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Megan Hart writes books. Some of them use a lot of bad words, but most of the other words are okay. She can't live without music, the internet, or the ocean, but . This is what happened I met him at the candy store. He turned around and smiled at me and I was surprised enough to smile back. This was not a children's . Jewelry & Watches · Women's Jewelry Rings Earrings Bracelets Charm Bracelets Necklace & Pendants Pins & Brooches Jewelry Sets Body Jewelry.

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Only when he was out of earshot did I turn back to my ex-boyfriend. He shook his head. Not him. That more than anything told me an entire story that needed no words. My grin faded. I watched the red flush creep up his perfect, high cheekbones. I looked again across the room at Alex Kennedy. Now I paid attention to the crease in his black trousers and the way the soft black knit of his sweater clung to his broad shoulders and lean waist.

He wore the clothes well, but so did all the other men here. Hair like that took lots of product and effort to look good, and his did. I had an impression of handsome features more than an actual view, and some of that was assumption. I looked back at the man Patrick seemed so desperate for me to ignore.

Not flirting. The man across from Alex drank angrily, his throat working. My mind did that automatically at the same time it filled in the details of their story. Snap, click. I framed Alex in my head, slightly off center and a little out of focus.

Patrick muttered and poked me in the side. I recognized it, along with the look in his eyes. Patrick was hiding something. I adored Teddy despite this, or maybe because of it. I knew Patrick loved him, though he hardly ever said so, and because I loved Patrick I wanted him to be happy. I thought he might say something more, but instead he shook his head and let Teddy lead him away.

Merry holidays! I traded him some nice head shots for his portfolio in exchange for using him in some stock photos I needed for my graphic design business. That was all right. I knew most of his friends. Liquor helped, of course. Booze helped that, too.

Megan Hart

Wineglass in hand, I made my way over to the buffet to load my plate with all sorts of delicacies. Squares of Indian naan bread paired with spicy hummus, cubes of cheese dipped in cranberry honey mustard, a few purple grapes still clinging to their stem.

Patrick and Teddy knew how to throw a party, and even the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I still had room for food as good as they served. I was debating about sampling the slices of rare roast beef settled next to the crusty French rolls or the waistline-conscious strawberry walnut salad when a tap on my shoulder turned me. My boyfriend. It transformed her. Carlos and I gave each other the once-over, his dark eyes traveling over my entire face before meeting my gaze. He glanced at Nadia, whose fingers were curled into the crook of his elbow.

Her skin was very white against his. I think we both knew what she wanted, but neither of us was going to give it.

My features not the same. I never felt anything less than loved completely. Desiree Johnson moved to my school in Ardmore from someplace closer to inner-city Philadelphia. James held me against his chest. It took seconds for his skin to heat beneath the water. I pressed my face to his skin, hot and wet, and let himhold me.

We said nothing for a while as the shower caressed us both. His fingers traced my spine, up and down, the way he sometimes traced his scar.

Hart pdf megan

Water pooled in the space between my cheek and his chest, burning my eye. I had to move away to let it drain. James waited until Id looked up. Dont be upset. I cant stand it when you get so upset. I wanted to explain to him that being upset once in a while wasnt such a bad thing, but I didnt.

That a smile could be as painful as a scream. She makes me so angry. I know. His hand stroked my hair. He didnt know, not really. Im not sure a man can ever understand the complicated matter of feminine relationships. He didnt want to under- stand it.

Tempted by Megan Hart - Chapter Sampler

James preferred the surface, too. She never asks you. I tilted my face to look at him. Water splashed, making me blink. Thats because she knows I wont have an answer. He traced my eyebrow with one fingertip. She knows youre the one in charge. Why am I the one in charge?

Pdf megan hart

I demanded, but I already knew the answer. Megan Hart 20 It was easy for him, being blameless. Because youre so good at it. I frowned and pushed away from him to reach for the shampoo. I just wish shed lay off. So tell her. I sighed and turned.

That goes over so well with your mother, James.

Hm... Are You a Human?

Shes so open to sugges- tion. He shrugged and held out his hand for a handful of shampoo, too. So shell get a little pissy. What I wanted was him to be the one to tell his mother to back off, but I knew that wouldnt happen. He, the son who could do no wrong, didnt care if he made his parents angry.

