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P.C. Cast und Kristin Cast Betrogen: House of Night 2 Roman Wir widmen dieses Buch unserer Freundin und Presseagentin. gmt revealed house night novel novels pdf - house of night is a series of young adult vampire-themed house of night revealed pc cast pdf. house of night revealed pc cast ebook - pdfsdocuments2 - house of night revealed pc cast vitecek.info free download here revealed house of night.

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house of night revealed pc cast ebook - pdfsdocuments2 - house of night revealed createassociates - house of night revealed pdf preparing the books to read. acknowledgments - readers stuffz - a house of night novel (book 1) by pc cast and to attend the house of night boarding house of night revealed pc cast pdf. House of Night has 45 entries in the series. Revealed. House of Night (Series). Book P. C. Cast Author Kristin Cast Author (). cover image of.

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Seoras Wallace, the doughty Scottish historian who provided P. Cast with a background on Scottish mythology , became her boyfriend, and the Burned character of Sgiach's consort is modelled on him. The following lists a number of the characters in House of Night. In November , it was announced that the film rights to House of Night had been acquired by producer Samuel Hadida 's production company, Davis Films and will be distributed by Lionsgate.

Cast also said through her live stream chat that she confirmed for five movies. Currently, an outline of the screenplay has been written. The authors, Kristen and P.

Cast, have been unable to get in contact with the producer therefore there are no known future plans for the movies as of now.

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Cast announced on her website that a graphic book adaptation of the House of Night series, titled House of Night: Legacy , would be published in monthly issues by Dark Horse Comics starting the November 9, The comic book spanned five issues, each relating to a different element.

The action takes place between Marked and Betrayed concerning Zoey's struggle to become a good leader for the Dark Daughters. To help her learn, Nyx places five tests in her way, each dealing with a story from The Fledgling Handbook The series has received generally good reviews, reaching 5th in the New York Times Children's Bestsellers list. The sixth novel in the series, Tempted , went on sale in October, with a first printing of a million copies, [40] entered the USA Today bestseller list that week at 1.

In Henderson Junior High School in Stephenville, Texas , banned the entire series from its libraries, including the books that had yet to be written for "sexual content and nudity". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Other World Loved Lost. The San Francisco Chronicle. Archived from the original on July 20, Retrieved 2 April Cast interview at OSU Tulsa". Cast interview". Archived from the original on Retrieved The Star. Cast interview May 3, ". Cast; Kristin Cast Help me know the right thing to do and then give me the courage to do it.

We all have bad things inside us, and we all choose either to give in to those bad things or to fight them. Cast's blog with photos of Tulsa Depot". Joseph Monastery website". Cast Blog , 6: June 23, CS1 maint: Cast's Website: Latest News". Retrieved 11 July Cast official blog for Feb. USA Today. Children and Young Adult Literature portal. House of Night by P.

Cast and Kristin Cast. Dragon's Oath. Retrieved from " https: American vampire novels American young adult novels Contemporary fantasy novels Culture of Tulsa, Oklahoma Fantasy novel series Horror novel series House of Night series Novels set in Oklahoma Novels set in Tulsa, Oklahoma Paranormal romance novels Obscenity controversies in literature Young adult novel series. Hidden categories: Archived copy as title Webarchive template wayback links Articles with dead external links from May Namespaces Article Talk.

I have an issue with making fun of serious is If you were looking for books that embody rape culture , slut-shaming and overall being a terrible human being - this book is for you. I have an issue with making fun of serious issues , but it's only because I want to shred light on an issue. To publish a book , with a person speaking like this is not only rude , and ignorant but leaves a bad impression to the young women who read this.

While , I agree that teens shouldn't have sex. I am at no position to degrade another person for getting more game than me. That's what men are for.

Men already give enough shame to women they sleep with. Before calling someone dirty , just look at the filth on your hands. Stop Slut Shaming. Stop it now.

I am not a slut for wearing a short skirt. I believe that women are more than their bodies. And you should teach young pre-teens that what you do with your body , is your business. No offense, but Zoey in this situation - they are using it as incense. For religious reasoning.

