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A quick shot of Spanish to keep you on your toes! Lesson 1 - Notes (PDF Version). vitecek.info Thumbnails Document Outline Attachments. CBF Free Bonus: ePub / ebook / PDF. This is the second of our free bonus items for this week's episode of Coffee Break French. The ePub / ebook version of. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today Break Spanish and Coffee Break French, my role until now has been teaching languages. Howev.

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Welcome to this first lesson of Coffee Break Spanish. In this lesson we'll learn how to say. “hello” and “goodbye”, and we'll also learn one way to say “how are. cbsguide - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for Coffee Break Spanish notes guide you through the content of each lesson. Have you always wanted to learn Spanish but don't have the time to dedicate to attending classes or spending hours with books? The Coffee Break Spanish.

Coffee Break Spanish notes guide you through the content of each lesson. In this weeks notes well be continuing to talk about regular verbs in the present tense within the context of your daily routine. Well also be talking about time. A little review We begin this lesson with a review of the six parts of a regular -ar verb. Given that were talking about daily routine this week, lets look at a new verb in this case: Youll already be familiar with the word el desayuno, meaning breakfast.

Given that were talking about daily routine this week, lets look at a new verb in this case: Youll already be familiar with the word el desayuno, meaning breakfast. Note that its exactly the same as the verb form for I have breakfast. Saying at what time you do things Talking about the time at which you do things in Spanish is very easy.

At ve oclock in Spanish is a las cinco; at six oclock is a las seis; at seven oclock is a las siete, and so on.

The only time this changes is when youre talking about at one oclock when las becomes la. This makes perfect sense, of course, since theres only one hour at one oclock!

Lesson To say half past four you say a las cuatro y media. To say at what time Other daily activities A number of other daily activities were covered in this lesson. The chart below gives these: Notice that some of these verbs in the innitive form end in -er and -ir.

Pdf spanish coffee break

Youll also notice in the list of questions below that there are sometimes -es endings in the t form where you may expect -as, based on what we learned previously when conjugating -ar verbs. Dont worry about this just now well be covering this in a future lesson. It just means that the 6 forms will be very slightly different when you conjugate these verbs, as you can already see in the question forms below.

Lesson 1 - Notes (PDF Version) | The Coffee Break Academy

Question a qu hora? Comprehension text Below you will nd the text of Marks daily routine. This is a transcription of the text from lesson Desayuno a las siete y media. Salgo de la casa a las ocho y llego al trabajo a las ocho y media, ms o menos. Como a la una y vuelvo a casa a las cinco y media. Luego descanso y ceno a las ocho. Having read and understood the text, try to make up one yourself. Dont forget that you can post your own efforts on the Radio Lingua Network forum: Direct link: Another way of giving an approximate time is to say Flag for inappropriate content.

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Search inside document. Putting it all together You can now say at what time you have breakfast: Coffee Break Spanish: Lesson 42 page 3. Documents Similar To cbsguide. Cesar Omar Hernandez Ascencio. Coffee Break Spanish has over free lessons available on iTunes. The premium lessons add onto the free materials to make it a bit more comprehensive of a course. What exactly is included in the premium courses depends a bit on the season.

Each season is a bit different with slightly different styles.

But obviously, the lower levels are quite basic whereas the higher levels use a lot more Spanish which allows for more interesting lessons. There are lots of translations, explanations, and examples throughout the lessons. In seasons 1 and 2, there are two hosts, one of which is learning Spanish alongside the listener. New vocabulary and sentence structures are introduced and practiced fairly slowly.


As I mentioned earlier, the premium version of seasons 1 and 2 includes a video lesson. This video contains the exact same content as the free audio courses that you can find on itunes or elsewhere. Another premium feature is the lesson notes. These notes just basically cover everything that was taught in the lesson, including important words and concepts. They add onto what was taught in the lessons, often by introducing more vocabulary or practicing the grammar.

There are translation exercises going from both Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

Spanish pdf break coffee

Moving up to Season 3, I preferred the lesson style quite a bit more. Instead of having a Spanish learner as a co-host, there was a second Spanish speaker in the lessons. As you get to seasons 3 and 4, the amount of Spanish used throughout the lessons is much higher, making the lessons more interesting at least for me.

Coffee Break Spanish Review – Are The Paid Courses Worth It?

At this level, the notes are pretty useful as not every part of the dialogue is translated. So, if you missed something, being able to look it up in the lesson notes is quite helpful.

The Encore Audio and Encore Notes are pretty similar to content included in the earlier seasons. The audio is basically just translation exercises and the notes include the answers to these exercises.

At season 4, the free lessons are much shorter, lasting only around 10 minutes, whereas the premium lessons include an extended audio section which brings the total length closer to 40 minutes. This extended audio is really useful as it breaks down the lesson line by line. I really liked this section as it explains things really clearly with translations, examples, and opportunities for you to practice the main points.

The amount of content that Cofee Break Spanish gives away is amazing.

Not only are the audio lessons free for all four levels that I looked at in this review but also some lessons from their other courses. There are also bundles available which make it a bit more affordable. While the extras are helpful, the free lessons would probably be sufficient. Coffee Break Spanish is a great resource.

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