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CHINA'S. MOTO. SUPER. PSYCHICS. Foreword by. Karen S. Kramer. Ph. Paul Dong . book, Chi Gong--The Ancient Chinese Way to Health, published in . Dong, the man I had admired since reading his book in is one of mainland China's super psychics. throughout the book, the speaker is Paul Dong). I was deeply inspired and longed to China's Super Psychics meet this unique individual. the man I had admired since reading his book in Since that time .

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Paul Dong - China's Super vitecek.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd Book of Formulas - Wilhelm Quintscher. 12 Paths to. Chinas Super Psychics Paul Dong OCR SD - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File I was able to find a copy of Paul's book and avidly read it. along with my. Some amazing psychic accomplishments are described in China's Super Psychics by some the miraculous events described in the book, a few of which are.

Second 56 Broadway. Raffill 5 China's Psychic Research: Third 77 Stage Experimentation and Study All rights reserved. The only option was to have the instrument surgically removed. My introduction to chi gong came in For this reason. It is important to report that today I am cancer-free and have been since the surgery.

Because his ears and eyes thought and thought about it. Sometimes remarkable powers is "restoring a card. All he did there was a pair of lady's shoes that he particularly liked. He looked inside. The person stirred his tongue around in his mouth and a lady named Xiao Yuan. If was of a hand going into a man's pocket. He was beginning to build a reputation eng took the spit-out bits of the card and mashed them into and a name for himself. Zhang started squeezing his the food is wasted.

He was ride the bus and catch thieves. The lady had on high-heeled shoes. After a while. They managed to retrieve a few more bits of the card. Zhang Baosheng is a battalion commander in rank her attractive figure and were a fine sight. He met a girlfriend on the bus. Its shelves were stocked with all kinds of shoes. His fame spread. Zhang Baosheng's and privilege. They matched Today. Zhang Baosheng right. About eight years ago. When the local authorities discovered these Store.

I don't have the whole underworld wanted to "teach him a lesson.

China's Super vitecek.info

I'd like to add wants you to eat right into your stomach. There are some more bits inside of you! Zhang Baosheng was on duty on a bus. The image doesn't let people order too many dishes in his presence. At that time. The One day. That's When he started working on the buses.

China's Super Psychics.pdf

Zhang Baosheng always caught thieves. In one scene. It was only after he finished serving his sentence and was released from jail that an EHF researcher told him that he may have strengthened his EHF through repeated use of it on his job as a watchman on the bus.

There is shoppers. Zhang Qunmo. He stepped out the door. When he was in prison and there was nothing he could do. Why would those lady's shoes run into his bag? He couldn't imagine the answer at that moment. But the material evidence at the time was irrefutable. The police were summoned. In that instant of confusion. A friend of mine in Hong Kong. Everyone thought he was a thief. In his science-fiction novel Yi Ren Unusual Person. He was so ashamed he wanted to hide. When Jin Xiaobao walks by and shouts.

I came to believe in it after any doubts? For example. This occurred one time when Qian Xuesen was with quantum included a large number of scientists. This means we need to do research on those things we do not yet understand. He is firmly convinced of the reality of EHF because he has personally observed many S ince March Actually that is a quote from Lenin. For Xuesen answered a question posed by a reporter for the Hong example. When about it. It was simply a fact. Qian Xuesen saw this with his own eyes.

Another striking example country responded by taking up this problem. When they do.

Pdf book chinas psychics super

Qian Xuesen is a scientist. He is definitely not the sort of person who would believe in something like EHF after seeing only one or two demonstrations. Let us see how Qian nomenon as some sort of effect of electromagnetic waves.

China's Super Psychics

There were a hun. There are things not yet understood. He tells a very interesting story in this pie's. In sult of work in Chinese medicine. This shows a in England and the U. When someone with EHF gives a demonstration.

As explained in one of these. In World War II. This He has made the far-reaching statement. When that happens. This gave rise to sound waves that tween chi gong and EHF. It When Qian Xuesen was talking with the reporter in the turned out that electromagnetic waves were being absorbed interview mentioned above. I am a chi gong practitioner gong masters giving out energy are very similar to those of myself and have already published two books on the subject people with EHF during tests of their abilities.

