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Add Document; Sign In; Register. Under a Vampire Moon. Home · Under a Vampire Moon Under a Vampire Moon (ARC). Read more · Under a Vampire Moon. download under a vampire moon - miaout17 - under a vampire moon pdf vampire killer is a platform game released by konami for the msx2 computer on october. If you need a under a vampire moon argeneau 16 lynsay sands, you can download them in pdf format from our vitecek.info file format that can be downloaded.

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Under a vampire moon an argeneau vampire novel argeneau vampires an argeneau novel argeneau vampire book 16 ebook free in pdf and epub format. Under A Vampire Moon Argeneau 16 Lynsay Sands vampire kisses graveyard games pdf - amodocs - vampire by ellen schreiber vampire. [PDF] Under a Vampire Moon: An Argeneau Novel. Under a Vampire Moon: An Argeneau Novel. Book Review. Completely essential study publication. This is.

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Just let it go. In this book we have Christian, a vampire that we met in Marguerite's book and who is awesome. He finds his life-mate, Caroly I thought it was fun. He finds his life-mate, Carolyn, while he and his family are at a resort in Saint Lucia.

Carolyn is in her 40's, so she feels like a perv for lusting after the guy who looks in his 20's and is slightly reluctant to be around him. I get that, Carolyn. You know, almost my age. It makes me feel less cougary. This was posted at my last birthday party location. Very funny, jerks! Lucky for Christian, his family is willing to "help" him win her. By telling her that he is gay. Yep, that helps. Nothing like having the woman you are lusting after thinking that you are competing with her over guys.

Carolyn is happy to be Christian's beard, and so begins the zaniness. Because, if television and movies have taught us anything, pretending to be gay is hilarious.

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Okay, maybe not so hilarious. Luckily, the gay thing wasn't OTT because Christian wasn't happy to be lying to her. He never does anything that would be offensive to gay people or "play it up"-type of stuff.

But, it does carry on a little longer than I would wish for. By the time he finally tells her, I was ready to scream. Not really, but you know - maybe mutter or something.

And then, the ending is left very very unresolved. I mean, they are together, but there are a lot of other things that are up in the air. There was a serious case of missing-epilogue going on. Maybe where a certain ex-husband gets killed by vampires View 2 comments. I find this book offensive. First you make a 42 year old woman "old" and wrinkly and obsessed with being too old to be seen with a man who looks to be in his mid to late 20s. She has been through a horrible marriage where she was lied to for years.

So what do you do? Let's lie to her about the Hero being gay and needing a Beard so his family will lay off him finding a woman. And convincing her to hang out with him as said Beard with him "acting" gay. Great found I find this book offensive. Great foundation for a relationship. Thanks Ms. Sands for insulting more than half the population. View all 24 comments. For me, this book was a fast, funny and entertaining read but nothing I'll remember tomorrow.

I usually enjoy a light read every now and then, but this one was maybe a bit too shallow. I was extremely mad at how the idea I had from all the previous books about the Hero was completely disfigured. Christian Notte was a character that had absolutely intrigued me since he first appeared.

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I used to think he was so interestin 2. I used to think he was so interesting, male and alpha. Well, in this book we see him faking being gay to be able to spend some time with his heroine.

I don't know, this kinda ruined everything I liked about him I wasn't happy about the older heroine either. I just can't concentrate about what an amazing couple they are if comments like 'everybody is staring at them because she seems like his mother' are constantly being mentioned. Still, it was a nice read, I don't regret reading it. I think that this author can do much better though because she has done so in the past.

I just can't wait for the next time she presently surprises me, in the meantime I'll just keep reading the rest of this funny installments in between. View all 7 comments. Carolyn is getting over a bad marriage with a trip to St. Lucia with her friend, Beth. Unfortunately Beth falls ill and Carolyn is on her own. At least until she meets Marguerite who knows she is a mate for her son, so she gets his band booked so they can meet.

But Carolyn has been mentally beaten down by her ex and she might admire Christian, but thinks he is way too young for her.

His cousin decides his best chance to get to know Carolyn is to pretend to be gay and have Carolyn be his "beard" f Carolyn is getting over a bad marriage with a trip to St. His cousin decides his best chance to get to know Carolyn is to pretend to be gay and have Carolyn be his "beard" for his family. It was a cute story. I really liked the band and wish they had a bigger role.

