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Explore MBA Finance Projects PDF, Financial Management Projects Topics, Finance Project Topics List or Ideas, Accounting Based Research Projects, Latest . Download latest collection of mba projects pdf with ppt,project report and seminar topics from this site for free of cost. students can find compensation management projects,hr management projects related information for free download. MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS IN INDIAN BANKING. MBA Finance Project - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online.

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72 Mba Finance Project Titles - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. MBA Project, MBA Projects, MBA Project Reports Topics, Sample Project Report Topics List PDF, Financial Management Projects Topics, Finance Project. Hi Guys, Check out some very interesting links to projects on corporate finance for students pursuing MBA & PGDM courses

I also declare that this report has to my knowledge is my own and is neither submitted to any other university nor published any time before. There are also funds meant exclusively for young and old. The study is an attempt in that direction. Indian Mutual Funds industry offers a plethora of schemes and serves broadly all tupe of investors. With objectives defying any range. The range of products includes equity funds. The Mutual Fund industry is having its hands full to cater to various needs of the investors by coming up with new plans.

The quality of research soon caught the imagination of all major participants in the financial market. It meant that The name was later changed to India Info line Ltd. The list included consulting firms like Mc Kinsey. The core promoters of the company had little experience of broking. Although devastating for morale. They survived against all odds and started capturing market share. The company became heavily dependent on its e-broking business for survival.

It was difficult to retain people.

MBA corporate finance MBA projects - PDF download - MBA Finance Projects, Training Reports Download

The company rose from strength to strength to become the leading corporate agent in life insurance and among the top retail players in mutual fund and broking space. There was a core group who never lost hope.

The odds were against them. To add to it. Our Key Milestones: There was no money available from the private equity investors at any valuation. They cut all possible costs and worked on a bare bones structure.

Pdf project mba finance

They also had their share of price to pay and lessons to learn. Our Management Team: Venkataraman Executive Director Sat Pal Khattar is a lawyer by profession. The Board of Directors: Nilesh Shivji Vikamsey joined the Board with effect from February Sanjiv Ahuja joined the Board with effect from August Sat Pal Khattar joined the Board with effect from April Our Vision: Its vision will not be accomplished only by maintaining high growth alone. Vikamsey qualified as a Chartered Accountant in and has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since Sinha graduated from the Agra University with a Masters degree.

Needless to emphasize that it is imperative for all us to align our personal goals and values to this vision. Our vision is to emerge as the most respected financial services company in India. IRDA exams also help you to get basic domain understanding. Kranti Sinha joined the Board with effect from January Passing NCFM.

Business standard and Business Line daily. We take pride in our ability to add value that our customers can feel and appreciate. Internal auditor. IPO Centre coordinator. The investors who are willing to invest in a particular fund deposit the amount they plan to invest in the bank as directed by the AMC.

NFO process: From this point India info line came into the picture as the registrar. NFO Coordinator. These banks collect the application and amount and direct it towards the registrar specified by the AMC. The new fund is planned and sources from where it should be collected and where the amount should be invested is planned by the AMC. The role. Here the first time entry is done.

After receiving. Description of NFO process: Bank wise segregation: The India info line branches collect the applications of the investors across India and abroad for all the branches of the bank that is involved in this NFO. All the data on the application is entered into systems through software developed by India info line technology team called K-Bolt.

This is done for their convenience in doing back office functions easily. First Entry: After finishing binding of applications they are sent to Date Entry team. All the information or date of an investor India info line does this Binding because to keep all these applications safe. These applications are sent to India info line processing center.

IH Numbering: IH numbering is also called as In house Numbering. Binding of application is done by segregating them according to the bank and branch fro which they are received. All the applications that are received are given for binding. India info line gives this IH numbering to those applications. Later on. Here in online matching the physical form of application are kept side by an checking of data that was entered in the first entry and second entry is done..

Online Matching: After entering the data like applicant. First time CCL: Bank details. Mistakes like blank address.

PAN blank for amount greater than or equal to RS. Second Entry: After first entry the data is again sent for the second entry. First time verification: Data from online matching is sent to the verification team. Name blank. Here in second entry.

This team verifies mistakes that are left in online matching. Here they verify the check list once again and mistakes like invalid mode of folding MOH. But in total they will check more than 30 characters Second time verification: If the external auditing is not satisfied and if they find any mistakes or missing information they will send the first time CCL for second time verification.

Second time CCL: Second check the verification team prepares clearing after verifying the mistakes that are pointed out by the external audit team. After preparing second time CCL it is again sent to external audit team.

