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Fallen by Lauren Kate - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Published 12/08/ by Delacorte Books for Young Readers, an imprint of If youre one of the medicated students, this is where you go to keep yourself. Download Fallen PDF by Lauren Kate from Reading Sanctuary in PDF format. 1. Fallen Series by Lauren Kate. Fallen. Torment. Passion (6/14/). 2. Books By Cynthia Leitich Smith City of Fallen Angels (4/5/).

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ALSO BY LAUREN KATE FALLEN This is a work of fiction. DOWNLOAD PDF Books supports the First Amendment and celebrates the right to read. v 2. Booktopia has Fallen, Fallen: Book 1 by Lauren Kate. .. Cast in Angelfire An Urban Fantasy Romance (The Mage Craft Series Book pdf. Erani Kole. Book 1 of the Fallen Series. Lauren Kate: Fallen & Torment Lauren Kate is the internationally bestselling author of the FALLEN and TEARDROP series.

Torment Home Torment. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product Lauren Kate. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Delacorte Press is a registered trademark and the colophon is a trademark of Random House, Inc.

She sucked in her breath. Those eyes were intense, and alluring, and, well, a little bit disarming. With some loud throat-clearing noises, the attendant interrupted the boys trancelike stare.

Luce blushed and pretended to be very busy scratching her head. Those of you whove learned the ropes are free to go after you dump your hazards.

And when I say free, Toddshe clamped a hand down on the freckled kids shoulder, making him jumpI mean gymnasium-bound to meet your preassigned student guides. Youshe pointed at Lucedump your hazards and stay with me. The four of them shuffled toward the box and Luce watched, baffled, as the other students began to empty their pockets. The girl pulled out a three-inch pink Swiss Army knife.

The green-eyed guy reluctantly dumped a can of spray paint and a box cutter. Even the hapless Todd let loose several books of matches and a small container of lighter fluid. Luce felt almost stupid that she wasnt concealing a hazard of her ownbut when she saw the other kids reach into their pockets and chuck their cell phones into the box, she gulped. It was bad enough that she couldnt have her car!

Luce clamped a sweaty hand around the cell phone in her pocket, her only connection to the outside world. When the attendant saw the look on her face, Luce received a few quick slaps on the cheek. Dont swoon on me, kid, they dont pay me enough to resuscitate. Besides, you get one phone call once a week in the main lobby. One phone call. But She looked down at her phone one last time and saw that shed received two new text messages.

It didnt seem possible that these would be her two last text messages. The first one was from Callie. Call immediately! Will be waiting by the phone all nite so be ready to dish. And remember the mantra I assigned you. Youll survive!

BT W, for what its worth, I think everyones totally forgotten about. In typical Callie fashion, shed gone on so long that Luces crap cell phone cut the message off four lines in. In a way, Luce was almost relieved. She didnt want to read about how everyone from her old school had already forgotten what had happened to her, what shed done to land herself in this place.

Fallen by Lauren Kate

She sighed and scrolled down to her second message. It was from her mom, whod only just gotten the hang of texting a few weeks ago, and who surely had not known about this one-call-once-a-week thing or she would never have abandoned her daughter here.

Kiddo, we are always thinking of you. Be good and try to eat enough protein. Well talk when we can. How else to explain their drawn faces when shed waved goodbye at the school gates this morning, duffel bag in hand? At breakfast, shed tried to joke about finally losing that appalling New England accent shed picked up at Dover, but her parents hadnt even cracked a smile.

Shed thought they were still mad at her. They never did the whole raising-their-voice thing, which meant that when Luce really messed up, they just gave her the old silent treatment.

Now she understood this mornings strange demeanor: Her parents were already mourning the loss of contact with their only daughter.

Were still waiting on one person, the attendant sang. I wonder who it is.

Fallen Book

Luces attention snapped back to the Hazard Box, which was now brimming with contraband she didnt even recognize. She could feel the dark-haired boys green eyes staring at her. She looked up and noticed that everyone was staring. Her turn. The sound of being all alone.

Todd and the fembot Gabbe headed for the door without so much as a look in Luces direction, but the third boy turned to the attendant. I can fill her in, he said, nodding at Luce. Not part of our deal, the attendant replied automatically, as if shed been expecting this dialogue. Youre a new student againthat means new-student restrictions. Back to square one. You dont like it, you should have thought twice before breaking parole.

Kate lauren fallen pdf book 1

The boy stood motionless, expressionless, as the attendant tugged Lucewhod stiffened at the word paroletoward the end of a yellowed hall. Moving on, she said, as if nothing had just happened. She pointed out the west-facing window to a distant cinder-block building.

