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THE IDEA FOR the Maximum Ride series comes from earlier books of mine I started clicking through the pages of the PDF faster now, to get to the pictures. Download Fang (Maximum Ride, #6) Free Reading PDF. Being a kid with wings -- constantly on the run -- has never been easy, and Max and her flock are. Max and the other kids in the Maximum Ride books are not the same . fellow flock members and I. Fang, Iggy, and I are all fourteen, give or take. So officially.

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Max and the other kids in Maximum Ride are not the same Max and kids .. and Fang had almost come to blows over stuff Gazzy had said in their voices. Download Fang (Maximum Ride, #6) Full Book PDF. Being a kid with wings -- constantly on the run -- has never been easy, and Max and her. Maximum Ride has 40 entries in the series. Fang. Maximum Ride (Series). Book 6. James Patterson Author Jill Apple Narrator (). cover image of.

Automatyczne logowanie. The Angel Experiment Maximum Ride: For Andrea and Lucy. The flock grows and prospers; all is well, all is good. Many thanks to GabrielleCharbonnet , my conspirator, who flies high and cracks wise. And to Mary Jordan, for brave assistance and research at every twist and turn.

Many thanks to GabrielleCharbonnet , my conspirator, who flies high and cracks wise. And to Mary Jordan, for brave assistance and research at every twist and turn. To the reader: Most of the similarities end there. Max and the other kids in the Maximum Ride books are not the same Max and kids featured in those two books. Nor doFrannie and Kit play any part in the series. I hope you enjoy the ride anyway. But besides the slight sound of metal plates sliding smoothly, flawlessly over one another, the troop was unnaturally quiet as it moved through the woods, getting closer to the prey.

The faintest of beeps caused the team leader to glance down at his wrist screen. Large red letters scrolled across it: His wrist screen beeped again, and the image changed to that of a dark-haired, dark-eyed, scowling boy. And so on, the image changing every half second, ending finally with a portrait of a small, scruffy black dog looking at the camera in surprise.

All he needed to know was that these targets were slated for capture. The leader emitted a whistle pitched so high that only his team members could hear it. He motioned toward the small run-down cabin they had surrounded in the woods.

Synchronized perfectly, as only machines can be, the eight team members shouldered eight portable rocket launchers and aimed them straight at the cabin. With awhoosh, eight large nets made of woven Kevlar strands shot out from the cannons and unfolded with geometric precision in midair, encasing the cabin almost entirely.

The team leader smiled in triumph. Pride was not tolerated in this organization. Thebioengine that controlled the airflow over his vocal cords allowed him to sigh, and he did. The skylight. Suddenly an important detail caught his attention, and he froze. In the corner of one of the photographs, a large feathered wing was visible. The team leader tracked it, zooming in on just that section of the image. The wing appeared to be attached to the prey. The prey could fly. He had left routes of escape open.

He had failed! TheUber -Director closed his eyes, sending a thought signal to thenanoprocessors implanted in his brain. He opened his eyes in time to see the team leader and his troop vaporize with a crackling, sparking fizzle.

All that was left of them was a nose-wrinkling odor of charred flesh and machine oil. Not telling you where. And when you just found out that the person was your biological half brother, right before he died, it adds a whole new level of pain.

My half brother. Then there had been that fight in the subway tunnels beneath Manhattan. For a while, anyway.

[PDF] Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel [Read] Online - video dailymotion

Back when I thought I had killed him, all sorts of sticky emotions gummed up my brain. Guilt, shock, regret. When he was alive, he kept trying to kill us— the flock, I mean.

Me and my merry band of mutant bird kids. So if he was dead, that was one less enemy gunning for my family. All the same, I felt horrible that I had killed someone, even by accident. NowAri was dead for real. Speaking of damp emotions. Nudge pressed closer to me and took my hand. Her other hand was over her mouth. Her big brown eyes were full of tears.

Nudge is eleven, andIggy , Fang, and I are fourteen. But it takes a lot, and I mean a whole lot, to make any of us cry.

Download Fang (Maximum Ride, #6) Full Book PDF

Today, though, it was like another flood was coming, and Noah was building an ark. Angel stepped forward and gently tossed a handful of dirt onto the plain wooden box at the bottom of the big hole. A hole it had taken all of us three hours to dig.