View all 13 comments. Jul 25, Nasom rated it did not like it Shelves: I can't believe there are 12 books of her as the MC. This is where I stop with this series - First of all, Zoey is such a hateful person. She thinks she is somehow better than them. Her group of friends are like her and there was no one person amon Full Review Wow, I really hated this book, more specifically, I hated Zoey. Her group of friends are like her and there was no one person amongst them that I actually liked - I know having a special MC is a thing in Ya but this was just ridiculous.

The special snowflake syndrome was real in this. This book actually removed all the good parts of being a vampire the transformation, having fangs, just overall, looking scary. Honestly, these people seemed more like witches with their circles and sayings and less like vampires - the romance was laughable.

Why did erik like her?? I honestly thought he was up to something maybe he is in later books because I just couldn't fathom such devotion to someone he didn't really know and wasn't even likeable. Overall, this book was lame, the vampires were pathetic, the characters were hateful, the MC is unlikeable and i hope she dies at the end Pre-reading For someone who had a vampire-obsessed stage, I can't believe Twilight was the only vampire book I read.

I hope to change that with this lol. View all 55 comments. Jul 07, Wildbriar rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Absolutely nobody. To be quite honest, I almost don't know what to say, or how to say it. I read just under half of Marked this morning, then set it gently aside and stared at the wall in a numb silence for a while. Perhaps, in hindsight, I should have thrown it. Marked is, quite simply, the worst book I have ever read in my entire life.

Forget one star, this book has achieved negative stars from me. The horror began with the Acknowledgements. Cast actually thanked her daughter for making sure they sounded li To be quite honest, I almost don't know what to say, or how to say it.

Cast actually thanked her daughter for making sure they sounded like teenagers. She actually thanked — for making sure — excuse me please while I go and die in a corner. I didn't exactly laugh, but the further I got into this book, the more horribly ironic that comment became.

I have never heard teenagers speak this way, and with such unrelenting consistency. And all the pathetic pop culture name-dropping! And so the hell never ended, from the Acknowledgements to page , where I gave up. One of the author comments on the back proclaims Marked's hot and funny darkness. You start to go mad, losing your mind as you bump into walls trying to find where you left your last remaining torch with full batteries.

It's about as funny as stubbing your toes on the corner of a shelf, several times in a row. That is what it was like reading Marked, painfully navigating my way through it trying to find a plot, character development, tension, excitement, drama, hell anything!

The characters, I loathed the characters! Caricatures, the lot of them, and I hated them all, right down to the very last one. I am not going to go into all the tiny details that made me want to kill somebody, but I can at least say that I have finally found a protagonist that I hate more than Nora Grey and Bella Swan.

There is nothing in Zoey's head, nothing, except for rotting goo and the odd dead centipede. I could hear my brain cells screaming in protest as they were forced, time and time again, to read each heinous sentence, each word of gut-wrenchingly awful dialogue. Never in a million years did I think I would advocate World Book Burning Day, but if we had one Marked should be the first to go up in smoke; off to Tree Heaven, free at last from being bound in this absolute travesty of a book.

View all 11 comments. Mar 25, Penny rated it it was ok Shelves: I know, I can't believe I read this book either. What's worse? I've read all of them--the six that have been published. Because I'm a moron, that's why. Seriously, this is the worst YA vampire--I mean vampyre--series I've read so far. While there are elements in this series that are interesting, it's nothing special. I mean, vampyres that control the elements? Come on! Richelle Mead already did that, just much, much, much better. Much better.

Why not just write a book about witches? Becaus I know, I can't believe I read this book either. Because these vampyres aren't all that vampyre-y, especially the further you get in the series. Sure they drink blood, but they do magic--drawing circles, calling the elements--more often then not.

And the slang used? Makes me cringe. It's so lame and forced. And--just stupid. I haven't read any of P. Cast's other books--the books she wrote by herself.

But I've read a short story written by Kristen Cast. Love Stories with Bite , I kind of think she's the reason this series sucks so badly.

I'm just sayin'. View all 12 comments. Aug 05, Lina rated it did not like it Recommends it for: People who want to be insulted. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I would like to thank the House of Night Series for showing me that, making nonsensical pop culture references and mocking my target audience will create an instant bestseller. Claiming that goths don't bathe and emos are freaks is the absolute best thing to do in a series that sports covers gothier than Marylin Manson post-Spooky Kids.