Luce could see Gabbe and Todd shuffling slowly toward them, with the third boy walking slowly, as if catching up to them were the last thing on his list of things to do. The dorm was formidable and square, a solid gray block of a building whose thick double doors gave away nothing about the possibility of life inside them. It looked even uglier.

Even from this distance, Luce could see black mold covering the face of the dorm. All the windows were obstructed by rows of thick steel bars. She squinted. Was that barbed wire topping the fence around the building? The attendant looked down at a chart, flipping through Luces file. Room sixty-three. Throw your bag in my office with the rest of them for now. You can unpack this afternoon.

Luce dragged her red duffel bag toward three other nondescript black trunks. Then she reached reflexively for her cell phone, where she usually keyed in things she needed to remember. But as her hand searched her empty pocket, she sighed and committed the room number to memory instead.

It had felt so good to be back home in Savannah, where, as her mom always said, even the wind blew lazily. Georgias softer, slower pace suited Luce way more than New England ever had. It hardly felt like anywhere at all, except the lifeless, colorless place where the court had mandated she board. Shed overheard her dad on the phone with the headmaster the other day, nodding in his befuddled biology-professor. No, no, we wouldnt want to interfere with your system.

Clearly her father had not seen the conditions of his only daughters supervision. This place looked like a maximum-security prison. And what about, what did you saythe reds?

Luce asked the attendant, ready to be released from the tour. Reds, the attendant said, pointing toward a small wired device hanging from the ceiling: Luce hadnt seen it before, but as soon as the attendant pointed the first one out, she realized they were everywhere.

Very good, the attendant said, voice dripping condescension. We make them obvious in order to remind you. All the time, everywhere, were watching you. So dont screw upthat is, if you can help yourself. Every time someone talked to Luce like she was a total psychopath, she came that much closer to believing it was true.

Book pdf lauren kate fallen 1

All summer, the memories had haunted her, in her dreams and in the rare moments her parents left her alone. Something had happened in that cabin, and everyone including Luce was dying to know exactly what. The police, the judge, the social worker had all tried to pry the truth out of her, but she was as clueless about it.

She and Trevor had been joking around the whole evening, chasing each other down to the row of cabins on the lake, away from the rest of the party.

Shed tried to explain that it had been one of the best nights of her life, until it turned into the worst. Shed spent so much time replaying that night in her head, hearing Trevors laugh, feeling his hands close around her waist, and trying to reconcile her gut instinct that she really was innocent.

Luce felt a firm hand on her shoulder. Look, the attendant said. If it makes you feel any better, youre far from the worst case here. It was the first humane gesture the attendant had made toward Luce, and she believed that it was intended to make her feel better.

Shed been sent here because of the suspicious death of the guy shed been crazy about, and still she was far from the worst case here? Okay, orientations over, the attendant said. Youre on your own now. Heres a map if you need to find anything else. She gave Luce a photocopy of a crude handdrawn map, then glanced at her watch.

Youve got an. And dont forget, she said, pointing up at the cameras one last time. The reds are watching you. Before Luce could reply, a skinny, dark-haired girl appeared in front of her, wagging her long fingers in Luces face. Ooooooh, the girl taunted in a ghost-story-telling voice, dancing around Luce in a circle. The reds are watching youuuu. Get out of here, Arriane, before I have you lobotomized, the attendant said, though it was clear from her first brief but genuine smile that she had some coarse affection for the crazy girl.

It was also clear that Arriane did not reciprocate the love. She mimed a jerking-off motion at the attendant, then stared at Luce, daring her to be offended.

And just for that, the attendant said, jotting a furious note in her book, youve earned yourself the task of showing Little Miss Sunshine around today. She pointed at Luce, who looked anything but sunny in her black jeans, black boots, and black top. Some freedom. The too-big mock turtleneck Luces mom had forced.

Her thick black hair, which used to hang down to her waist, had been almost completely shorn off. The cabin fire had left her scalp singed and her hairline patchy, so after the long, silent ride home from Dover, Mom had planted Luce in the bathtub, brought out Dads electric razor, and wordlessly shaved her head.

Over the summer, her hair had grown out a little, just enough so that her once-enviable waves now hovered in awkward twists just below her ears. Arriane sized her up, tapping one finger against her pale lips. Perfect, she said, stepping forward to loop her arm through Luces. I was just thinking I could really use a new slave.

The door to the lobby swung open and in walked the tall kid with green eyes. He shook his head and said to Luce, This place isnt afraid to do a strip search. So if youre packing any other hazardshe raised an eyebrow and dumped a handful of unrecognizables in the box save yourself the trouble. Behind Luce, Arriane laughed under her breath. The boys head shot up, and when his eyes registered Arriane, he opened his mouth, then closed it, like he was unsure how to proceed.