Yan Xin. It seemed uncanny. Professor Qian Xuesen fourth from left in the front row talked to the media in Beijing. Qian created tion? Hsue Shen was born in in Shanghai. This photo was taken after Malina. Professor Theodore Von Karman. We must look at his full background if we wish to Because of Qian Xuesen's ability.

In these regards. In When Qian Xuesen applied for U. The supersonic flow concept first proposed by him and Karman was basic to aerodynamics. July His mentor was a founder of modern dynamics. As an official representative of the U. In the spring of Qian's awards give recognition to his From then on. China for the first time launched three Dr.

Qian gives direct leadership to EHF or China successfully tested an atomic warhead launched on a psychic research. Jiang Ying.

He has been the leader of almost all fields of ment of Defense said. Qian in exchange for eleven U. Chairman Mao est award given by the International Technology Institute of Zedong met him and asked him to train scientists for China.

In May Communist China's Premier Zhou Enlai ences. In April In October In August This damaged Qian's reputation and career. Qian returned to his homeland. Qian's return. Qian could never have imagined that his enormous satellites simultaneously. He is also the Dr. China shot an EHF research.. China successfully achievements and contributions would become an obstacle to fired a guided missile from a submarine in waters north of his returning home to China.

Qian and his wife. An editorial in a U. In China. Others who shared the honor of winning Premier Zhou Enlai asked for his opinions on how to develop this award were "the father of the Hydrogen Bomb. Research Society.. Proposal for the Development of a Defense Aerospace Industry. Qian Xuesen won the Willard F. Of course stature in the international scientific community and electable they can. At the time. Since that time. Qian said. Geng said to him was.

By understanding his background and his guided missile to a distance of kilometers. May A brief bibliography of these follows. April It is a for sale. Chinese Medicine and EHF. Journal of Somatic Science. Qian's career. Since the beginning of the EHF boom in China in It is not for sale. December Dongfang Qigong. This would not be considered much for an ordinary space Medical Engineering Institute.

April 4. Ziran Zazhi. June February Human Body Science Association.

Book chinas super pdf psychics

March 9. The first section above. September Medical Engineering Institute. In the coming phase. From this we can see three parts of the man-universe paradigm. As Qian Xuesen explained. He states the relationship between the inner workings of the body with that the human body is an extremely complex macrosystem.

At the macro level. We must not attempt an overly broad research target too quickly. Modern science has been divided into nine major disciplines [author's note: These include the tum measurement. He views it as ment. Qian has affirmed that the basic idea of human body science is to view the person as a massive system.

It covers a wide range of issues. System science teaches us that on perception at the quantum level. Qian refers to natural science. Reductionism analyzes each level in terms of lower levels. Besides the health. Next comes ing disease. These are the tasks of human ing them according to target practitioners by age. Chinese medicine. The third is the chi gong. This implies that the first perative medicine.

Qian's answer is. If they do conflict. This is the third stage. Qian Xuesen higher levels. After these issues tive. There are large words. He considers that research in chi gong must be started by disease. When we eventually learn why it works.

But we must also understand. The next stage will be to raise How can this be accomplished? This transition chi gong has healing powers. The practice of using systems science. A second is gong so seriously? Many mysterious things are wrapped up the compiling of chi gong experience. The empirical study of chi gong seeks to describe what stage in the history of medical science. In other words. Then we can see if nization of these parts. On March 4. It describes the results of experience and places them in As another very good example of this.

One piece of information revealed by Qian Xuesen ancient terminology. This is a task with far-reaching philosophies and creating an empirical theory expressed in implications. Qian Xuesen has said. Qian's views on the development an example. The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal thing. Qian Xuesen gives Now.

We must exert every effort in this! Zhang Ruijun. In his writings. The result was that face the same difficulty. In a foreigner called Goldberg the report of Chinese medicine. This has been confirmed by statistical methods.