Calling any number of girls ho's, for no reason other than jealousy, and being racially insensitive is the sure way to go. Thank you Marked by P.

Redeemed (House of Night)

This rancid, insulting, mock of a book should be hung, drawn and quartered and then burned to somehow purify its rancid shallow soul. The NYT Bestselling status means nothing anymore. Any self-indulgent piece of "poopie" as our protagonist says can become a bestseller with the right cover and fan-dumb.

The success of this book especially upsets me when Infinite Days remains mostly untouched by readers. Thus, proving that if the world does end in it wouldn't be that great of a loss since human creativity has reached its peak. House of Night is about an arrogant -itch named Zoey Redbird, who gets marked by a vampire tracker and becomes the chosen one. I refuse to acknowledge her spelling of vampire as vampyre, you are not John William Polidori and any affiliation with his work I rebuke in the name of Heath Ledger.

In the world of HoN, vampirism is a type of virus that infects an individual and the only place to ease the virus is at the HoN school. However, there is a chance a fledgling's body might reject the change and start oozing blood from their pours. Think Jet Li's Kiss of the Dragon without the cool factor of an interesting protagonist. From chapter one, Zoey comes off as unlikable, shallow, egotistical and ignorant.

When it is revealed that her ex-almost boyfriend is slowly developing a drinking problem she is only concerned that he is going to get fat. Then, on the same page chastises her "best-friend" for being shallow. I'm sorry, but I don't want to go out with a guy whose main focus in life has changed from trying to play college football to trying to chug a six-pack without puking. Not to mention the fact that he's going to get fat from all that beer.

I was feeling a little dizzy and forced myself to take slow, deep breaths when the coughing fit was over. Not that K-babble noticed. Heath, fat! Not a visual I want. Too bad he's so hot. However when K says that he's hot, that is shallow because K-babble is not as deep as our Gossip-Girl reading lead! Do vampyres play chess? Were there vampyre dorks? How about Barbie-like vampyre cheerleaders?

Did any vampyres play in the band? Were there vampyre Emos with their guy-wearing-girl's-pants weirdness and those awful bangs that cover half their faces? Or were they all those freaky Goth kids who didn't like to bathe much? Was I going to turn into a Goth kid? Or worse, an Emo? I didn't particularly like wearing black, at least not exclusively, and I wasn't feeling a sudden and unfortunate aversion to soap and water, nor did I have an obsessive desire to change my hairstyle and wear too much eyeliner.

K's eyes teared up again, but, thankfully, her cell phone started singing Madonna's "Material Girl. At least we know the Cast's favorite Madonna track.

I didn't want to do either. I just wanted to attempt to be normal, despite the burden of my mega- conservative parents, my troll-like younger brother, and my oh-so-perfect older sister. I wanted to pass geometry. But most of all, I wanted to fit in—at least at school. Home had become hopeless, so all I was left with were my friends and my life away from my family. Now that was being taken away from me, too. Or by not normal do you mean cool? High-pitched girl giggles flitted to me from the parking lot.

Kathy Richter, the biggest ho in school, was pretending to smack Heath. I stared at the exotic-looking tattoo. Mixed with my strong Cherokee features it seemed to brand me with a mark of wildness…as if I belonged to ancient times when the world was bigger…more barbaric.

Are you implying that your Cherokke heritage is barbaric? Lemme guess, you love Dances With Wolves Right? I never liked him. I'm not just saying that se I can't stand him now.

From the first day I met him I saw only one thing—a fake. He fakes being a nice guy. He fakes being a good husband. He even fakes being a good father. He looks like every other dad-age guy. He has dark hair, skinny chicken legs, and is getting a gut. His eyes are like his soul, a washed-out, cold, brownish color. I walked into the family room to find him standing by the couch. My mother was crumpled near the end of it, clutching his hand.

Her eyes were already red and watery. She was going to play Hurt Hysterical Mother. It's an act she does well. John had begun to attempt to skewer me with his eyes, but my Mark distracted him. His face twisted in disgust. It was done to me. Every scientist on the planet agrees with that.