It wasnt his issue. So, impotent and knowing it was my own fault, I swallowed my anger and concentrated on washing my hair. Were going to run out of hot water. The stream was already becoming tepid. We washed quickly, sharing the body sponge and the shower gel, our fingers tickling and doing more than just cleaning.

James reached to pull the lever, shutting off the water, and I grabbed two thick towels fromthe stack in the closet next to the shower. I handed himone, but before I could use my own, hed grabbed my wrist and tugged me toward him.

Cmere, baby. It was hard to stay mad at him. James might be perfectly content in the knowledge he could do no wrong, but that allowed him to be all the more generous with his affec- tions. He dried me carefully, squeezing the extra wetness from the length of my hair and patting my body. His towel- covered hands stroked my back, my sides, behind my Tempted 21 knees. Between my legs. On his knees in front of me, he lifted each foot and dried it. When he set the towel aside, my heart was already thumping faster.

I expected my skin, already flushed from the showers heat, to give off steam of its own. James put his hands on my hips and drew me gently closer. When he kissed the small patch of curls between my thighs, I stuttered a sigh. He pulled me still closer, hands drifting around to cup my buttocks and hold me in place while his tongue crept out to flick my clitoris.

One, two light licks and I bit my lip against a louder groan. I looked down at his dark head. His strong thighs, covered with coarse dark hair, bunched with muscle as he knelt. The thick mass of hair surrounding his thickening penis was in stark contrast to the smooth hairlessness of his ass and chest, only the slightest hint of hair on his lower belly.

He leaned in again to kiss me tenderly. His tongue stroked, lips caressed, breath tantalized. Any woman who doesnt feel the power she wields when a man kneels in front of her to worship her pussy must be lying to herself. I put my hand on the back of Jamess head. His mouth worked my flesh with eager finesse, urging me to rock my hips forward. Tension coiled low in my belly. His hands moved on my ass, drawing circles I echoed in the shift of my pelvis.

When my thighs started to shake, he used his hands to move me one half turn, until I could lean against the edge of the claw-foot tub. The cold metal should have sizzled when my flesh met it. The curved lip bit with slight dis- comfort into my rear, but as James, still kneeling, spread Megan Hart 22 my legs wider and dove into my pussy with his mouth and fingers, I didnt care about anything else. He moaned under his breath when he slid a finger inside me.

I groaned when he added a second.

James was a lover with a slow hand, just like the song. An easy touch. I hadnt always known how to respond to him. His slow andeasy caress failedme inthe beginning. I hadnt expected anything else. Idgone to bedwithJames because wedbeen dating for a couple months and because he expected it, and because I didnt want to disappoint him. I didnt go to bed with himbecause I thought he could make me come. Now he licked me slowly as he moved inside me, fingers curved just slightly to stroke the spongy bump of my G-spot.

I gripped the bathtub, my back arched, thighs spread wide. In pain. Not caring.

Tempted by Megan Hart - Chapter Sampler

Later my fingers would be stiff and aching from holding on so tight, and my ass would be bisected with a red indentation from the tubs metal lip, but now, with James between my legs, the pleasure overtook ev- erything else.

The first time we went to bed together, he didnt ask me if Id come. Nor the second, not the third. Two months after we started, this time in the bed of a hotel room wed taken for the weekendwithout tellinganyone where we were going, he paused in kissing me to put his hand over my center. What do you want me to do?

His question was spoken low, but matter-of-factly, without boasting. Id been with boys who assumed a few moments of fin- gering were enough to send me into ecstasy. Going to bed with them had meant nothing, left no effect on me.

Faking pleasure had become the shiny surface of sex with them, Tempted 23 and I preferred it that way. It made it easier to find ways to break up with them by making them think it had been their idea all along. James asked sincerely, clearly understanding that what hed been doing so far didnt work for me, though Id never said so. He stroked my clit and labia gently, tickling.

He looked down into my eyes. What do I do to make you come? I could have smiled and cooed, told him he was perfect in bed, the best lover Id ever had. I could have lied to him, and a month later Id have found a way to make him believe he didnt want to see me any longer.

