liked it Shelves: Even if mine was less impressive, at least it was mine.

Is it possible to die of cringe? The rest was fantastic. High Points. The music that is mentioned in this book is the soundtrack to my life. Pretty much every single one of my favourite songs is mentioned in this book.

You get it.. If only there was a way of making a list of all these songs so I could make the most amazing playlist. But wait! Ms Harrington has done that for us and included the track listing at the back of the book How cute is that? Road trips. James Dean. The morning after. Teenage anarchy.

Mosh pits. Boys with dreadlocks. Singing Don McLean on the beach. The realistic portrayal of the ones left behind. Low Points. There is just something about a boy serenading me that makes my skin crawl. But it just makes me feel so uncomfortable that I would probably punch them in the stomach in order to make them stop. Because if you can, I am screwed. The amount of cigarettes that are mentioned in this book makes me feel like I had smoked about 50 packets by the time I had finished.

Every single problem a teenager could go through is covered in this book and it often got a bit overwhelming… I would have loved it if Ms Harrington would have just focus on a few. I liked Harper. Not loved… just liked. Loved her name though. Harper is understandably angry and confused and upset after her sister, June, killed herself. She smoked. She drank. She ran away. She alienates herself. I just wanted to sit down in an American diner somewhere and eat Mississippi Mud Pie and drink milkshakes and listen to her being forced to talk about her problems.

And then give her a cuddle. Best Friend. I loved the friendship between Laney and Harper, it seemed so realistic and honest so many friendships in books are based on angst and jealousy so it was refreshing to read about a friendship that was…well, based on friendship. But jeesh… Laney got a rough deal in this book. Poor lamb. Love Interest. Oh Jake. Jakey Jake Jake. After some serious deliberation, I have decided my love for you is strictly platonic. And um, you being fictional and all.

Silly little things, you know? She has a lot on her plate and I think a love rival would just be one too many things. And you had messy hair which I think is a requirement now for YA love interests. But yeah… back to this French toast…. Theme Tune. BUT… I did it. This Time Tomorrow- The Kinks. The Kinks are one of my favourite bands.

This song is one of my favourite songs of all time. This song features in one of my favourite films. And not just because Mr Brody is permanently in his undies with his long limby limbs , not that that hinders my love. Always helps. Angst Level. I can imagine it being immensely difficult to write a book about teenage suicide as there are a lot of complicated and difficult emotions that come hand in hand, especially with the people who are left behind.

Like I mentioned earlier, I think this book would have been a lot more effective if Harrington had focussed on only a few issues. Recommended For. Music lovers. People who have always wanted to go skinny dipping with people they have met for five minutes. People who like road trips. People who like to attend protests. People who like tequila.

People who find it endearing when their crush voms all over their shoes. People who would quite happy getting their rocks off to the soothing tones of Jim Morrison. People who like to shake it like a polaroid picture… and take pictures with a polaroid camera. Oh yeah. You can read this review and lots of other exciting things on my blog here. View all 12 comments. May 01, Katrina Passick Lumsden rated it it was amazing Shelves: So yeah, I don't give YA books five stars very often.

That is mostly due to the fact that they're usually deficient in the areas of tone, plot, and characterization. Not so with this one. I found myself almost instantly connecting with Harper, her antisocial behavior and general cynicism about life and people ringing very similar to my own at that age.

I was actually a little surprised by how much Harper reminded me of myself at But I suppose that could be why some people have a harder time So yeah, I don't give YA books five stars very often.

But I suppose that could be why some people have a harder time connecting with her. To be clear, I was not a particularly bubbly, carefree teenager, nor was I the type to wander around endlessly worrying about boys or makeup or clothes.

If that's the type of character you connect with, this book may not capture your attention as it did mine, but I would still recommend it if for nothing else but the chance to peak into Harper's head. I think the thing I liked best was that Harper's best friend, Laney, was actually a friend, not some self-centered waste of page. Too often these YA stories are written with friends who are there for nothing else but to show that the protagonist has them, and the authors either give them terrible personalities or none at all.

Laney is funny, quirky, has her own interests and opinions, and genuinely cares about Harper. Realistically, Harper and Laney don't always get along, but neither do they treat each other like crap. Jake Tolan. What can I say about Jake Tolan? He's the kind of guy I would have fallen for as a teen, and in fact, I did once fall for a guy like Jake. One of the only things I didn't have in common with Harper was music. I, like Jake, feel that "without music, life would be a mistake. Similarly, Jake ends up being just the kind of person to help Harper get through what she's dealing with, using music to help her confront her emotions and deal with them instead of constantly trying to lock them down and run away.