They are not men of God. He was an Elder of the People of Faith, a position he was oh, so proud of. Thank you Cast duo. I will right my Anglican ways. It made me glad that it was the end of October and it had finally turned cool enough for me to wear my Borg Invasion 4D hoodie sure, it is a Star Trek: The real fans will know what your talking about and the other people can remain blissfully ignorant. It was incredibly weird to look down on myself.

I wasn't scared. But I should be, shouldn't I? Didn't this mean I was dead? Maybe I'd be able to see the Cherokee ghosts better now. Even that thought didn't scare me. Actually, instead of being afraid it was more like I was an observer, as if none of this could really touch me.

Kinda like those girls who have sex with everyone and think that they're not going to get pregnant or a really nasty STD that eats your brains and stuff. You're shitting me right?

Her hair was deep red—not that horrid carrot- top orange-red or the washed-out blond-red, but a dark, glossy auburn that fell in heavy waves well past her shoulders. This woman's body was perfect because she was strong, but curvy. And she had great boobs. I wish I had great boobs.

Speaking of boobs—I was totally sounding like one. Boob…hee hee. You'll always want me! I shouldn't be there. I shouldn't be seeing this. I tore my eyes from his bloody thigh and took one step back. The guy's eyes lifted. He saw me. And then something truly bizarre happened. I could feel his touch through our eyes.

I couldn't look away from him. The girl in front of him seemed to disappear, and all there was in the hallway was him and me and the sweet, beautiful smell of his blood. That's not how it looks now," she said with a nasty purr in her voice. Yes, I was aware of the whole oral sex thing. I doubt if there's a teenager alive in America today who isn't aware that most of the adult public think we're giving guys blow jobs like they used to give guys gum or maybe more appropriately suckers.

Okay, that's just bullshit, and it's always made me mad. Of course there are girls who think it's "cool" to give guys head. Those of us with functioning brains know that it is not cool to be used like that. Look I have no problem with girls who are into the whole abstinence thing and don't like oral sex.

That is fine. However, please do not assume that every girl who enjoys oral sex does it because she is being "used". Believe it or not women have control over their bodies. She was a tiny blonde and darn near perfect.

Actually, she reminded me of a young version of Sarah Jessica Parker who I don't like, by the by —she's just so…so…annoying and unnaturally perky. Welcome to your new home. Instantly I felt bad for making a negative comparison about her. Okay, maybe I hadn't been too hasty in my comparison. How could anyone normal choose Aphrodite as her name? Talk about delusions of grandeur. I plastered a smile on my face, though, and said a bright, "Hi Aphrodite! Aphrodite's laugh, followed by her perky, "Of course I'd be happy to show her around!

You know I'm always glad to help you, Neferet," was as fake and cold as Pamela Anderson's humongously huge boobs, but Neferet just nodded in response and then turned to face me. You scorn every girl as a slut or a ho, but you read Gossip Girl? He had a smooth face that was totally zit free, and dark brown hair and eyes that reminded me of a baby deer.

Actually, he was cute. In less than pages, this heroine has become my least favorite character in the book and life. It only gets worse from here ladies and gents, but I will not subject you to more of it. My problem with Zoey is not simply that her personality is vile, which doesn't help.

I mentioned this before, but I'd rather have a protagonist with a personality I didn't like, then one with none at all. Zoey's voice seems like nothing more than just the writers' blowhole. She calls everyone a slut and even thinks of herself as one for kissing a boy she likes on the lips. I loved the way my body fitted his, hard against soft, and I pressed myself against him, forgetting about Aphrodite and the circle I'd just cast and the entire rest of the world.

This time when we broke off the kiss we were both breathing hard, and we stared at each other. As my sense started to return to me I realized that I was totally smushed against him and that I'd been standing there in front of the dorm making out like a slut. I started to pull out of his arms. Why do you suddenly look different? This mother-daughter team seeped this book with so much propaganda, Lenin would grimace. It's not even creatively done. As shown above all their personal opinions are just shoved in there with pop culture references that doesn't flow and dates their books.

