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Origin and meaning of pdf: by , initialism (acronym) for portable document format, a generic term. See more. In later times the subject of English etymology has for the most part been treated as a subordinate department in the dictionaries of the language, and the choice. This dictionary forms part of the project Indo-European Etymological the project is to compile a new and comprehensive etymological dictionary of the.

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even for an etymological dictionary, but the system I have devised has small British etymological dictionary: words that, little known in Britain, form part of the. An etymological dictionary of the English language ().pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Title: An. Thus Richardson's Dictionary is an admirable store-house of quotations . In many cases, writers of ' etymological ' dictionaries do not trouble to learn even the .

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. A Critical Review. Zaidan A Jassem. The review draws on my research experience in using the dictionary as the main reference in my investigations on establishing the Arabic origins of English and Indo-European languages since see Jassem

Arabic Etymological Dictionary.

Andras Rajki. Version 2.


August [Akk abu, Heb av] Per ab ab: April [from Lat aprilis] absala: March [Akk adaru, Heb adar] Per adhar borrowed from Ara adhia: August [from Lat augustus] ahala: Sunday [wahhada] Ful alad, Ind Ahad borrowed from Ara ahhkama: Beduin [badia] Ind badui, Per badawi borrowed from Ara badda: Beduins [badia] Ind Badui borrowed from Ara badzr: Jupiter [from Per Berjis] birka: Amh bunna coffee ] Per bon, Swa buni borrowed from Ara bunni: Thursday [chamsa] Ful alhamisa, Ind kamis, khamis, Per chamis borrowed from Ara chamma: Tigris [from Sum] Per Dajle borrowed from Ara dik: December [from Fre decembre] diwan: Dutch [from Dutch vleming] falanka: February [from Lat februarius] fida: Syr paga] fikr: Persia [from Per] furssa: Ita fossata] fustuq: Akk ettu be dark ] ghatta: Uga hhrr burn ] hharatha: June [Syr cheziran] hhazuma: European [from Germanic frank] Hin farangi, Per firangi borrowed from Ara ifratt: Hausa gaba enmity ] ighma: Monday [thana] Ind Isnin borrowed from Ara ithnani: Chadic kap all ] kafahha: EthSem l-q-t] laqia: Cushitic mol brother, friend ] mala: March [from Lat martius] marisz: Christian [masahha] Hin masihi, Per masihhi borrowed from Ara masir: Amh moged] Hin mauj, Per mauj borrowed from Ara maujud: May [from Lat maius] mayyit: Mars [?

Jupiter [?

Moslem [salama] Hin muslim borrowed from Ara mussab: November [from Lat november] nufudh: Hausa qetara cross a river ] Per qanttare borrowed from Ara qanun: February [shubatt] Per sabatt borrowed from Ara sabba: Slavic [from Lat sclavus] Per saqlabi borrowed from Ara saqqa: Find out where the words bungalow and assassin came from, what nice meant in the Middle Ages and much more.

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