The whole idea of fated mates is getting old, but it was nice they had to get to know each first this time. Apr 12, Jess rated it it was ok Shelves: Review posted: Her soon to be ex-husband was emotionally abusive and a schemer who only married her for her large inheritance. Enter the Argenea Review posted: She works her magic and gets Christian and his band to the vacation resort and sets up a meeting between the two. Carolyn absolutely does NOT want to be attracted to Christian, a man who looks to be in his mid-twenties.

Carolyn agrees and their fake relationship puts them together through much of the book. I had a really hard time liking the relationship between Carolyn and Christian based on lies from the start. Easy as that. For as much build up as there was during the whole story about Carolyn not knowing who Christian really was, it was resolved very quickly and way too easily. They provided some laughs throughout with their good natured banter, especially when it came to trying to keep up the ruse they had going about Christian and his pretend sexual preference.

Seeing the amount of page time the supporting characters received, I have to believe that Christian also received such a build-up in prior books. I came at this story as a stand-alone since I have not stayed current with this series and all 16 books. I thought it read well enough as a stand-alone, but I do wonder what fans of the series who have kept caught up will think about Christian and his story.

This was an ok read for me, parts were enjoyable, but overall I was underwhelmed with the relationship. View all 4 comments.

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Feb 28, Cindy rated it it was amazing. One who has discovered the perfect lifemate for him. Marguerite Argeneau is the bride honeymooning in the Caribbean with her new or new again husband, Julius Notte. Famous among her extended family as a matchmaker extraordinaire, she casually meets Carolyn.

After a quick stroll through her head Marguerite feels she will be perfect for Christian, her and Julius' year old son. The whys and wherefores for that are covered in another book: Vampire, Interrupted.

No, you don't have to have read it before this one, but you will probably want to after this one. So she arranges for Christian and his cousins to bring their band to the island to perform - and not so incidentally meet the lovely Carolyn. Christian is thrilled with Carolyn but Carolyn? She has issues, BIG issues, especially with a 42 year old almost-divorced woman getting obsessed with a hot stud boy toy in his 20s. So cousin Gia has the brilliant idea to tell Carolyn that Christian is gay - but in the closet - and would really appreciate her being his 'pretend' girlfriend while they are on the island.

Much merriment and frustration ensue It's a great book in the style of the earliest ones of this series. It's light and funny and we feel for poor Christian whose love life is being interfered with by both his parents and his cousins.

His attempts - and failures - to keep his desire in check definitely raise the sexual temperature! Carolyn's behavior seems to be a little odd - until the end of the book when the machinations of her soon-to-be-ex are revealed. So, witty dialog, nefarious and not so nefarious plots, lovely setting and hot romance - what's not to love? I'll be buying the ebook when it's out for my Kindle Jun 08, Elizabeth rated it it was ok Shelves: Carolyn is finally ready to move on after being in a bitter battle with her soon to be ex-husband for over two years Carolyn is finally ready to let lose with her friends in Island of St.

But when she gets there is seems to depress her even more,because around every corner there is a newly wed couple or a couple in love and all Carolyn wants to do now is get drunk with her friends.

But as it happens Carolyn can't even get drunk with her friends because one is sick and the o Disappointing: But as it happens Carolyn can't even get drunk with her friends because one is sick and the other one is busy trying to book a band.

Thats when she meets Margaret and Julius a happy couple who just happens to know a band who would love to play at the resort. When they arrive Christian is surprised to see that Carolyn is his life-mate but it won't be easy for him to convince her to give him a chance, since Christian looks around 25 and Carolyn is 40 and she refuses to fall for someone who looks younger than her, so now Christian has to convince her to give him a chance or he might just lose his life- mate.

I'm a huge fan of the Argeneau series, the books are all fun and quirky and make for a fun quick read but this book was just so off I almost didn't finish it. First of all I was so mad at the end of the book because I've been waiting for Christians book ever since I found out he was Margaret and Julians son. The book also sucked because Christian and Carolyn had no chemistry and the book was sooo It left me wondering what's going to happen between Christian and Carolyn and when is she going to turn into a vampire?

What are they planning to do with Carolyn ex-husband? Where are they going to live? There was a bunch of unanswered questions that I just plain hate this book and wish I would have skipped it. By far worst book in series and if your a fan of the series I advice you to skip this book. Oct 18, Megan rated it liked it. That ending sucked. I felt like it ending in the middle of a sentence.

It kind of felt like a slap to the face. I am honestly so upset about the ending because I actually liked the book. I liked the characters. View all 3 comments. Apr 07, Amy Jacobs rated it liked it Shelves: This is the book that Argeneau fans have been dying for! The author finally gives the fans the happily ever after for Christian Notte.

