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Guru Gita (Hindi) Full - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Guru Gita in devanagari. Guru-Gita is a dialogue between Lord. श्री गुरुगीता (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Shri Guru Gita. Pages from the book Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation. Size: inch X inch. The couplets of this Guru Gita is the great remedy for the long lasting disease of birth and death. It is the Books. हिंदी (Hindi); English; తెలుగు (Telugu).

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Now the Guru Gita begins. OM asya śrī gurugītā stotramantrasya bhagavān sadāśiva țșiḥ. Mama catur vidha puruṣārtha siddhyarthe jape viniyogah. ITX | PDF | GIF | UNIC - rAmagItA 2 (Guru j~nana Vasishtha-Tattva Sarayana) Swami Satyeswarananda Vidyaratna Maharaj talks about Kabira Gita (Hindi. The Guru Gita (Song of the Guru) is a Hindu scripture that is said to have been authored by the Shri Guru Gita in English, Hindi, and MP3.

From Darkness to Light. The Guru Gita: The Song of the Guru. It opens the heart and stills the restless chatter of the mind through soaring poetic language, imagery, and striking symbolism. In reality, it goes far beyond this. It is the guru within us that recognizes the guru without.

To the left, the Goddess Shakti abides. Seated close by, her garment gently touches the Guru. I always bow to the Guru, who exudes bliss, who is pure and bright, whose nature is knowledge, and who is awake to the true Self. Lord of Yogis, adorable and worthy of worship, the Guru is the physician who cures the disease of the countless cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.

I bow to the Guru in whom the eternal cosmic processes of creation, sustenance, dissolution, regulation, and grace are present. As you arise each morning, repeat the Guru's mantra with your mind fixed at the crown of your head.

There, the Guru, the two-eyed, two-armed god of peace abides, seated on a white lotus, granting the boon of fearlessness. There is nothing greater than the Guru, nothing greater than the Guru, nothing greater than the Guru. There is nothing greater than the Guru.

This is the doctrine of Siva, the teaching of Siva, the declaration of Siva. This is the. The Guru is Siva. Without a doubt, the Guru is Siva. The Guru truly is Siva. Be assured, the Guru is Siva. By my authority I proclaim this. This is my teaching. This is my doctrine. This is my creed. By meditating on the Guru in this manner, supreme knowledge bursts forth spontaneously. One should purify the mind by following the path shown by the Guru. Do not cling to things that are transient, which you have imagined to be qualities of the Self.

There is no other way to liberation. O Great Goddess! Those who scorn the Guru even after hearing these teachings go to a place of dreadful torment for as long as the sun and moon exist. One should never forget the Guru, even if one attains Self-realization. Wise disciples should never utter what is not completely true or speak discourteously or with disrespect in front of the Guru. Those who speak to the Guru with egoism or anger, or engage in arguments with the Guru, will lose what wisdom they have gained.

They will be reborn in a waterless land with no interest in the highest Truth, or as spirits who oppose the Truth or, who are adversaries of humanity. O Parvati! The Guru protects one from malicious interference from envious ascetics, heretics, and even gods. The Guru also safeguards one from fear at the time of death.

Gita in guru hindi pdf

Even the gods, ascetics, and other beings that have the power to curse are powerless in the presence of the Guru. There is no doubt that their malicious interference ends and they soon perish by the intervention of the Guru. O Goddess!

The two-syllable word, 'Guru' is the king of all mantras. It is the essence of the highest scriptures and sacred wisdom, and leads to the highest state. Indeed, those who are devoted servants of the Guru can be regarded as true renunciates even if they are ignorant of the scriptures.

All others are merely wearing renunciates' robes. Just as one lamp lights another, the Guru awakens knowledge of the eternal imperceptible Brahman, who appears as everything in creation, but is itself without form or attributes. Perceive the joyous Self through the gift of the Guru's grace. Knowledge of the Self arises through this path. I bow to the Guru who is the creative power of the universe and who permeates the entire the universe - all that moves and that is unmoving - from a blade of grass to the highest Self.