The vampires in this book are lame. Not Twilight lame, no sparkles, however there is nothing that differentiates them from humans other than body art. Blood-lust doesn't even effect vampires until they reach their late 5th-6th year of vampirism, other young vamps, except our lead Zoey, doesn't like the taste of blood.

It's just a bunch of good-looking people at some preppy boarding school. In this universe vampires are "out" and apparently run the arts; Kenny G is a vampire as is Shiana Twain. There is a Christian-sect church that is against the vampires called, The People of Faith.

Vamps worship the Goddess Nyx and perform gratuitous neo-pagan magic. Nothing connects in this book. It's all bits and pieces of stupidity. Vampire Sociology ? Epic Fail, thy name is House of Night.

You want to read about a vampire school: Vampire Academy Final Grade: D- You might be wondering why this book didn't get a flat out F, well that is because the main character, while a Sue in the works, was actually assertive. I was also interested in reading more about Aphrodite, since as the antagonist will most likely end up being the smartest character. Other than that, besides good ideas, this book is a collage of misses.

The friendships are shallow, the relationship-in-progress is shallow and our main lead is shallow. Spoilers have even shown me that Zoey will end up juggling three boys at once?

Of pdf house revealed the night

Shallow and a hypocrite. Our protagonist ladies and gents. Yeah, bestseller my ass. This is supposed to be a movie soon? God help me. View all 20 comments. Feb 16, Miranda rated it did not like it. This probably one of the worst books I have ever read It was horrible. The writing was stupid. If you like to read a grown woman try to talk like a teenager then this is for you.. I hated it. I mean I felt stupid after reading some of this.

They compared people to Paris Hilton, and Ashton Kutcher, they brought oral sex into and they didn't just briefly talk about it they made it stretch out over a couple of chapters. M This probably one of the worst books I have ever read My daughter will not read these books.

Heck I don't even think adults would want to read this.. If you want a good series read Twilight or Blue Bloods series. Sep 23, Katy Johnson rated it it was ok. This was a really quick read, made even quicker by skipping over the pages of repetitive neo-pagan-vampyre rituals which I could have done entirely without. The author is clearly trying to win over the wiccan-teen demographic, while appealing to those who loved the Twilight series.

What bugged me most about this one was the author's attempt to address every controversial teen issue imaginable, while instilling good morals without being condescending.

She managed, but honestly, the random comme This was a really quick read, made even quicker by skipping over the pages of repetitive neo-pagan-vampyre rituals which I could have done entirely without. She managed, but honestly, the random commentary on sex, drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, religious fundamentalism, paganism, etc.

I'm all about being honest with young adult readers, but you also have to give them some credit and trust they will be able to decipher subtlety.

I plan to read the rest of the series, not because the story was terribly alluring, or the characters very interesting, but because I'd like to see if the author evolves as a writer. I'm also interested in seeing whether she decides to scratch her attempts at "relating" to young readers by dropping pop culture references awkwardly throughout the novel Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashley Simpson, America's Next Top Model, Steve Madden flats View all 5 comments.

Jun 13, Mel who is deeply in love with herself rated it did not like it.

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The easiest rating I've ever given a book. Let us please bury the fact I gave Marked four stars upon first reading; I was only 14 or 15 at the time and in that stage of adolescence-- the fangirling, over-excitable stage which no person wants to look back on. So embarrassing. But then, a few days ago, I stumbled upon Marked again in the library. I was curious as to what I'd think of the book now I'd grown up a bit in both senses of the word.

And my brother was still trying to hunt down a bi The easiest rating I've ever given a book. And my brother was still trying to hunt down a big fat textbook for his International Relations classes, so I had plenty of time for a flick-through. I grabbed the book and curled up on the library's second-floor window ledge, which overlooks Chamberlain Square. I was even kind of excited, because I had fond memories of staying up all night to devour the pages of this series. But it only took me a few page-skims to come to the pretty obvious realisation.

The slut-shaming; the name-dropping; the stereotypes; the pre-teen writing; the glorification of the protagonist and demonisation of her rival Only one. This book That is all. View all 7 comments. Oct 23, Shannon Giraffe Days rated it really liked it Shelves: But all this matters for naught when she is Marked by a Vampyre Tracker and must move to the House of Night school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for four years while her body undergoes the Change into a Vampyre - or rejects it and she dies.