Christian is the son of Marguerite and Julius. When the married couple are on their honeymoon in St. Lucia, they run into Carolyn who is out celebrating her soon to be divorce. Marguerite instantly knows that Carolyn is the perfect mate for Christian since she has an knack for matching up immortals with life mates. Julius calls Christian and his cousins out to St This is the book that Argeneau fans have been dying for!

Julius calls Christian and his cousins out to St. Lucia to perform as a substitute band at the villa they are staying at. Carolyn finds Christian attractive, but she is hesitant on dating him due to the fact that he looks to be in his mid-twenties while she is in her forties. She does not want to look like a cougar to everyone. What Carolyn doesn't know is Christian is older than he appears since he is an Immortal.

To ease Carolyn's fear of dating an older man -- and to get her comfortable around Christian -- his family comes up with the idea of pretending he is gay and have Carolyn pose as 'beard'. Carolyn thinks Christian needs her to pretend to be his girlfriend to keep his family on the down low of being gay. Yes, the humor and fun is still part of the story, but I expected so much more for Christian and his life mate. I wanted action and drama so I could be swept away in the romance.

Unfortunately, the romance fell flat for me and I never could bring myself to enjoy Carolyn's character.

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While the family dynamics were humorous and fun to read about with the cover-ups and last minute ploys, I just didn't feel that the author gave it her all with Christian's story. Plus the ending was so rushed when Carolyn found out the truth that it felt as though the author did a rush job on it to get it finished. While I agree with recommending this book if you are a die hard fan as I am, don't expect it to blow you away and be a favorite of the series. Expect laughter, some romance thrown in, and an odd cast of characters.

Not bad, but definitely not my favorite of the series. View 1 comment. Apr 25, Becca rated it really liked it Shelves: I discovered Lynsey Sands and her wonderful Argeneaus after about the tenth book in the series was out.

I gobbled them all down one after the other and loved them. I do remember thinking they were getting a bit repetitive, but I simply loved this quirky family and the humor that Ms. Sands incorporates into her writing. Now that I read them as they come out, it's like revisiting great friends and catching up with their lives.

Under the Vampire Moon has the lovely matchmaker Marguerite, her husband I discovered Lynsey Sands and her wonderful Argeneaus after about the tenth book in the series was out. Under the Vampire Moon has the lovely matchmaker Marguerite, her husband Julius Notte, and four Notte cousins all trying to help Christian Notte win his life mate Caroline.

The help is dubious at best, as Caroline is informed that Christian is gay in order to help her relax and get to know him.

Caroline is a soon to be divorcee who is twenty years or so older than the age Christian looks to be. Keeping this charade going while Christian tries to win the skittish Caroline becomes a slapstick comedy of misunderstandings, close calls, and even pratfalls. It was very funny, very sweet, and quite sexy as well. I would like to have had more of an ending, view spoiler [to see what the outcome would be for Caroline's ex-husband and good friend.

I wish there had been more retribution for the ex and friend after their nefarious plan was discovered. It is well implied what will be happening after the end of the book, but I would have liked things more spelled out. The whole "I'm gay so you're safe with me" schtick is boring and trite. I found the heroes mother and father to be very overbearing and obnoxious.

Heck Christian is years old, I think he's figured out the whole dating thing and doesn't need mommy and daddy to hold his hand.

Luckily I really liked Christian and even Carolyn or it would have been a complete flop. Aug 06, Patricia rated it liked it Shelves: Read review here on BookExhibitionism. I thought they were a little too light, that something was always missing and that the fated mates "Trust the Nano"-message was getting old. Not only did it feel too convenient, it also bored me a little. But I also read almost all of her books one after another.

I am not saying that they are the best thing that has happened to the world, but after going a few months without any Argeneau Read review here on BookExhibitionism. I am not saying that they are the best thing that has happened to the world, but after going a few months without any Argeneau novels, I have to admit that I could really appreciate the light and funny setting and plot much more than before.

But maybe I was just in the right place. Lynsay Sands delivers in this novel what she has always done: A story about two different people falling in love despite their own issues. The heroine of this novel is Carolyn, a 42 yrs old human woman and a little bitter after her divorce. I didn't think she was as bitter as she perceived herself, but she did have issues to work through. The hero is Christian Notte, son of Marguerite and Julius, and vampire.

Of course, I do mean "what she has always done" quite literally, as it gets very hard to keep the couples apart. The stories merge into one big "stuff happened," and that's sorta bad. She felt that lusting after him was inappropiate because he, as far as she knew - and we readers know better - is a midtwenty gorgeous guy, and she.. So his family has this plan to make it look like he's gay and is if, because of his older brother's a semi-homophobe he wants to pretend that he's heterosexual, asking her to be his fake-girlfriend.