But I liked you at the end. You helped us. You saved us. I stroked her hair and swallowed hard.

The Gasman was next. He too sprinkled dirt on the coffin. His spiky blond hair caught a shaft of sunlight and seemed to light up this little glen. His jaw was clenched, his eyes full of pain.

His only son lay in a box in the ground. He had helped put him there. Bravely, Nudge stepped closer to the grave and tossed some dirt onto it. She tried to speak but started crying.

I drew her to me and held her close. I looked atIggy. As if sensing it, he raised his hand and dropped it. Total had collapsed in sobs on my shoes, so I gently disengaged him and stepped over to the grave. I had two hothouse lilies, and I let them float onto the coffin of my half brother. As the flock leader, I was supposed to come up with a speech. There was no way to sum up what I was feeling. I had killedAri once, then watched him die again as he saved my life.

Fang pdf ride maximum

A funeral for a sad, doomed seven-year-old? I had nothing. Fang came up behind me and touched my back. I looked at him, at his dark eyes that gave away nothing. He nodded and sort of patted my hair, then moved forward and dropped some dirt onto the coffin. Rock being all emotional? Expressing feelings? Tears spilled down my cheeks, and I covered my mouth with my hand, trying not to make a sound. Nudge put her arm around me, feeling my shoulders shaking, and Angel held me tight.

But you knew that. Martinez and I talked to you about this trip to Washington. Not so easy. She asks if anyone else wants to turn a year older, and so a party is planned for all of them the following day.

While exchanging gifts, Jeb arrives with Dylan in a black four wheel drive Jeep as it is revealed that Dylan is unable to fly well. Max then teaches him how to fly starting with pushing him off of the roof. Afterwards, the rest of the Flock are still mad at Max. Angry at Jeb, Max flies away, and Fang goes after her. During this time, the others are attacked by Erasers, who were supposedly extinguished in Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.

It is also revealed that Dylan has been trained to fight, and can self-heal his own wounds. Instead, Max and Fang were making out in a tree, causing the flock to feel they are too caught up in their relationship to lead and help the group. They both leave for Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, the water supply to the house is tainted with a genetic accelerator that induces mutations. Angel replaces Max as Flock leader, and takes the new group to a celebrity party in Hollywood. They are attacked when Max and Fang find them, and are suffering from the side effects of the genetic accelerator.

Jeb is shot while protecting the Flock, but survives. After recovering, Angel leaves to join Dr. Hans as Max resumes leadership. Later, a vague letter from Fang warns Max not to follow him. Fang finds Angel and Dr.

Fang maximum pdf ride

Hans, but is shot with a tranquilizer dart , and he passes out. When Fang comes to, he is badly beaten and restrained to a bed. Hans plans to experiment on Fang with his genetic accelerator drug and injects Fang with it.

[PDF] Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel [Read] Online

However, the drug ends up causing him to die. Angel tells through her mind Max to come to rescue him, but when the Flock arrives, they are too late. Max desperately tries to bring Fang around, but to no avail. She finally stabs a needle of adrenaline into his chest and after a few moments, Fang is brought back to life.

Then Dylan tries to kill Dr. Hans with a needle he finds, but when he realizes it is against the Flock's way to kill in cold blood he stabs himself with it in a suicide attempt, but lives. In the epilogue Total marries Akila. Fang leaves the reception early, and when the Flock arrives back home after the reception, Max goes to look for Fang, but instead finds a letter addressed to her. Max reads the letter aloud to the rest of the Flock.

In the letter, Fang tells Max that he loves her more than anything, but it is because of their love that he is leaving the Flock. He tells Max that everyone was right about them starting to only care about themselves and that it puts the others in danger he also calls Max sweetheart which surprises everyone.

The rest of the Flock still needs her to be a leader and she can't do that with him around. He also tells her that he knows where he is going and to please not look for him.

At the end of the letter, Fang makes a promise to Max. He says that if in 20 years, if both of them are still alive, and the world is still in one piece, then he will meet her at the top of the cliff where they learned to fly like the hawks in Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. After the epilogue, Max goes through Fang's files on an old laptop since Nudge is using the new one.

Then, he has his "giftlist" for everyone's birthday, and describes Max's gift. In the next file he talks about when he and Max were in Las Vegas.

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