There is a major difference between guage barrier. In this. China's opponents face are bacteria. You cannot make tant concept. Besides the military and For the modernization of Chinese medicine. Yao Zheng. If a so- body has gone into such a state of functioning.

He has said Because it implies an analysis and synthesis of the place. An approach that the root of the matter. DNA and stage in the development of a disease. One reason researchers Western medicine have replaced zheng indication with zheng in other countries have not given EHF as much attention as symptom. Zhang Ruijun speaks of zheng indication. There may be as effects in the functioning of the body.

As to why the human many in China as the rest of the world put together. Chinese medicine's certain defeat. But everyone has moved forward in these the 3 directions. Some even viewed the phenomena as black magic. They didn't understand what it was at that time. What the ancients believed was the work of these spirit beings was one and the same as the EHF of today. In his discussions of EHF. Why wasn't EHF discovered earlier? Why did it take until to finally be discovered?

It would be a mistake for us to think this way. It is a very important thing. First Stage three parts of a single system. He said. The Chinese respect him for both his intelligence and his talent.

After Yan Xin. The only difference is that the ancients had no idea what it was. Since he has strongly called for theoretical and applied research in chi gong. Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill The central figure of this chapter.

Qian Xuesen has also raised this issue. Two scientists left and right testing the EHF of three children. In particular. Tang Yu tigations and interviews. When this of this.

Paul Dong - China's Super Psychics.pdf

To make a good report in your pocket? This was an amazing story.

On March 11 of is Tang Yu. Li Li. It also reporter Zhang Naiming and told him to go to the village in brought strong recriminations from many in the mainstream Dazu County to cover the story of the wonder child Tang Yu scientific community. When these potentials are developed.

It said that its reporters. Sichuan Daily reported an astonishing news item to the whole country. Sichuan Province. Suddenly he to the neighboring town Jiangjin.

He reached the conclusion said. One day in Tang Yu smiled and didn't reply. The reporter arrived at Dazu County. The one in the cap Perhaps was a lucky year for China.

Book chinas super pdf psychics

After this. Yang Zhao. Zhang Naim- ing's report was published. A chill also fell attack by traditional scientists. The story was then carried by Shanghai Science and Technology News. Zhang Naiming invited Tang Yu to his lodging. In one test. I thought it might be frost upon the ground. He arranged to meet Tang Yu to test him personally. After that.

Each time. The poem was. Anhui Science and Technology News. Early one fine morning. The story was also broadcast on the and the most important newspaper in China. They said. I looked up at the bright moon. Lu Xun. The observers also wanted to know what it was like when "I've heard you have a great ability to see through walls.

If they name was not revealed for reasons of military secrecy. They held three tests of these two sisters. He Long or images appeared in their minds. After the child was summoned. When he first heard this seemingly nonsensical story. To see it a second time she had to wait thirty-three "Nothing but ammunition and guns. The girls said that you see what I have in my pocket? Zhao couldn't see the vision clearly or put it all to memory the first time it came. Wang Qiang and Wang Bin.

He inside and which was asked the boy to see what was in the next room. Yao Zheng in Tianjin see chapter The words or images roared with laughter and said. The situation was similar when I tested the EHF lady tally convinced.

Can Wang Qiang and Wang Bin were reading. Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill "Even if a thing is not born in silence. After the team of investigators headed These two events had been kept secret. That is why test subjects always feel exhausted after He Long is not the only person who met this child.

Her mother was still doubtful. On May It had the words three smiles written on it and was Yan. I can operative phrase is sense perception. These were all successful. Over twenty scientific research workers confirmed that right. Jiang Yan said. Why were all of year-old lady named Mu Fengjin. Hu Lian and He Xiaoqin. This department sent a Baosheng. The principal and teachers conducted tests of Jiang Zhang. The ranks of the EHF children reached color and read words with their ears. Then they reported this to folded several times.

Liang Shuwen. What this means is that do it too. Ye had a test paper prepared for school. After Jiang Yan read it. Jiang Yan how much time it takes to perceive it. One day. These EHF children generally ranged from eight firmed by the school. He gave this piece of paper to Zhang the local department of education. To her surprise. To start out. Then they did several more tests of reading with the this thing was real.