This is a new and original take on the Vampire legends, and mixes in matriarchy and goddess-worship with pleasing effect. Zoey 16 year old Zoey has a crappy home life, an almost-ex-boyfriend who drinks too much, a best friend who's shallow and a geometry test tomorrow. Zoey becomes marked in a special way - the Goddess Nyx has given her a special responsibility and added gifts; which she'll need, because something's not right at the House of Night, and her own mentor and High Priestess may not be the gentle, caring mother-figure she makes herself out to be.

What I especially liked about this book was how it handles issues relevant to teenagers. Yes it discusses topics like drinking, drugs, anorexia, sex, homosexuality, bullying etc. Zoey is a wonderful role model with a sensible head on her shoulders who looks beyond the surface to what really makes people behave how they do. Also, to be perfectly clear on this point, despite what you might have read, there is no sex in this book, or the sequel and even if there was, I think it would be handled very maturely.

There is some slutty behaviour from one of the characters, but this is hardly glorified. In fact, it's only the language of the teenaged characters themselves that stops this book from being too moralising.

The slang etc. It's also dark, funny, and the inclusion of rituals invoking the five elements of air, water, fire, earth and spirit add a new, beautiful element that I really liked. I honestly think this book and the ones that follow can only have a good impression on teenagers. Don't be afraid to put it on your library's shelves.

In fact, my biggest problem with this book was the rather excessive product placement going on. It's unnecessary and grotesque. Otherwise, Marked is highly enjoyable!

Jul 29, Anushka rated it did not like it Shelves: So my theory is this - Overly hyped books like House of Night and Mortal Instruments were released near when there were very few YA Fantasy books and that's the reason these books are so famous. So, House of Night. This book had a weak plot , weak as in pointless plot.

Why did Zoey get 'Marked'? And why especially by the Goddess Nyx? The author didn't have any theory; she just had to make her character special so there! Nyx herself does it. Getting 'Marked' means getting a half crescent moon shaped on forehead which signifies that the human will go through some changes to become an adult Vampire. As told in the story several times, not all fledglings survive this some of them die at a very early stage or some die when they are almost about to.

But obviously our lead survives it because she was given the mark by Nyx for not-even-author-knows-what reason. The writing - its irritating! That is the only word that comes to mind. Zoey and her friends bicker like fifth graders! Cast had done this on purpose so that it'd feel like we're reading book by a teenager She mentioned this in acknowledgements, I'm not making it up but I'm really sorry to say Cast-ladies that readers feel like they are reading diary entry of a bunch of bimbos instead!

They are so darn corny and unfunny you'd want to drag them through their hair. With every page I read I felt a bit more dumber and dumber.

Their group just keeps chittering and chattering to no extent. Anything they say has no use in the story; it is just included to increase the thickness of the book. When this was not enough, there's the gang of Dark Daughters who try to imitate Plastics from Mean Girls. Who has names like that anymore? And how can you go around flaunting and being a bitch to everyone with such a name? I would die of shame. The authors have tried to create the environment of a high school in Vampire format, tried to.

You can just tell by the language that they've tried way too hard to do that. All the girls keep squeaking all the time and talk about hot guys as if they have nothing else to do. The book covers the events of 2 or 3 days but in that short span of time itself Zoey finds a soul-mate. Boy, I wish it was that easy for me too.

Erik is supposedly a out-of-the-world hot guy who winks at Zoey in a classroom full of people the first time he sees her and the next time he meets her, they kiss. And the third time they meet he tells her "that you make me feel different". They don't even exchanged names properly but start sloshing their tongues down each other throats because they are apparently 'made for each other'.

Everything about Marked screamed stupid, immature, senseless, waste-of-time literature to me! To sum it up in one line - I simply hated it! I gave the book 1. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone, but I am going to read the 2nd book sometime later only because a friend of mine although, I have huge doubts about it now is a huge fan of the series and she is forcing me to.