They are nowhere related to the organization. First Time CCL is prepared based on the data that is provided after first time verification. NRI with blank account type. External Audit: First time check-clearing list is sent to an external audit team. India info line appoints this team before the NFO processes. Integrity Check NFO team: First time check clearing list is in short is called as first time CCL. This external audit team will mainly check name of the investor. Integrity Check by Audit: After integrity check by the NFO team it is once checked by the internal audit team of India info line.

Check clearing list will be given by the external audit team to the NFO team in India info line This NFO team in India info line will once again check further mistakes like spelling mistakes in the name of the applicant etc.

Verification of Mismatch cases: Entire data is filtered at each and every step and finally it is given to the scanning team for scanning here scanning team will detect and rectify any further default values and mismatch cases. Scanning Default Values.

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Handling over the data to MFS: A sample statement of accounts SOA is prepared by this reconciliation team. Here this team will verify bank details of the investor like PAN number.. These rejected cheques are dispatched to the investors. Rejections and Cheque returns: Cheques of the investors are sent are sent by the balk to India info line Reconciliation team. It is prepared according to the suggestion given by AMC. Entire data after getting filtered at each and every step will be handing over to mutual fund services team.

Sample SOA verification by audit: Statement of accounts SOA is picked up randomly from a huge lot and the audit team does verification. Final data that they got after filtering the mistakes and default values is ported in the task MF. Porting in Task MF: Task MF is the software developed by India info line Technology team. This Task MF will resemble the style or Performa or outlook of the statement of accounts. This MFS team will once again verify the data and the final data will come out any mistakes and default values.

This verification will result in preparing a statement of accounts which in cent percent correct and exact. Allotment of units: Allotment of units is done as per the amount that is invested by investors.

This SOA contains data like: New Fund Report: Dispatch of SOA: Statement of accounts SOA once prepared is dispatched to the investor.

MBA Finance Project

Scheme Name. This new fund report has to be submitted to the AMC. India info line will finally prepare New Fund Report.

Occupation profile of applicants: This corroborates with the age profile of the applicants. It is found that professionals and retired are at the lowest. Age profile of the applicants: Particulars Below 18 Above 60 Total No.

The age profile of the applicants shows that the majority of the applicants fall into the age Group years and the percentage of them being Investment profile of the applicants: Particulars Above Total No. Scheme profile of applicants: Analysis of mode of payment: The mode of payment reflects upon the quality of applicants. Analysis of type of account: Particulars Male Female Total No. No payments have been found from NRO. Majority of the payments have been made from Savings Bank account SB.

Geographical distribution of applicants: Lowest numbers of applications are from Bihar and Chandighar. As mutual funds is the subject to market so people generally does not Like to give advice to others as it is a risky business. O Majority applications are from state of Maharastra O There were no NRO. O Almost all applicants make the payments by cheques. O The model age group is O About half of the applicants prefer Growth option.

Findings and conclusions: O Majority of the applicants are in service.

Finance pdf mba project

O The most common investment amount is O Majority the applicants are male. Suggestions and recommendations: A standardized form of application maybe designed by the competent authority and should be made mandatory for all funds to use the standard application form. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. P Bearing Roll No. Iwould also thank the principal of our college, P.

For providing an opportunity to undergo a project study program. I would like to thankMOHD. Procedure for launching of schemes: Disclosures in the offer document: Advertisement material: Misleading statements: The offer document and advertisement materials shall not be misleading or contain any statement or opinion, which are incorrect or false.

Listing of close ended schemes: Every close ended scheme shall be listed in a recognized stock exchange within six months from the closure of the subscription Provided that listing of close ended scheme shall not be mandatory.

Repurchase of close ended scheme: Vartika Gupta. Rajin Pc. Ashraf Cherumba. Pramod Dasade. Dinoop Devaraj. Deshma Rani. Shahin Dalwani. Mohit Garg. Babasab Patil Karrisatte. Sushil Kumar. Prashant John Barwa. More From amoramadi. Popular in Dividend.

mba projects pdf

Comparative rating Corporate lending Industry analysis and company analysis on a scenario basis, fight, growth potential and credit analysis debtor management Explore in risk management, banking, derivatives etc Universal banking, foreign exchange, pecuniary economics, mini- finance, rural finance The outcomes of financial constraints on corporate investment decisions and demand for liquidity Incorporated finance Primary budgeting Virtual finance Financial projecting and forecasting Organized finance Computational finance Optimization methods in finance Dependency on external finance: Alex Sander.

Arun K Ilangovan. Venki Gaja. Abhishek M Mumbai. Prashant John Barwa. Study Stuff. Ashraf Cherumba. Lokesh Tc. Royal Projects. Dinesh Kumar Karur.

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