Perhaps out of fear. Zhang took it. The only difference would be in times. Zhang answered. Let us provide here a reference list with names. Xu Qian—age fourteen. EHF Boys total number: X-ray vision. When the subject of psychic powers began — Zhao Gui Min age eleven. This reflects a general tendency in China's EHF six minutes and 24 seconds. Six of them were complete successes. The following day. Hong Kong. Whenever anything happens in mainland China. After than boys. CD that there are more females than males.

The main reason is that Hong a distance. This phenomenon. They were met by editor Zhu Yiyi. It involves reading with the ear. She lives a life of secrecy. They also said that the ing twigs with mind. They first visited Beijing. These students told their guests that they had concluded that — Feng Xia Nu age seven.

This is not — Shao Hongyan age twelve. China's top super psychic is a lady. The eighth test of Zhang Lei's powers involved remote viewing of a piece of writing. Zhang Lei described her sensations during the process of reading the words in the box. One of them copied a poem popular among Hong Kong paper hidden in a box. He Long roared with laughter and said.

This ran directly counter to People's Daily and its followers. On May Jiang Yan put it beside her ear. The only difference would be in how much time it takes to perceive it. This department sent a lady to bring the eight-year-old Jiang Yan to the Psychology Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for a series of tests. Jiang Yan said. After Jiang Yan read it. Then they reported this to the local department of education.

Paul Dong and Thomas Rafflll proved their powers were true. Over twenty scientific research workers confirmed that this thing was real. What this means is that when you give a test sample to an EHF child. Liang Shuwen. It had the words three smiles written on it and was folded several times. The ranks of the EHF children reached thirty-pius. To start out. Why were all of these EHF children reading with their ears. Zhang took it. To her surprise. A few days later. These EHF children generally ranged from eight to fifteen years of age.

No matter which part of the body is used for the reading. Her mother was still doubtful. Perhaps out of fear. Ye had a test paper prepared for Zhang. Flu Li an and He Xiaoqin. An example can illustrate this very well. The principal and teachers conducted tests of Jiang Yan. The story was confirmed by the school. These were all successful. He gave this piece of paper to Zhang Baosheng. Then they did several more tests of reading with the nose. Li Yong Hui—age nine.

Jiang Yan—age nine. Li Cheng Yu—age nine. Huang Hong Wu—age twelve. Liu Tong—age twenty. Zhang answered. Sun Liping—age twelve. Xie Chao Hui—age eleven. Zhao Hong—age twelve. Xu Qian—age fourteen. Xiong Jie—age eleven. Yu Rui Hua—age fifteen. Dong Chang Jiang—age five.

Zhang Lei—age thirteen. Dong Hao Jin—age four. Wang Xiao Dong—age twelve. Wei Ron Yang—age eleven. Wang Bin—age eleven. Shen Kegong—age eleven. Zhang Xue Mei—age twelve. Chen Hong Guang—age twelve. EHF Boys total number: Zhu Jiu—age nine. Li Zhong—age thirteen. Mou Feng Bin -age twenty. Let us provide here a reference list with names. Six of them were complete successes. This phenomenon. These students told their guests that they had concluded that EHF was a normal part of human functioning present to a greater or lesser extent in all people.

Wu Nian Qing—age ten. Wang Ming Fang—age ten. Liu Li Sha—age ten. China's top super psychic is a lady. They also said that the powers were strongest in children.

In one of the partial successes. Chen Xin—age ten. This is not just because of Hong Kong's closeness to China and the shared language and people. They were met by editor Zhu Yiyi. Zhang Lei gave ten demonstrations for the students from Hong Kong.

Zhang Li—age nine. Shao Hongyan—age twelve. Zou Hui Ping—age twelve. Feng Xia Nu—age seven. X-ray vision. Zhu Yiyi told them that Zhang Lei's father first discovered she had EHF when she did remarkably well in guessing hidden cards. The breakdown by sex in the above list is twenty-six females and thirteen males. The main reason is that Hong Kong is an international city and pays great attention to international affairs.

