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Application form for British applicants outside the UK. PDF, KB, 4 pages To now apply for your passport, use the overseas tool to find the specific advice about how to renew or apply for your passport from the country. How to fill in your passport application form and provide a correct photo. Applying for a passport. PDF, MB, 30 pages. o Completed your application form in full using black ink. o Enclosed form. Photographs not meeting standards required by the UK passport services will be.

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Fill in this form in CAPITAL LETTERS and black biro only. Your application may be delayed if Changes to your existing passport (the renewal fee applies) 16, or. - to extend a British passport. If there are details you are not able to fit. Passport Application Form Uk - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank - Fill Passport Application Form Uk, download blank or editable online. Uk passport form. The fee for the passport is payable in local currency at the time of application. A your first standard UK passport or a replacement for a standard UK passport.

You need to complete the forms correctly as 1 in every 8 applications for a British passport which needs to be renewed is rejected as being incomplete. They are listed below with the documents linked from the Home Affairs website. Also note that you need to have the support documents as well. Also note that the photo requirements for your passport must meet the IPS standard. Note this is to renew your British passport and not a new application.

Note this is to renew your British passport and not a new application. You can apply to renew your passport if. This can be used for adult, child and BNO applications. It will prompt you to answer the questions and will help the embassy abroad to produce your passport more quickly and efficiently.

Form pdf passport renewal uk

Smart passport form On Line. Note that you need to report a lost or stolen passport at the British Embassy in the country you are located and also the local police force as the embassy would want the report. Your appointment will need to fall within these hours. The Passport Office will give you a confirmation number which you will need to note down and take on the day. For further information about lodging your application please click here. For more information on these types of appointments here.

If you are visiting an Outreach Center the Passport Office will provide you with location details. On the day of your appointment make sure you get there 10 to 15 minutes early.

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The Passport Office has airport style security. On arrival you press the buzzer telling the security guard that you have an appointment; they only let one person in at a time.

There is a waiting area whilst you wait for your number to be called. When the Passport Clerk calls you up you simply present the form with the passport photos and your passport. Once they are happy with your application and accepted payment they will cancel the old passport by cutting off the long edge of the cover. Your old passport will be handed back to you afterwards. Most visas are now on the Biometric Residence Permit BRP cards but if you have an old style visa like me, that is in your old passport then all you need to do is carry both passports with you when you are travelling.

Hi,i ve been and work in uk nearly 20 years,my australian passport expired about 9 years ago and now i m thinking to go back for a visit, will they renew it or i ll have problem doing it. If you take the questionnaire here https: That is incorrect Kat.

Applying for a passport

See note from the High Commission in London:. Not sure what to do, any suggestions? Do you have time to get a new Australian Passport? By the sounds of it if you are still registered in Australia than they would be expecting you to enter on your Australian passport. I would give them a bell and check what you should do.

Hi Kat, Great guide! I do have 2 questions. My understanding is that they will cut the edge off your old passport but you will still receive it back at the appointment. Are you aware if you can still use it to travel whilst you wait for your new passport to arrive, or does cutting it making it obsolete? You also mentioned Express service. I have tried to find out how much this additional service would cost but not found a good source.

Would you happen to know this, or a ballpark figure? That said if I do that and decide in Australia to get a new Aust passport will that cause me a problem? Thanks Phoenix.

Renew British Passport | British Consulate

Hi Phoenix, I can only go on what the Australian Government says http: If you do want to get an Australian passport you will need to apply for a new passport due to the timelapse. Hi Kat, Thanks for all your help with this. My partner got a UK ancestory visa and has her de-facto i got one to. Should apply online now to make an appointment for as soon as i enter the U.

The company my partner used to secure the work and to help with the visas have said they i should have no problem entering the U. K with this amount of time still on the visa? Hi Kane, As long as you have a valid passport and visa then like your visa company says it will be fine. Cheers, Kat. Hi Kat I am a dual citizen but born in the U. I emigrated to Australia and gained my Australian passport after 2 years of living there.

Passport renewal pdf uk form

I eventually came back to the UK and my passport has since expired 10 years ago. I got married since so presumably my old passport, UK passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate? Passport photos? Original citizenship certificate? Hi Annie, for a renewal the only evidence I needed was my passport. The passport office will be able to tell you definitively what you need.

Living in Scotland. Do I just follow your advise to make a booking in London office or have there been any recent changes to this? Thanks in advance Sandra. Hi Sandra, as I understand the only passport office is in London and there are no other recommendations on the embassy website, see here https: Cheers Kat.

Sandra, This information might come too late but the Australian Embassy holds outreach interviews several times a year for those who are some distance from London see here: Hope that helps. Regards, Steph. Last time I renewed in the UK I did it all online and by mail — quick and efficient.

Now I find I have book ahead and make an appointment IN LONDON, which means a long and expensive return rail trip plus more expense on staying overnight in London because of inconvenient train timetables. This is an onerous imposition. I guess there was some sort of issue that they are trying to address by making us all attend an interview.

Renewal form pdf uk passport

Hope you manage to find something affordable. This guidance will help you fill in your application and avoid your passport being delayed.

Applying for a passport from outside the UK: application form

It highlights the 3 most common mistakes and covers:. To help us improve GOV. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Skip to main content. Home Society and culture Equality, rights and citizenship. Guidance Applying for a passport. Published 1 October Last updated 20 March — see all updates.

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