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Top 50 J2EE interview questions & Answers. 1) What is J2EE? J2EE means Java 2 Enterprise Edition. The functionality of J2EE is developing multitier web-. The J2EE platform is consists of a set of services, application programming Top 50 J2EE interview questions & Answers .. Download PDF. Advanced J2EE Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers or Experienced Pdf. This interview section questions contains a brief introduction to the Java.

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Personal and Behavioral/Situational. ▫. Behaving right in an interview. ▫. Key Points. SECTION 2. Interview questions and answers on: Enterprise Java. ▫. J2EE . Java Enterprise Edition(J2EE) Interview Questions And Answers in vitecek.info for more Java Enterprise Edition(J2EE) Interview Questions And Answers to. Read the most frequently asked top J2EE Interview Questions and answers for freshers and experienced job interview questions pdf.

Call Now. View All Courses. J2EE or Java 2 Enterprise Edition is an open source platform to develop, deploy or manage the multi-tier or web-enabled apps. These applications are generally components-based and server-centric especially designed for the large enterprises. In this blog, we will focus on most popular J2EE interview questions and answers to tune your learning for basic J2EE concepts, theories or different coding techniques. This blog is helpful for the learners planning to appear for J2EE interviews soon.
And answers j2ee interview pdf questions

Name the different types of J2EE client? Define the struts in the J2EE framework? Define Hashtable and how it works in J2EE?

Define Hibernate and HQL? Explain the limitation of Hibernate, if any?

Explain the major benefits of Hibernate? Define the web components and how are they helpful?

How will you define save or update methods in Hibernate? How will you differentiate the get and Load methods? List the advantages of ORM object-relational mapping? Describe the web container in J2EE? Define the concept of connection pooling?

Java / J2EE Interview Questions and Answers

What is Spring Framework and discuss its benefits? What are the different type of collections in hibernate?

Pdf j2ee answers interview and questions

What is a thin client? Define the servlet? Name the different phases of servlet lifecycle? Name the major components for J2EE apps briefly? Client-tier components are made to run on client machine. Web tier components are made to run on J2EE server.

IManages the execution of applets. Consists of a Web browser and Java Plugin running on the client together. It manages the execution of enterprise beans for J2EE application.

Enterprise beans and their container run on the J2EE server. The framework events of a J2EE component's existence. Each type of component has defining events that mark its transition into states in which it has varying availability for use.

For example, servlet is created and has its init method called by its container before invocation of its service method by clients or other servlets that require its functionality. Servlets is a server, as well as platform-independent and Servlets, are designed for various protocols.

Most commonly used HTTP protocols. Servlets use the classes in the java packages javax. HttpServletRequest, javax. HttpServletResponse, javax. All servlets must implement the Servlet interface, which defines life-cycle methods.

The Servlet Interface must be implemented by all servlets. Your email address will not be published. Hashtable is a collection Synchronozed object. It is stating that it allows null values is incorrect, Hash table neither excepts null keys nor null values. These are not precisely J2EE Qns.

Perhaps you can consider renaming the title or add more JEE Qns. Latest Articles You are here: Compiled and shows output: XmlBeanFactory is one of the implementation of bean Factory org. XmlBeanFactory is used to creat bean instance defined in our xml file.

Answers questions and pdf interview j2ee

J2EE Quiz. Please wait while the activity loads. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. Also, this page requires javascript. Please visit using a browser with javascript enabled. If loading fails, click here to try again. Congratulations - you have completed J2EE Quiz. J2EE Quiz Results. Name First Last. Feel Free to add additional fields for the Quiz Taker to complete using the "Add Fields" options to the right.

The number of correct answers. The total number of questions. Correct answer percentage. Number of wrong answers.

Time allowed Requires timer add on. Time used Requires timer add on. Your answers are highlighted below. Question 1. Question 2. Question 3. Which method is used to store an object into the database in Hibernate? Question 4.


Which method is used to updating the object using identifier in Hibernate? Question 5. Question 6. Question 7. Which is NOT a core interface in Hibernate? Question 8. What is the file extension used for hibernate mapping file?

Question 9.

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