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Search. Home · Np How to Correct Your Charts. Np How to Correct Your Charts. March 13, | Author: alien_no3 | Category: N/A. vitecek.info 12s. MyHorn(1)30 oss (Trat. /Radar. North Gare. Sands. Pilots. 3ookout. HOW TO CORRECT. YOUR CHARTS THE. ADMIRALTY WAY. NP NP - How to Correct your Charts the ADMIRALTY Way. 3. Document the Corrections Applied. • Check your work and then, in the bottom left-hand corner of.

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The nautical publication numbered NP is a great aid for deck officers as they take guard of their parallel rulers and start with passage. Np How to Correct Your Charts - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read online for free. maritime charts. NP Edition - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

Supported by diagrammatic illustrations about various aspects of ship navigation this publication is a must read and an essential reference for all navigating officers involved in passage planning and also for those who are delegated navigation related duties. Information is provided for various types of corrections such as inserting a new voyage area, inserting a light, submarine cable, deleting lights, inserting fish havens ,racon, altering boundaries of charts, moving a buoy etc. Similar to guidelines for correcting Admiralty Notices to Mariners, the preceding chapters of the publication deal with ways of correcting various Admiralty Publications such as Admiralty list of lights and fog signals, Admiralty Sailing directions, Admiralty list of radio signals, Admiralty tide tables, Catalogue of Admiralty charts and publications etc. The section two of NP is a generation ahead and in compliance with keeping the electronic means of navigation up to date. It implies methods to be adopted for keeping the digital product of Admiralty Updated. The elaborations in this chapter are helpful to guide a navigator in finding ways to obtain admiralty digital publications and knowing about data updating wizards.
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