Lauren Kate

Arriane, he said evenly. Cam, she returned. You know him? Luce whispered, wondering. Dont remind me, Arriane said, dragging Luce out the door into the gray and swampy morning. The back of the main building let out onto a chipped sidewalk bordering a messy field. The grass was so overgrown, it looked more like a vacant lot than a school commons, but a faded scoreboard and a small stack of wooden bleachers argued otherwise. Beyond the commons lay four severe-looking buildings: This was it.

Her whole world was reduced to the sorry sight before her eyes. Arriane immediately veered right off the path and led Luce to the field, sitting her down on top of one of the waterlogged wooden bleachers.

The corresponding setup at Dover had screamed Ivy League jock-in-training, so Luce had always avoided hanging out there. But this empty field, with its rusted, warped goals, told a very different story. One that wasnt as easy for Luce to figure out. Three turkey vultures swooped overhead, and a dismal wind whipped through the bare branches of the oak trees.

Luce ducked her chin down into her mock turtleneck. Soooo, Arriane said. Now youve met Randy. I thought his name was Cam. Were not talking about him, Arriane said quickly. I mean she-man in there. Arriane jerked her head toward the office where theyd left the attendant in front of the TV. Whaddya thinkdude or chick? Uh, chick? Luce said tentatively. Is this a test?

Arriane cracked a smile. The first of many. And you passed. At least, I think you passed. The gender of most of the faculty here is an ongoing, schoolwide debate. Dont worry, youll get into it. Luce thought Arriane was making a jokein which case, cool. But this was all such a huge change from Dover.

At her old school, the green-tie-wearing, pomaded future senators had practically oozed through the halls in the genteel hush that money seemed to lay over everything. More often than not, the other Dover kids gave Luce a dont-smudge-the-white-walls-with-your-fingerprints sideways glance.

Fallen by Lauren Kate | House Of Night

She tried to imagine Arriane there: Luce tried to imagine what Callie might think of Arriane. Thered been no one like her at Dover. Okay, spill it, Arriane ordered. Plopping down on the top bleacher and motioning for Luce to join her, she said, Whatd ya do to get in here?

Arrianes tone was playful, but suddenly Luce had to. It was ridiculous, but shed half expected to get through her first day of school without the past creeping up and robbing her of her thin faade of calm.

Of course people here were going to want to know. She could feel the blood thrumming at her temples. It happened whenever she tried to think backreally think backto that night. Shed never stop feeling guilty about what had happened to Trevor, but she also tried really hard not to get mired down in the shadows, which by now were the only things she could remember about the accident.

Those dark, indefinable things that she could never tell anyone about. Scratch thatshed started to tell Trevor about the peculiar presence shed felt that night, about the twisting shapes hanging over their heads, threatening to mar their perfect evening.

Of course, by then it was already too late. Trevor was gone, his body burned beyond recognition, and Luce was. No one knew about the murky shapes she sometimes saw in the darkness.

Theyd always come to her. Theyd come and gone for so long that Luce couldnt even remember the first time shed seen them. But she could remember the first time she realized that the shadows didnt come for everyoneor actually, anyone but her. When she was seven, her family had been on vacation in Hilton Head and her parents had taken her on a boat trip. It was just about sunset when the shadows started rolling in over. Why arent you afraid of the monsters? There were no monsters, her parents assured her, but Luces repeated insistence on the presence of something wobbly and dark had gotten her several appointments with the family eye doctor, and then glasses, and then appointments with the ear doctor after she made the mistake of describing the hoarse whooshing noise that the shadows sometimes madeand then therapy, and then more therapy, and finally the prescription for antipsychotic medication.

But nothing ever made them go away. By the time she was fourteen, Luce refused to take her meds. That was when they found Dr.

Sanford, and the Dover School nearby. They flew to New Hampshire, and her father drove their rental car up a long, curved driveway to a hilltop mansion called Shady Hollows. They planted Luce in front of a man in a lab coat and asked her if she still saw her visions. Her parents palms were sweating as they gripped her hands, brows furrowed with the fear that there was something terribly wrong with their daughter.

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Contact us Contact us Offices Media contacts Catalogues. Home Children's Fallen. She says that she chooses to stay at the school because she has no other options. The two become friends as Penn helps to clean Luce up. Also in detention are Daniel, Roland, and Molly. After a while, Arriane disappears, and Molly arrives to confront Luce and warns her to stay away from Daniel.

Upon hearing his name, he comes over after Molly has left to ask what has been said about him. While there, the statue she had been cleaning breaks, and Daniel saves Luce from being crushed and quickly disappears. Cam invites Luce to a party loudly in front of Daniel, inciting the rivalry between the two of them. During the party, Luce encounters a strange event in which she can grab a Shadow; a paranormal, ink-like smudge that she has seen since childhood.

This scares and excites her as she has never been able to interact with them before.

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