This reflects a general tendency in China's EHF that there are more females than males. After six minutes and 24 seconds. Wu Ming—age eleven. Li Song Mei—age eleven. CD and CD. Zhao Gui Min—age eleven. When the subject of psychic powers began to heat up in mainland China. Di Rong—age thirteen. She lives a life of secrecy. They first visited Beijing. It involves reading with the ear. The following day. Oceans may go dry. All this cannot be accomplished by normal ocular vision.

The testers wrote on a slip of paper the first line of a famous Chinese classical poem. Children with this ability can see a piece of paper hidden in a box. With it. She said parts of the Chinese characters would pop into her mind until she got a complete picture.

The eighth test of Zhang Lei's powers involved remote viewing of a piece of writing. Zhang Lei described her sensations during the process of reading the words in the box. As Bei Shizhang. Mountains may fall. One of them copied a poem popular among Hong Kong students and presented it to Zhang Lei: But such a sense of friendship and cooperation in science as recounted above would soon be disturbed by controversy.

The person can also see through metal and plastic to read words on twisted or cut-up pieces of paper. After nine minutes. Then the two characters for "bright moon" appeared. Friends may forget you. But never shall I. The flower was not native to Beijing. Both were friends of his. One type will absolutely never believe in it. He revealed that he had seen four children from Yunnan Province. How could a flower come into a cup? Two others saw the demonstration with Zhou.

None of them believed in these performances. He has held many research positions in the U. Zhou Peiyuan received a doctorate in from the California Institute of Technology. He replied that it had. His first position on returning to China was president of Beijing University.

He asked. Second Stage Controversy and Conflict W. One was Pei Lisheng and the other was Liu Shuzhou. Zhou Peiyuan. At the conference. He didn't mention if they were boys. An example of the latter type is the former chairman of the Chinese Science Association. One of these mouthed some words. Then Zhou proceeded to explain about the demonstration he saw. He cautioned against this.. Qian Weichang is one of China's famous "three Qians. He pulled a button from his coat. Qian Weichang described the performance in March in Beijing by four youngsters from the city of Kunming in Yunnan Province.

The last mentioned. Tianjin Daily Tianjin. The children then made the button "fly" into the next room. Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society. Guangming Ribao Daily Light Beijing. The first publication mentioned above. Over major newspapers and magazines from around the country took part in this debate. Nature Magazine Shanghai. Shanghai Center for Laser Technology.

He tested them personally that time. Nature Magazine. Along with Professor Mao Yisheng. He believed that EHF is an actual phenomenon. There were also over a hundred scientific research units taking part in the debate and research on the subject.

In his opinion. Knowledge Is Power Beijing. Qian Weichang. With a circulation from Guangdong Province. He described it as a potential science. Beijing Evening News Beijing. Qinghua University. The article didn't say which child did it. Beijing High Energy Physics Institute. Metropolitan Evening News Guangzhou. Qian Weichang said that on a previous occasion he watched a "mystery of mysteries"—a demonstration by five children in Chongqing.

From to This spurred the EHF opponents to make new attacks. But the opposition. Beginning in October of A partial list is given below for reference purposes: Cognitive Science. Nature Magazine published a series of thirty-eight very serious articles on the subject. With all these arguments.

It is time to stop promoting these stories—but the stories have their roots and will not disappear immediately. These stories are not a new thing.

Yu Guangyuan. From the above descriptions. The promotion of "exceptional human functions" is a total fraud. Some of the titles are quite curious. Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill essays in that journal. From this authoritative position. Qian Xuesen vs. Articles exposing and criticizing "reading with ear" stories have not been given a chance to be published. We should decide the issue on a philosophical basis— oppose the empirical methodology.

The progress of over two years of "reading with ear" stories. On what basis could he dare to oppose Qian Xuesen? Yu Guangyuan is an economist. Nature Magazine versus Knowledge Is Power. It may help to conduct more tests to reveal the fraud to more people. During this period. Then they would see clearly whether it was a bean or a worm right away. To further make the point. He also wrote. How could one read by hearing words with the ear or smelling them with the nose?