As far as characterization, I appreciated Ms. Harrington's unflinching portrayal of kids with their own angsty baggage. Harper, Laney, and Jake are all flawed, they all make mistakes, and none of them know who they are or what they're doing. I realize the angst can seem over-the-top melodramatic from the other side of the fence adulthood , but I seem to remember all too well what being a teenager was like, and that level of angst is pretty accurate. It's not that the references are bad, it's just bizarre seeing these artists through the eyes of a modern teen since it's the kind of stuff I grew up listening to.

I remember a time when Kurt Cobain was still alive. I was there. So listening to characters in a story treating some of this music like it's mysterious and obscure was a little off-putting.

But hey, you can't blame the author since she wrote it for today's teenagers. Harrington tackled some serious issues in this story, and I was very pleased with the fact that she touched on things with sympathy without allowing the overall tone to become preachy or condescending.

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The flow is good, the humor is outstanding, the dialogue great. For me, it was a little like Amy and Roger's Epic Detour only with a bit more depth, better characterization, and way more humor. This isn't to say it's flawless. Nothing is perfect since perfection is relative, but this was as close to perfection as I think a YA story gets.

At least, it was for me. I thought the ending could have been a bit better little less cheese, little more depth , and I think Ms. Harrington missed out on a few opportunities to delve a little deeper into Harper's state of mind, but these small complaints aren't enough to overshadow the good things about this book, the things that made me laugh and cry, the overall connection I had with the story and those in it.

I read through a Kindle, and I don't use the highlighter feature very often, but this book has a total of notes and marks. I loved its intelligence and its sarcastic and dry wit. Harper's voice was what caught me most often.

Most people don't. I guess because I don't hide the fact that I can't stand people like Gwen, who take themselves too seriously, or people who don't take themselves seriously enough. Disconcerting, but ultimately successful in hooking me on this story. Perhaps it's something in the Michigan water?

Or maybe it's just the mind of a photographer View all 4 comments. Jun 12, Chachic rated it it was amazing Shelves: Originally posted here. I've seen raving reviews from those who have been lucky enough to get copies of the book and that persuaded me to read it as soon as I can. If you want a physical copy, you can order it from Fishpond.

Harper Scott knows sh Originally posted here. Harper Scott knows she can never measure up to her perfect, older sister June, so she's never tried. In fact, she's done her best to be the opposite - lukewarm grades, detention as often as she can manage it, basically be the rebel daughter. She's as surprised as everyone when June commits suicide a week before graduation, leaving behind a mess that no one can figure out.

When her divorced parents decide to split June's ashes, Harper takes matters into her own hands and embarks on a road trip to California with her best friend Laney and Jake Tolan, a guy who claims to be June's friend. June always yearned to go to California and Harper thinks it's the perfect place to scatter the ashes. Ah this book, this beautiful book.

It deserves all the hype that it's been getting, I can't even stop thinking about it. Right off the bat, I empathized with Harper, with all her pain and confusion and anger - not knowing how to handle living in a world without her big sister to take care of things. The road trip that she plans with her best friend is the perfect way for her to cope and ease that feeling of being suffocated. She doesn't understand why Jake wants to go with them though. Mysterious, classic rock-loving Jake with the piercing green eyes - one moment a douchebag and a knight in shining armor the next.

He has his own reasons for being that way and it didn't diminish his appeal in my eyes. I'd love to meet someone like him in person - someone passionate about music who provides anecdotes each time an unfamiliar song plays, who believes that a proper mix CD should have a story to tell just like a book. Harper, armed with her Polaroid, Laney, with her enthusiasm and friendliness and Jake, with his music are the perfect combination for a memorable road trip.

Saving June has everything that I look for in my contemporary reads: Some scenes had me smiling and chuckling at the situations Harper, Laney and Jake get into while other scenes had me tearing up and aching for all of them.

I love how these three characters are fully fleshed out with their distinct personalities. Maybe then—. I cut off that train of thought before it can go any further. Another wave of panic rises in my chest, so I lean my hands heavily against the kitchen counter to stop it, press into the edge until it cuts angry red lines into my palms. If I can just get through this hour, this afternoon, this horrible, horrible day, then maybe…maybe I can fall apart then.