Lord, save my soul! View all 25 comments. Mar 01, Brooke Watson rated it did not like it. This book was so bad, I wanted to quit reading it, but then I could not have fairly rated it. So despite my better judgment - I read on, wincing all the way! Marked tries so hard to be hip - but "like totally" fails. I know you have to be careful when choosing YA books.

Some of it is great - it resonates with those of all ages. And some of it, like this book, is YA crap. The main character was also very poorly created. She enjoyed reading the horrid Gossip girl series, yet was critical of her sexu This book was so bad, I wanted to quit reading it, but then I could not have fairly rated it. She enjoyed reading the horrid Gossip girl series, yet was critical of her sexually-active classmates? It was a battle of agenda's and viewpoints.

Check out my read list to find better YA reads! Jan 10, Savina M. It reminds me of that horrible Harry Potter fanfiction My Immortal. They're basically the same, except Marked has much better spelling. Well, hell. I finished Marked. Marked is not the worst book I have ever read.

Halo still tops that list. But, damn, I haven't rolled my eyes so much since I actually took the liberty to tab every single annoying line in Marked , and here is how many post-its I wasted: My post-its are separated into a few main categories: The plot Join idiot Zoey Redbird, as she embarks on a boring heroic quest to kick a slutty ho out of the student council. After Zoey Redbird was mysteriously marked, she goes to a fucking boarding school for vampyres. She meets a slutty ho, Aphrodite, and decides she hates her.

She, her cardboard-cutout friends, and her insta-love for Erik will work together to defeat Aphrodite by deus ex machina, and praying. This is what the whole fucking book is about. It's fine if there's not much of a plot of it's meant to be character-driven. Sadly, I can tell that Marked was supposed to be more plot-driven. World building I don't see many other reviewers addressing this problem, but the world building fucking drove me crazy.

From the blurb: The House of Night series is set in a world very much like our own, except in year-old Zoey Redbird's world, vampyres have always existed. Sure, why the fuck not? But Marked does such a fucking crappy job on executing it.

Fuck, it's even labelled as a fucking fantasy! Why would people know so little about vampires if they existed for so long? Why the fuck would there be only one vampire boarding school? If vampires existed for so long, wouldn't they have gone to war with humans? They're so much more powerful than them, after all. Why the hell would people discriminate against vampires if "vampyres were attractive and the most successful actors and actresses in the world"?

Zoey Redbird She's I don't Fuck, I don't know how to start. Zoey Redbird is a fucking idiot. She has the most idiotic thoughts ever. If I died, would it get me out of my geometry test tomorrow? Who knew hitting my head and passing out would be so much fun? Hee hee, Mom was mad at her, too. Hee hee I could call my clinic Vamp Vets, and the ads would read: What exactly are that? Maybe she'd taken a shower this morning and melted when the water touched her—hee hee.

She thinks about the most obvious things. Lit class was an experience. Everything you experience is an experience. The hour definitely seemed to take an hour No shit, Sherlock.

Cast and Kristen Cast congratulate each other for sounding like teenagers. I have no fucking idea why they do. Kristen Cast was in college when she co-wrote this, for fuck's sake! Did she not experience being a teenager? Because I can assure you, no teenager speaks like that.

Mary Sue Zoey Redbird is definitely the most annoying protagonist ever. Apart from her stupid thoughts, she is also a Mary Sue, and a fucking Spesul Snowflake. Did you know Zoey can control all the five elements? Zoey can control the five elements.

She's very special. She's got a colored-in mark. She doesn't think she's special, but oh, she is! She got touched by the goddess, Nyx! Nyx likes Zoey very much. Yes, Zoey is very special. Zoey can control all the five elements. She's pretty, did you know that? She's very beautiful. She caught the eye of Erik, the hottest guy in school.

Also, she has the affinity for all five elements. It has never happened before, not even in High Priestesses! She's very, very special. Animals also like her. That is how the entire fucking pages went. The idiots Casts never skip an opportunity to remind us how fucking special Zoey is. She can control the elements. Big fucking deal. Judging you Zoey judges every fucking person she meets.