His seven articles were filled with such common knowledge as the basis of his arguments. Professor Yu will be on the side of upholding the truth and correcting errors.

He said the defenders of EHF were supporting old-time superstitions. Yan Zihu also repeated a Japanese fable. I read many of his works. The two of them argued about it. He is a teacher I have always admired greatly.. Such a hackneyed and careless style of attack met with criticism from one of Yu's own students. Also Written for Yu Guangyuan. Probably Yu Guangyuan thought that. I have written these words in the spirit that a student has the right to criticize a teacher. One of them said it was a worm.

In my college days. Yan Zihu. Yu Guangyuan won great applause by saying that discussions of issues should be conducted in a scholarly manner. Mao Zedong said. The one who thought it was a worm said it definitely must be a worm. As Yu Guangyuan said in his articles. I am sure that in the face of the truth and science. When the grounds are insufficient.

The main focus of such criticism was that he had not actually done any investigations or research himself. Zhang Baosheng once said that if Yu Guangyuan dared to observe a test. Luo Yufan criticized the manner in which Yu Guangyuan.

In the first stage. People knew all about this kind of thinking by a scientist who is afraid to put his beliefs to the experimental test. Some said that Yu Guangyuan was so frightened he wouldn't go outside after that. Feng Chun.

As guests in another country. People are responsible for the contents of their reports and speeches. If one wishes to deny the existence of reading with the ear. He quickly picked up his pants and left the pociiu a 11 ue or not. He was afraid to test them with experimentation. Those were the people who held themselves above it all and deliberately distorted the truth. One is that it would have been as nothing for Zhang Baosheng's powers to break the belt and loosen Yu's pants.

Baosheng would replace Yu Guangyuan's lungs with a dog's lungs. This statement of his is without basis in scientific evidence. That makes it hard to establish its credibility and get people to take its results seriously. Some people would ridicule it. Out of the large number of articles criticizing Yu Guangyuan. I wish Yu Guangyuan would take part in future experimentation. Some maligned the foreign critics as a "new expeditionary force of foreign invaders.

Yu Guangyuan was giving a lecture attacki iddenly. Yu Guangyuan never took part in any scientific experimental work. But the same could not be said of the so-called scientists living in China. Then she gave many examples of this. If one has very clearly proven a thing scientifically. She argued for the importance of the policy of academic freedom. She affirmed that. He wrote up the results of thirty years of research and submitted them to the Royal Society. One of her more vivid paragraphs described the lot of some budding sciences that are born branded as "premature.

If a new science appears with the "premature" label. Our child has gone through a great deal of testing and experimentation by scientific researchers. How should we describe this? Maybe the one who is putting the "anti-science" label on others will one day have the label of "stepmother" put on his own head.

Instead he labels all EHF as 'nonsense' and 'superstition. One in Yu Guangyuan's position as vice-chairman of the National Science Council could not be entirely ignorant of this. Nor is there any danger of restoring feudal superstitions by t h i s. Feng Chun is a scholar of wide knowledge. Because so many EHF children were discovered in China. Feng Chun went on to say that many new sciences await our discovery in the future. Then Ms. We particularly enjoy her closing argument.

I have no intention of pulling a 'swindle' and no hope of gaining any advantage or political influence from it. History is full of examples of stepmothers of science who maltreat budding theories. She went on to say that if the stepmother was an ordinary person. You would feel more sympathy for her position and want to protect her and speak out for her.

As soon as people are unable to explain something by current theory. One newspaper even publicly alleged. But he does not look at the research. But if a person in a position of power became a stepmother. Wouldn't that make you angry? If this matter was not resolved properly. Zu Jia. Most people like to support traditional beliefs. Anhui and Hebei provinces. Even though Yu Guangyuan was facing nationwide criticism.

People's Daily gave substantial space to a report of a conference held by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The author of that People's Daily article. This paper denounced EHF from the start and supported Yu's position. Beijing and Guangdong. With regard to this. This story tells of a blind monk who could judge the quality of writings with his nose. Yu Guangyuan proclaimed that now these promotions of "It works if you believe. In the height of the controversy. This change from opposition to tacit approval gives very good testimony for the history of this issue.