But not now. What I need is air. Before anyone else can come into the kitchen and trap me in another conversation, I slip out the back door leading to the yard and close it behind me as quietly as possible. I sit down on the porch steps, my black dress tangling around my legs, and drop my head into my hands. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, and then another, and then hold the next one until my chest burns so badly I think it might burst.

When I inhale again, I breathe in the humid early-summer air, dirt and dew and—something else. A hint of smoke. My eyes open, and when I turn my head slightly to my left, I see someone, a boy, standing against the side of the house.

I scratch at my itchy calves as I give him a cool once-over. In the dark. The request must catch him off guard, because for a few seconds he just blinks at me in surprise, but then he digs into his back pocket and shakes a cigarette out of the pack. He slides it into his mouth and lights it before extending it toward me. When I walk over and take it from him by the tip, I hold it between my index finger and middle finger, like a normal person, while the boy pinches his between his index finger and thumb, the way you would hold a joint.

When I first draw the smoke into my lungs, I cough hard as the boy watches me struggle to breathe. I look away, embarrassed, and inhale on the cigarette a few more times until it goes down smoother. We smoke in silence, the only sound the scraping of his thumb across the edge of the lighter, flicking the flame on and off, on and off. The boy stares at me, and I stare at his shoes.

He has on beat-up Chucks. Who wears sneakers to a wake? His shoes only crush overgrown weeds that have sprouted up from the ground. I meet his eyes again. His gaze is like a vacuum. Because it looks like you do, I continue. He sounds a little confused, and a lot annoyed. Pissed off, I can handle. At all. I should be inside, comforting my mother. The last time I saw her, she was sitting on the couch, halfway through what had to have been her fourth glass of wine in the past hour.

I toe into the garden a little, drop the cigarette butt and scrape dirt over to cover the hole. At this point I have two options: Even if he does share his cigarettes. I teeter across the uneven yard in my stupid shoes, aware that one misstep will send me sprawling. I turn. The boy steps away from the white siding, out of the garden.

What the hell? Does he think that makes him, like, an impressive badass or something, having the last word and mysterious exit? It just makes him kind of a jackass. I smooth my dress down and carefully make my way up the porch steps. Thanks for rescuing me earlier. I needed that. Laney shrugs like it was nothing. She holds something out to me—a covered dish.

Of course. Her face is apologetic. Eventually I give up and leave it out on the counter. Everyone has been looking at me that way all day. June was my sister. I should be a mess right now. Not walking around, dry-eyed, completely hollow. She makes a strangled sound, something close to a laugh. Thank God for that, right? The party was held on a riverboat, and during her breaks, they stood out on the deck, talking and joking about the salmon filet. Or so the story goes.

Dad maintains to this day nothing happened between them until after the separation. I have my doubts. She just happened to be a catalyst, speeding up the inevitable implosion. You look really tired, Laney says.

Pdf harrington saving hannah june

I mean, no offense. She winces. That was so the wrong thing to say. Talk anymore, I mean, she says. Here, come on. In the upstairs hallway, there are two framed photos on the wall: We both have the same brown hair, but hers is thicker, wavier, while mine falls flat and straight.

Where her eyes are a clear blue, mine are a dim gray. There used to be a third picture on the wall, an old family portrait. For their tenth wedding anniversary, my parents rented this giant tent, and they hosted a festive dinner with a buffet and music and all of our family and friends. Toward the end of the night, someone gathered the four of us together and took a snapshot. June and I were giggling, heads bent close together, our parents standing above us in an embrace, gazing at each other instead of the camera.

It always struck me in the years after how bizarre it was, how two people could look at one another with such tenderness and complete love, and how quickly that could dissolve into nothing but bitterness. Only mine will ever change. This is it. All I have left are photos of her with this smile, frozen in time. Bright and blinding and happy. A complete lie. I want to soak in everything about my sister. I want to braid it into my DNA, make it part of me.

How she could do this. I need to know. Come on, says Laney gently, taking my hand and squeezing it, leading me toward my bedroom. The door is closed; I place my hand on the brass knob and keep it there for a moment. I ignore her and push the door open.

The room looks exactly the same as it always has. Of course it does—what did I expect? Laney flicks on the light and waits. Six days. Time is doing weird things, speeding up and slowing down. Hers is meticulously clean. The ashes. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Saving June by Hannah Harrington.

Summary Everyone's sorry. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Harlequin Released: Dec 1, ISBN: Not that that will be happening anytime soon.

She was so young. Yes, I say again. The edges of my vision go white. Thank you. The woman considers. Do you think?

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