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Imran Series - Urdu Detective Novels by Ibne Safi. IdentifierImranSeries. Identifier -arkark://t8jf0v39g. OcrABBYY FineReader Ibn E Safi Jasoosi Duniya. Topics book, kitab. Collectionopensource. All novels of IS. IdentifierIbnESafiJasoosiDuniya4. Imran Series No. – Chatanon Mein Fire (Gunfire in Rocks) by Ibn-e-Safi. Khoon Ke Pyase, Imran Series by Ibne Safi (Urdu Novel) Alfanse, Imran Series by Ibne Safi (Urdu Novel).

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Baldran KI Malika by Ibne Safi (ibne safi ki nayab tahreer) - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Imran Series Jild 1 By Ibn E Safi Pdf Free Download Imran Series Jild 1 authored by Ibn e Safi. This book contains a collection of three complete Jasoosi novels. All Urdu PDF Novels: Masnoi Nak By Ibne Safi. Tijori Ka Hangama Imran Series Jild 10 Ibn Safi PDF Free Download. Tijori Ka Hangama. Open.

Jasoosi Duniya Series. Book 1. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. Book 2.

Purasrar Kunwan by Ibn-e-Safi.

Pdf ibne safi

Shelve Purasrar Kunwan. Book 7. Khatarnak Boorha by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Khatarnak Boorha. Book 8. Masnooi Naak by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Masnooi Naak. Book 9. Purasrar Ajnabi by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Purasrar Ajnabi. Book Ahmaqon Ka Chakkar by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Ahmaqon Ka Chakkar.

Paharon Ki Malika by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Paharon Ki Malika. Maut Ki Aandhi by Ibn-e-Safi. Title source: Shelve Maut Ki Aandhi. Heeray ki Kaan by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Heeray ki Kaan. Tijori Ka Geet by Ibn-e-Safi.

Baldran KI Malika by Ibne Safi (ibne safi ki nayab tahreer)

Shelve Tijori Ka Geet. Aatishi Parinda by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Aatishi Parinda. Khooni Pathar by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Khooni Pathar. Bhayanak Jazeera by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Bhayanak Jazeera.

Ajeeb Awazen by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Ajeeb Awazen. Raqqaasa Ka Qatl by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Raqqaasa Ka Qatl.

Ibn E Safi Jasoosi Duniya

Neeli Roshni by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Neeli Roshni. Shahi Naqqaara by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Shahi Naqqaara. Khoon Ka Darya by Ibn-e-Safi.

Shelve Khoon Ka Darya. Qatil Sangrezay by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Qatil Sangrezay. Pathar Ki Cheekh by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Pathar Ki Cheekh. Khaufnak Hangama by Ibn-e-Safi.

Imran Series by Ibn-e-Safi

Shelve Khaufnak Hangama. Dohra Qatl by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Dohra Qatl. Chaar Shikari by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Chaar Shikari. Begunah Mujrim by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Begunah Mujrim. Lashon Ka Aabshar by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Lashon Ka Aabshar. Moonch Moondne Waali by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Moonch Moondne Waali. Geeton K Dhamaake by Ibn-e-Safi.

Shelve Geeton K Dhamaake. Siyah Posh Lutera by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Siyah Posh Lutera. Barf K Bhoot by Ibn-e-Safi. Shelve Barf K Bhoot. Pur Haul Sannaata by Ibn-e-Safi.

Shelve Pur Haul Sannaata. At the time of his demise, Ibn-e-Safi had left four sons and three daughters. All these sons and daughters belong to his first marriage that was held in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in Later, he also married a young woman named Farhat Ara who lived in North Nazimabad. She remained under consistent oblivion till her death in Ibn-e-Safi started writing poetry in his childhood and soon earned critical acclaim in whole South-Asian community.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts, he started writing short stories, humour and satire under various names such as "Siniki Cynic Soldier" and "Tughral Farghan. His early works in the s included short stories, humour and satire.

Safi pdf ibne

According to one of his autobiographical essays, someone in a literary meeting claimed that Urdu literature had little scope for anything but sexual themes. To challenge this notion, Ibn-e-Safi began writing detective stories in January in the monthly Nikhat , naming the series Jasoosi Dunya. Ibne Safi's novels — characterized by a blend of adventure, suspense, violence, romance, and comedy — achieved massive popularity by a broad readership. So strong was Ibne Safi's impact on the Urdu literary scene that his novels were translated into several regional languages.

It was not unusual for Safi's books to be sold at black market prices in Pakistan and India, where they were originally published every month. The settings in Ibne Safi's novels are such that the reader is never told the national origin of the heroes.

Since Jasoosi Duniya was created before the independence of the subcontinent, the names of the characters and their locales suggest that the novel takes place in India. The advent of the Imran Series came post-independence, and the reader is set up to assume that the narrative is situated in Pakistan. Considering that Ibne Safi never left the Indian Subcontinent, the detailed descriptions he provides of the diverse localities are surprisingly accurate.

Many a time, Ibne Safi created fictitious settings for his stories. The magical web of his writing is so captivating that these fantasy lands have become real in the minds of readers.

Pdf ibne safi

Avid fans of the author are experts on the people and cultures of Shakraal, Karaghaal, Maqlaaq, Zeroland, and many other imaginary domains. Where had you been? In these adventures, Ibne Safi takes the reader to various fictitious, exotic lands of his own imagination.

Imran Series by Ibne Safi

Ibne Safi wrote the story and screenplay for a film 'Dhamaka' based on his novel 'Bebakon ki talash'. The film did not get the publicity and fame which it deserved and remains mostly forgotten.

However, it remained incomplete due to his illness. In Urdu script: Why should man ever become serious when he knows full well that one day he will be buried along with his seriousness? Black Picture. Life is only action and reaction. The rationalizations are added later. Regretting stupidity is the biggest stupidity of them all. In English translated from Urdu By Dr. Ahmad Safi, son of Ibne safi: Why is it that an ordinary clerk has to pass the examination for clerkship, a police constable has to go through training as a recruit before he could be commissioned and on the other hand vegetable-selling middlemen, good-for-nothing feudals and imbecile merchants go sit in the Assemblies directly and start legisltating and some even become members of the cabinet Jungle Ki Sheriyat.

I know that crimes committed by governments are not called crimes but diplomacy. A crime is only that which is committed in an individual capacity. Jonk Ki Wapsi. Nuclear and Hydrogen Bomb experiments were beyond their comprehension.

They could not figure out why a person is incarcerated in a mental asylum when he turns mad and why when a nation turns mad, we start calling it a Power Anokhay Raqas.

Safi pdf ibne

Muhammad Hussain Talpur film producer played the role of Jameson and actress Shabnam played the role of Sabiha. Imran and X-2's team was not shown in the movie.

The voice of X-2 was recorded by Ibne Safi himself. Actor Rahman played the role of a Villain for the first time.

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