I think I even meant to. Ive never been sure why I didnt, why looking up into Jamess distinctive eyes made me say instead, I dont know. It was also a lie, but a more honest dishonesty than telling him he was doing everything right would have been. Id opened my mouth to his kiss, but James didnt kiss me. He looked thoughtful, his hand moving in slow circles over my thighs and belly, dipping down every so often to caress my clitoris.

I love you, Anne, he said then. It was the first time hed ever said it, though he was not the first boy to ever tell me. I want to make you happy. Let me. I wasnt convinced I could do any such thing, but I smiled. He smiled. He bent to kiss me, his lips whisper- soft on mine. His hand moved, slow and easy. James had spent an hour licking and kissing and stroking. I hadnt resisted or protested, content to let him do what he wanted. Until, at last, unable to resist, Megan Hart 24 my body had surprised me and pleasure overtook every- thing else.

I wept the first time he made me come. Not in sorrow. With utter release. James had given me an orgasm, but I hadnt lost myself in him. I still knew who I was. I could say I loved him and mean it, and it didnt consume me. I didnt have to be afraid of drowning in him. Now James shifted in front of me, his mouth leaving my flesh for a moment.

The respite made me gasp and moan, the pleasure made more intense when he returned his tongue to me. His fingers stretched me. I wanted more.

His hand closed around his cock and pumped it. I can feel how close you are. His voice was hoarse and a bit muffled against me. I want you to come. I could have, with a moment or two more of him licking me, but I was greedy. I want you inside me. Stand up. Turn around. I did. It had taken me a while to learn how to respond to James, but since then hed learned more about me, too. His hands grabbed my hips as I gripped the side of the tub.

I bent forward, offering myself to him.

James slid inside me all the way. A cry leaked from my throat. He moved, thrusting with slow and easy precision. My cunt felt swollen, embracing his erection, taking him all the way into my body. Sparks of pleasure radiated from my clitoris and ran up and down my belly and thighs, down to my toes curling in the bathroom rug.

My orgasm hovered, waiting for just the right moment to crash over me. I held my breath. I pushed back against him, and the wet slap of my ass against his belly made me Tempted 25 groan.

My hair hung down on either side of my face. I closed my eyes against the distracting sight of the spider that had committed hara-kiri on the bottom of the tub. Jamess hands clutched my hips harder. His fingertips pushed the solidness of bone. His thumbs dimpled soft flesh. His cock filled me. I slid a hand down to roll a finger against my swollen clit and couldnt stop the low moans from sputtering out of me.

The phone rang. My eyes flew open and our rhythm faltered momen- tarily. His penis banged the rim of my womb with a sudden pain that made me inhale sharply before we re- covered.

Pdf megan hart

The phone rang again, a jangling distraction that had undone my concentration. Almost there, baby, James muttered, regaining the pace. Another ring. I tensed but James brought me back to him with a hand on my shoulder. His fingers gripped and tugged, close to my throat. They pressed the beat of my pulse. His other hand slid in front of me to replace mine, and he rubbed my clit without mercy.

Taking me closer. The answering machine clicked on. I didnt want to listen. I stuttered on the brink. I closed my eyes again.

Put my head down. Gripped the sides of the tub and pushed my ass back toward him, opening myself. Jamie, said a voice like slow, dripping caramel. Sorry to call so late, man, but I lost my watch. Dunno what time it is. I let out the breath Id been holding. James grunted, thrusting harder. I drew in another breath and fought light- headedness. My clit pulsed under his fingertip. Megan Hart 26 Anyway, jus wanted to give you a call, let you know when Id be getting in.

Laughter like a secret curled out of the phone speaker. Its owner sounded drunk or high or maybe just exhausted. Apart, they are broken, but together, they are whole. Effie and Heath are famous.

Not for anything they did, but for what happened to them as teenagers. Abducted and abused by the same man, they turned to each other for comfort until they were finally able to make their escape.

Now adults, their relationship is fraught with guilt and despair. Whether fighting or making love, their passion is strong enough to destroy them both — and Effie's not about to let that happen. She knows it's time for her to have a 'normal' relationship, and Heath is nothing but a constant reminder of the dark past they share.

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