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This plugin enables the use of copy protected PDF documents in WordPress posts The CopySafe PDF Reader is a free download and can be distributed by . Proof of Protector license is required when ordering Domain Lock. Note: That the CopySafe PDF Reader is free to redistribute to. It can also convert protected PDF for display online, from a web page, using the web browser plugin included with the CopySafe PDF Reader. Such documents.

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Copysafe PDF Reader - PDF reader for copy protected PDF documents. CopySafe PDF software is a separate application to this Drupal module and a license is required to apply. Domain Lock on Reader & Plugin Downloads. Copysafe Web and CopySafe PDF plugins have been checked and verified for Moodle versions up to The only significant change required was a bugfix in.

To display on web pages a further license is required for domain lock. When editing a page or post, you may insert the short code by clicking on the [PDF] icon above the HTML editor toolbar where the cursor was last placed in the text area. After uploading or selecting an existing PDF class file from a previous upload , you can then nominate the security settings to use for the page or post. Different pages can use different security and display settings:. Most useful for corporate networks and others who need to limit access to certain types of web browsers, the default settings page allows you to nominate which ones you want to allow. Any browsers not qualifying will be redirected. You can also select from 3 modes, which can be changed at any time:.

The samples are not domain locked so they can be displayed on any site. If you have problems installing, email us from the www. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

CopySafe PDF Reader

View support forum. Donate to this plugin. Skip to content WordPress. Easy install requires WP Classic Editor. Embeds objects dynamically using JavaScript. Set varying levels of protection per page or post.

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Detects PDF plugin version for redirection and installation. Settings to control width and height of the browser reader area.

Safe from Print Screen and all screen capture software.

CopySafe PDF Module for WordPress CMS

PDF documents cannot be saved and displayed away from your website. After selecting a document you can then set the security options to apply to the page such as: Disable protection from PrintScreen and screen capture. Disable the option to view from computers using remote or virtual connections. Disable printing or set a print limit per session.

Copysafe PDF Reader 3.0 Details

Protected PDF documents for distribution by email, download and on disk are in. ENC format. Protected PDF documents for online viewing are in. CLASS format.

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ENC or. CLASS formats. Documents converted by an unlicensed demo version the Protector will have a watermark applied.

Plugin reader & copysafe pdf

DRM Portal software is available for installation on your Windows server. Once the document is selected, you can then nominate settings to apply to this particular page or post. The document file manager will list all uploaded document class files.

Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. Install the WordPress Classic Editor plugin.

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CopySafe PDF Protection

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