They think this is his only chance to be close to her without her feeling like a horrible person. It sounds unreasonable right now, but it actually makes..

Maybe some. I'm just too lazy to explain all of the details. In any case, she can relate and agrees. And for the record, I do think this book might righteously offend people because it's rather careless and insensitive.

What else is new? There are some funny lines and I'm really curious about Christian's cousins now. For those out there who already know Sands and love her: You'll probably love this one just as much.

The ending felt a little abrupt, but I'm pretty sure the whole story will crack you up. There is one of his cousins, and Carolyn thought he was gay. When he hears that he tries way too hard to show her that he isn't.

He talks in a super-deep voice, making her think that he has the flu, he thinks about cutting his hair, he emphasizes way too often how much he likes to look at pretty women etc. Mostly in the sense that even straight people will shake their head and mutter "Oh, straight people," but well.. For those looking for a funny guilty pleasure PNR and who are willing to ignore their moral compass: This one might be for you!

Future Self, if you're having a bad day, if you're feeling a little sorry for yourself, if you're in the mood..

Under a Vampire Moon

The Argeneaus have a way of cheering you up. You get annoyed about stuff and all, but it's still amusing. Even if you feel guilty about it afterwards. First Thoughts: Mostly because I just..

I had issues with it when I read the series last year, but I could finally appreciate the funny lines and actually interesting general worldbuilding in this one. Several things were too convenient, and the ending abrupt, but I think it gives long-time fans exactly what they want, while sucking new comers right into the story. It's funny, lovely, and altogether very entertaining.. As long as you don't question the story itself too much.

I think the Atlantis explanation was left out, though, this time, which was interesting. Either the copy I got wasn't finished at all yet, or this might be the first book in which Sands didn't explain everything again. Full review to come. Not gonna read more of this series ever since I noticed the rapey-vibes and Sands addressed it in her books by being sort of..

Under a Vampire Moon is the 16th book in the Argeneau series. While Christians mother is on her honeymoon, he receives a call that his band is needed to play at the resort. Marguerite is known for her abilities to sense life mates. Could Marguerite have found his? At the age of 42 Carolyn Connor is at the end of a very long and very ugly divorce. To cheer her up her best friend, Beth, decides to take her on a vacation to St. Luc Under a Vampire Moon is the 16th book in the Argeneau series.

Lucia, unbeknownst to her, is a honeymoon hot spot with candlelit dinners and Caribbean music. Watching all of the young and happy couples is enough to make any divorced single women depressed. The only single guys on the whole island are half of her age and that just makes her feel even older.

To her Christian Notte is just another young man who is too young for her comfort level. Christian is a member of the band playing at St. Lucia and when his cousin tells her he is gay and is in need of a beard she decides to go along. Christian has found his life mate. She is skittish and uncomfortable with, what she believes, is an age difference.

Of course, at years old it is definitely NOT in the way she things. You would think being a year old Immortal patience would be in abundance, but being forced to pretend he is gay is just plain torture. All he can think about is having his way with her. Can Christian keep it together and earn her trust enough to tell her the truth? Under a Vampire Moon was another win by Lynsay Sands.

In Lynsay Sands world vampires are not some creature of the night, they are the Immortal. They are scientifically altered humans from Atlantis. I love her original take on vampirism. This is one of my favorite series and Under a Vampire Moon did not disappoint. The characters are well formed and unique. I love the way the flow of the story pulls me in and keeps a smile on my face. I would suggest reading this whole series, but I do think this book could stand alone.

However, I think reading this book alone might cause some loss of depth in the story.

I loved the twist at the end and cannot wait for the next Argeneau story!! I am so disappointed now that this book is over! I have read almost every Lynsay Sands Book written! I really like her books.

This was Marguarites son, Christian, that she just found a few books ago. All of the Argeneaus are wealthy because of the businesses they run and have run for centuries. Christian has to pretend he's gay to get close to his running life mate.

Disappointment This one started out so good, and crashed and burned. It wasn't funny anymore. She didn't get changed at all. They just talked about it. The book just ended. I had no idea there was a problem at all, so it just seemed to be stuck in there at the last minute.

Moon under a pdf vampire

Just sad Boring and a creepy cougar afraid of cougaring. It wasn't descriptive on her behalf either which is unheard of for her books. One reason I like them is because I can see the characters. This one I had a cougar woman with blond hair and no head in my mind the whole time! Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

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