I always bow to the Guru who is Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss, who is beyond all multiplicity, eternal, complete, without form, without attributes, and who abides in the Self. Meditate on the Guru, who is beyond all beyonds and the bestower of bliss, as residing in the center of your heart, pure and bright as crystal.

Have no doubt that as the image of a crystal is reflected in a mirror, so also, reflected in a tranquil, clear, and one-pointed mind is the bliss of the Self. Listen as I describe the state that arises when meditating on the Self. Reflect on it as all pervading knowledge and light, the size of a thumb, residing in the heart.

As the fragrance of flowers and camphor is natural to them, as cold and heat are natural phenomena, so is eternity natural to Brahman.

Hindi guru gita pdf in

Having become one with Brahman, one may abide anywhere, firm in that realization. Just as larvae unfold their true nature as bees by incessantly meditating on the nature of a bee, one who meditates on the Guru as Brahman becomes Brahman.

In pdf hindi gita guru

There is no doubt about this. Parvati then asked: O Great Lord, please further define for me pinda, pada, and rupa. And what is beyond rupa? Siva said: Pinda is the latent power of evolution within; pada, is breath and the life force; and rupa is the subtle cause of all physical forms.

Guru Gita (Hindi) Full

Beyond rupa is Brahman, the Pure. One no longer identifies with the physical form and is liberated. But those who go beyond even all these are truly free. Having become one with all there is, one can perceive the highest Truth. There is nothing greater than the highest. All that exists has no other abode. On having caught sight of the Highest Truth by the Guru's grace, one should resolutely continue, maintain a tranquil, balanced mind, and completely let go of all cravings and attachments.

Whatever you acquire or do not acquire, whether it is great or small, enjoy it with a mind that is contented and without cravings. The awakened ones say that having attained the all-knowing state, the embodied soul becomes one with everything.

Gita in guru hindi pdf

Ever blissful and tranquil, such a one rejoices everywhere. Moreover, wherever the knower of Brahman lives, that place becomes a vessel for all that is auspicious, good, and holy. Thus I have described to you the characteristics of a liberated being.

I have also explained to you the proper course for knowing the true nature of the Guru. And I have fully explained how devotion to, and meditation on, the Guru bestows liberation.

O Great Self! I shall now speak of what can be accomplished by recitation of the Guru Gita. This song is not meant for obtaining fleeting, worldly gains, but to bring the highest benefit to all beings in all the worlds. Those who strive for worldly gain and who lack insight sink into the ocean of worldly limitations and transitory existence, but knowers of the Highest Truth are not bound by their actions, whatever they may be. But if one reads or hears this Guru Gita with an attitude of devotion; or if one even makes a copy of it and offers it to another, it produces all fruits.

Without a doubt, regular repetition of this song destroys the disease of transitory existence. Repeat the Guru Gita in which every letter, every sound, every syllable is imperishable, radiant, and powerful. All other mantras are not worth even one-sixteenth part of one letter of the Guru Gita. Infinite and endless are the rewards obtained by repeating the Guru Gita. Bondage from all past wrongdoings is destroyed and all hardships come to an end.

It removes the fears of time and death, and all misfortune. It erases the fear of ghosts, demons, evil spirits, thieves, and wild beasts. It destroys powerful, resistant diseases, bestows all prosperity and makes perfection possible. More importantly, it subdues ignorance. Repeat it always. Repeating it while seated on cloth brings lack; on stone, disease; on the earth, unhappiness; and on wood, it becomes useless.

Repeating it while seated on a black deerskin, one attains knowledge; while on a tiger skin, the treasure of liberation. Sitting on sacred kusha grass brings wisdom, and a seat of wool brings all attainments. O Goddess, repeat this song with a one-pointed mind on an auspicious seat covered with a pure, spotless, wool blanket. O Beloved, one should use a white seat for attaining peace, a red one for self control, a black one to eliminate malevolent spirits, and a yellow one to attract wealth.