In the last section of the report. He expressed the opinion that parapsychology. In May of the same year. That the public could not understand the 'mystery' in this is only to be expected. It is all right if some comrades do not know science. Qian Xuesen made an angry remark. One is "turning from amateurs to professionals.

It had this appearance in terms of both style and content. As a representative sample of the positions they held all through the controversy. But the point Zu Jia emphasized most strongly was that reading with the ear or the nose was a trick arranged by the adults.

Zu Jia was clearly acting the parts of "pretending to understand" and "amateurs leading professionals. This can be seen from the way he often took on a lecturing tone in his writings. It could hardly be compared with Knowledge Is Power. It is a real mess. But a small number of comrades refuse to do this. They never give up the platform. We don't know who Zu Jia is. He said this went against common sense and was unscientific.

Zu Jia also warned that some researchers and leaders in scientific centers should ask for guidance from scientists when they encounter things they do not understand.

The following is one of his sharper scoldings: If they tried to reach conclusions about things over their heads. About twenty years earlier. This was a thinly veiled attack on the modern-day EHF children reading with the ear. He said the thing he feared most was the "tiger blocking the road.

In the future. The commentary. It was published for the sole purpose of opposing EHF. They can do the right thing and seek instructions from scientists.

He said these socalled EHF children. I would pay particular attention to two lines. This research society specializes in the study of exceptional human functions. This was reported in the September We would agree with the editors to the extent that demonstrations by a professional performer are not scientific experiments and should not be taken as evidence for anything.

He was able to locate the ball every time by touching the cans. What particularly interests me is the brief section on Dr.

Then it said it was doubtful as to the status of reading with the ear. Research on psychic children shows that the state of mood is a major factor in their performance in tests of psychic abilities. We do not know whether Geller's powers are real or a fraud. He said that when a U.

The reader will no doubt take note that this editorial com- sition of the ball by moving the table slightly. He mostly left the defense and counterattack to his followers and supporters. Yu continued to write his articles against EHF and ignored criticism of him. In the end. In chapter The article concluded that Geller was a fraud and his performances should not be taken as evidence for EHF. But whatever the case may be. The article quoted Uri Geller as saying he contacted beings from outer space to find the ball.

Americans had to have their say in this battle over EHF in China as well. The letter said that many U. In a demonstration on August 1. I will discuss this in detail. Lee's own opinions. These skeptics say that he cheats in his demonstrations and everything he does can be duplicated by magic tricks. They are not studying the human body. He is a controversial figure. Yunnan University. Third Stage Experimentation and Study A s mentioned in the previous chapter. Beijing Teachers' College.

Since then this figure has grown rapidly. I met Professor Lee in San Francisco a few years ago. He is a very nice person and is a gentleman worthy of respect. Peter Fritz rated it it was amazing May 23, Count-daniel Fogarty rated it did not like it Oct 17, Ranjitroy rated it it was amazing Oct 28, Com rated it it was amazing Feb 23, James Q. Golden rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Isao marked it as to-read Jun 05, Alex marked it as to-read Apr 05, Malachi Clancy added it Apr 20, Rochelle marked it as to-read Jun 17, Omar added it Sep 05, Tyrolin marked it as to-read Sep 11, Wouter added it Sep 22, Amanda Thompson marked it as to-read Oct 05, Kelsey marked it as to-read Nov 04, Eu marked it as to-read Nov 19, Tetyana marked it as to-read Nov 23, Karma Spiritus marked it as to-read Nov 25, Adrian Perez marked it as to-read Nov 26, Jan Carlos marked it as to-read Nov 27, Umesh Kumar marked it as to-read Jan 16, Everardo Guerra marked it as to-read Jan 20, Harmen added it Feb 04, Kate Murphy marked it as to-read Feb 16, Libe Anto marked it as to-read Mar 18, Cy Winther-Tamaki marked it as to-read Mar 25, Armando marked it as to-read Mar 26, Ryan Warner marked it as to-read Mar 30, Abe Alansy marked it as to-read Apr 13,

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