She calls people "ho"s, "loser"s or "slug"s. She calls her brother troll-like, and her sister a slut. She calls religious women fat, and religious men pedophiles. She calls anorexic girls freak-like. Anyone who is called "Aphrodite" is automatically slutty. Unattractive people are losers. Wanna hear my theory about how my generation could single-handedly wipe out slugs and loser kids from America? This fucking quote.

I can't even. This is why so many kids commit suicide. They are judged by people like Zoey. They could be clever, they could have talent, and yet you just label them as "loser". Just fucking no. You're neither a slut nor a loser, you say? Well, pick one because in Zoey's eyes, you are either one of them. In Zoey's eyes, everyone else is an idiot, whereas she is perfect. Stereotyping Marked doesn't streotype as much as Halo , but it still had a large amount of stereotyping to it.

Here's the Zoey Redbird stereotyping quiz! Hee hee, boobies! If yes, then you are a slut! If yes, then you are a ho! If yes, then you are a Goth! If yes, then you are a gang-wannabe!

If yes, then you are one of those girls who has sex with everyone and think that they're not going to get pregnant or a really nasty STD that eats your brains and stuff! Don't believe me? We'll see in ten years! If yes, then you are a freak girl who pukes and starves themselves into what they think is Paris Hilton chic!

If yes, then you don't have a functioning brain! If yes, then you must be doing drugs! Only applicable for girls If yes, then you are a moron!

Only applicable for girls If yes, then you are a loser girl who looks like a scary raccoon! If yes, then you can't possibly be smart! Name Dropping What is with all the name dropping in Marked? I know brands are a huge part of our lives, but why do the Casts feel the need to name drop every fucking page? The romance Bullshit. What's worse is that their eyes first locked over Aphrodite sucking Erik's cock. I'm serious. Aphrodite is forcing a blow-job on Erik, and Zoey sees them.

Their fucking eyes lock together. They fucking fall in love. Excuse me, but what? And suddenly Erik is falling head over heels for Zoey. Sorry, but their romance is too unbelievable. More like Erik was there so Zoey would seem more desirable. Zoey's cardboard cut-out friends Zoey's friends serve no other purpose than to make Zoey seem more lovable and special.

Daimen is the typical best gay, Shaunee and Erin, I don't even know what purpose they serve, and Stevie Rae is the typical best friend. The conclusion is, unless you want a headache, stay away from Marked. Seriously, if you are reading it out of curiosity, I can tell you that it is as bad as you think. Walk away, and be happy that you never had to read this. May 16, Annie rated it did not like it Recommends it for: The slum of society. This is — literally — the worst published book I have ever read in my life.

Every chapter, every paragraph, every sentence annoyed me. The showing, not telling. The unrealistic dialogue. The fucking Twins. The religion.

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The vampires that are not vampires, but witches. And can I just mention how much of a Harry Potter rip off this is? Because of this special mark, everyone knows instantly who she is, having a polarizing effect — some love her, others hate her.

Pdf of the revealed house night

There are all kinds of cool classes with the odd teachers. Stephenie Meyer is not as to J. Rowling as the Casts are not to Stephenie Meyer. Stephenie Meyer is Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters, Dickens, Tolstoy and anyone else you can think of compared to this garbage.

Then I embarrassingly found out two of my very nice, smart friends actually like this, so huh, who knew. Not my fault I stumbled on this. In fact, she gave several more to me, and I actually stopped mid-book. Stupid book.

View all 6 comments. Jul 06, Aura rated it did not like it Shelves: Call each other degrading terms because women are apparently so empowered now it doesn't matter. This book is just vile, and worse still it's aimed at teens. I can see why people are going to get sucked into this, as I almost was, but do yourself a favour, fully analyse the sick values in this book and you will begin to see where I am coming from…. I think the success of this series comes down to crafty marketing, nice covers and the brain-dead masses.

Do not read this book, unless you genuinely want to waste pages of reading time. One was black, with impossibly long hair must be a really good weave.

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Not all of them wear weaves or even want to, so to suggest that long straight hair is somehow more superior and beautiful than curly afro hair is just rude. Best selling authors, HA! This whole series is a joke, whoever thought it was a good idea to turn it into a movie should have the blood sucked out of them.

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