Repeat the Guru Gita facing North to attain peace, East for self-control.

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Face South to destroy all adversities, West to attain prosperity. The Guru Gita has the power to enthrall all creatures, and to liberate them from bondage. One becomes the beloved of gods and rulers. All planes of existence become one's dominion.

It has the power to subdue harmful attributes while increasing beneficial ones; destroy the fruits of pain-bearing deeds while bringing forth the fruits of deeds that are painless. It brings to perfection all righteous acts. It removes the fear of the influences of the planets, destroys bad dreams and makes good dreams come true. It bestows the highest peace under all circumstances, grants righteous children to the barren, averts widowhood, and brings good fortune.

It grants long life, good health, wealth, children, and grandchildren. A widow who repeats the Guru Gita without selfish desire gains liberation. Even if she repeats it while harboring desire, she obtains non-widowhood in the next birth. All fears, suffering, and obstacles will be destroyed. All malicious interference will be removed. It brings tranquility where obstacles and torment once prevailed.

It grants prosperity, the fulfillment of virtuous desires, righteousness, and liberation. Without a doubt, one definitely obtains all that one could desire. The Guru Gita is the Wish-fulfilling Cow for those who desire objects, the Wish-fulfilling Tree for those who cherish all that can be imagined, and the Wish-fulfilling Gem for those disturbed by anxious thoughts.

The Guru Gita creates auspiciousness in every way, and for everyone. For those whose goal is liberation, who repeat it daily, the radiance of liberation will be attained. Those who repeat it desiring enjoyments will no doubt also attain the fruits of their desires.

Lord Siva. O Goddess, it brings all attainments. What I say is true.

Guru Gita - Wikipedia

Now I shall describe the places to repeat it to achieve that which is longed for: Or in a temple devoted to the Divine Mother, in any place made holy by worship of the Divine, in an ashram, where cows reside, under the holy banyan or gooseberry trees, in a garden of holy basil plants. Or in any pure, clean place, repeat the Guru Gita regularly with your mind focused and at peace. By reciting this Guru Gita in a cremation ground or other places that inspire fear in most people, or near the root of a banyan or thorn-apple tree, or close to a mango tree, one gains success.

As children are cherished by their parents, so too are disciples loved and cared for by the Guru. Even those who are ignorant or dull reach perfection in all righteous actions, initiations, vows, and challenging disciplines.

Others cannot. The wise, who understand the nature of life, always bathe in the waters of the Guru Gita to wash away the impurities of this fleeting world of sense objects and desires, and to become free from the endless cycles of rebirth. The one whose knowledge of the Absolute Truth is constant and complete is truly the Guru. There is no doubt that wherever the Guru dwells becomes a holy place. The Guru remains pure, holy, and immersed in Self-realization in every place.

Without a doubt, wherever the Guru stays, the multitude of gods also dwell. Recite the Guru Gita while seated in a meditation posture, while lying down, walking, standing, speaking, riding a horse or elephant, whether attentive and with devotion, or distracted and without feeling. Sanskrit Terms Defined in English. SUNY Press. Retrieved from " https: Hindu texts Bhakti movement Sanskrit texts Hindu theology stubs. Hidden categories: All stub articles.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 21 July , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Part of a series on. Shruti Smriti. Explore other books at http: A compilation of summary of contents in individual Gitas from different souces is made at http: Gita Suchi Gita Library Calcutta It contains a long list of 'Anya Gitas' starting from page Learn Gita grammar or Sanskrit through Gita at sites 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5.

Visit scanned copies of different Gitas with commentaries. Converted Devanagari display available if willing to proofread. Complete text is available at http: Composed by Dattatraya Ananta Apte in This composition is from the swaninarayan sampradaya. From the same samprAdAya following at http: The Mahimandala Gita is in Odia. It is written by Santha Arakhita Das approximate. Read a short article about this book.

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